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Which Stock Trading Sites Are Best For Beginners?

Thu Sep 23 2021 16:14
The internet is the best asset for online traders and when we talk about stock trading, there are thousands of websites. As a stock trader, you can benefit from these websites, but can you check all these stock trading websites regularly? No, you can not. But you can select some of the best websites for you.
But about which websites you are talking about as there are many types of websites. From stock trading brokers to market data reports, thousands of websites provide content and services. So in this post, we will discuss almost every type of website. 

These websites will help you trade stocks profitably in the stock exchange market. Are you ready to make your stock trading journey more profitable? Then must read this post and do share it with your trading partners.  

Below are the common types of websites that a stock trader may use when starting out in this industry:
  • Trading Broker Websites  
  • Market News Websites 
  • Trading Forum Websites 
  • Market Data & Analysis Websites 

Top online brokers for stock trading

We assume that you know that a stockbroker trades stocks through online brokers. Therefore, the websites that offer brokerage accounts are important for stock trading.  

You trade stocks through a brokerage account that certain websites offer for online trading. Some specialise in day trading or short term trading.

Be sure to cheque the following websites before investing through a trading platform.

#1. E*Trade Financial

E*Trade offers stock traders many opportunities. It not only offers to trade in shares but also various other functions. The platform is easy to use and you can easily learn how to trade with this platform. Trading with E*trade is not only about buying or selling shares.
E*trade offers many other features for share trading and is one of the best online stock brokers.
As an online broker, they also offer other financial instruments such as options trading, securities trading and much more. If you are looking for a no credit account, E*trade is the best stockbroker.

#2. TD Ameritrade: Online Stock Trading, Investing, Brokerage

TD Ameritrade is always recommended for new traders. A large number of traders from different stock markets use this platform to buy and sell stocks online. TD Ameritrade also offers free trading training for beginners.
TD Ameritrade's tutorials and trading guides will help you become an expert day trader. Mobile trading is the most important feature that the company focuses on. Many advanced stock trading features are available on this platform.

#3. Charles Schwab 

Charles Schwab is a leading online broker for online stock trading. More than $3 trillion in assets are managed by this platform for traders worldwide.
With Charles Schwab's comprehensive research and analysis tools, stock trading has become quite easy. This platform is mostly preferred by international stock traders for buying and selling stocks.
From a stock trading strategy to the new and latest trading techniques, you can develop everything on this platform. You can also develop a day trading plan here. Charles Schwab is not only a stock trading website but also an advanced trading software.  

#4. Fidelity Investments

New investors love Fidelity Investments's platform for stock trading. This platform offers many exciting features. You can use day trading methods for your stock trading or buy and hold. With Fidelity's mobile app, share trading is easy.

#5. Interactive Brokers 

Stock trading for beginners can be more profitable if they use the platform of Interactive Broker. Most users of this platform are professional stock traders.
From technical analysis to fundamental analysis to market volatility analysis, you can do all the important tasks. If you use stock trading as a profession to earn money, then choose Interactive Brokers.  

Top Stock Market News Websites 

The next category of stock trading websites is stock market news websites. There are many websites that you can use to get news about stock market trading and online investing. These websites can give you advice on when to buy shares and when to sell them. So we need to look at them.

#1. Bloomberg News Offer

Bloomberg is always at the forefront, bringing you cattle trading directly from Wall Street and other international stock markets. From stock trading systems to new technologies, you can see it all on this site.

#2. MarketWatch - Stock Market News

A very accurate and authentic stock trading news website. From investment decisions to choosing a brokerage house, MarketWatch's website can help you a lot.  

#3. Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial

The Wall street journal provides you with stock trading information in a variety of media. From news articles to podcasts, you'll be notified. Yes, a paid service is offered that you can subscribe to in digital or print form.

Stock Trading Forum Websites 

As an active stock trader, you may need to communicate with other stock traders. You may need to discuss trading strategies or share prices. 

Or you may want to discuss the best online brokers. You can do all these things on stock exchange forums. Many stockbrokers are also members of forums.

#1. Trading View – Track All Markets

This platform has more than 10 million active traders as members. Here at Trading View, everything revolves around share trading.

#2. StockTwits -  The largest community for investors and traders

It is a stock market Twitter used by traders who trade assets online. Every tweet and thread is about stock trading.

#3. Wall Street Oasis - Investment Banking & Finance Community

Wall Street Oasis is also a kind of sharing website and many traders use this website to keep themselves updated. This website also provides content about stock trading.

Top stock trading data & Analysis Websites

You have selected an online stockbroker and are ready to buy a stock. But where will you analyse before you buy or sell shares? Stock trading becomes easy when you analyse the past performance of the stocks you have selected.
This will help you to develop the best investment strategy and trading plan. Below are some well-known websites used for this purpose.

#1. Trade Ideas - A.I. stock trading, technical analysis, portfolio

Are you familiar with algorithmic trading or automated trading? Well, this website will help you make more profit in stock trading with the help of AI. At Trade Ideas, artificial intelligence techniques are used to generate trading signals. You can analyse market data with advanced technologies.

#2. MetaStock | Market Analysis Charting & Data for Traders

From high-end trading systems for analysis to backtesting, you can do it all in Metastock. Price forecasting can be so easy with this stock trading website.

#3. Stock Rover - Investment Research and Portfolio Management

Another good website if you want to analyse the stock trading market data. Stock Rover is used to studying the market in depth.

Summary - Choosing a Stock Trading Platform for Beginners 

There is a sea of stock trading websites on the internet. But the best part is that it is easy to classify them all. Before you start classifying and shortlisting all the websites, you should decide which websites you need.
From online broker websites to advanced tools and analytics websites. You can decide for yourself which resources you want to use for your trading journey. All the websites mentioned above are the best websites in their category.

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