Technical Analysis strategies

Best Technical Analysis strategies for 2021

Wed May 26 2021 14:21
Technical analysis is one of the most well-known methods of predicting market movements. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader, TA will always help you get the right data. As we move forward in 2021 and situations are getting better, the stock market is also doing well. 

To feel the market trends better and gain more capital, traders need to rethink their plans. For 2021, we have selected some of the best technical analysis strategies that you can consider. So, if you are a beginner and planning to start trading, these TAs for 2021 will surely help you get started. 

Even if you know fundamental analysis, these strategies will improve your trading practice. With that in mind, check out the most powerful technical analysis strategies of 2021:

Bullish engulfing pattern 

This advanced analysis strategy appears when the market is in a downtrend. These bullish-engulfing patterns have two candlesticks that rotate around two time slots. For example, it may have one candlestick for an hour and another for a day. Of the two candles, the first is the bearish stick and the second is the bullish stick. 

This advanced analysis tells traders that the bearish downtrend will be over. And apart from that, the upward movement will start in the market. The candle of the upward movement covers the bearish stick, which indicates an upward trend. 

Bearish engulfing pattern 

We can call the bearish engulfing pattern in contrast to the above method. This pattern appears on the terminal when there is a alteration in the market trends and it moves bearish. In this analysis, you will notice a candle that is opposite to the uptrend of the market. 

From this analysis, traders can tell that the market sentiment is changing. Investors and traders are moving towards selling pressure from buying pressure. 

In this chart, there are also two candles, and the first candle says that the trend will end soon. The size of the first stick may vary depending on the chart and the second candle will engulf the previous one. This is a handy advanced trading strategy to find out if the market is turning bearish.

Bullish divergence signal 

To estimate the market direction, you need some advanced technical strategies. You can use the bullish divergence signals method to cheque the same. Most traders use MACD, but there is also a variant of the indicator that consists of looking for divergences. In this situation, you will find that the price is doing one thing. And on the other hand, the indicator is doing another thing. 

With this analysis, you can know that a market trend is moving out of expectation. This kind of trend brings you a chance to make profits from this random directional movement. This technical analysis strategy will help you maintain your plan. If you notice something moving in the opposite direction, you can take quick action. 

Bearish divergence signal 

It is a fact that there is always a negative outlook to a positive pattern and the same is true for the markets. When bullish divergence signals let you book profits, the bearish one warns you of the risk. When it comes to divergence in the market, the outlook can be both positive and negative. To put it simply, if the market is high but the RSI is not in line, it is a bearish signal. 

This type of bearish divergence is a kind of warning to all traders that the peak has been reached. This approach is much better than the simple overbought & oversold signals. Advanced traders and even beginners can use this strategy to watch the end of good trends. 

False breakout analysis 

There is no such indicator that can give accurate predictions for the market and we all should admit that. But, sometimes false signals can also tell us something about the market directions. A common belief is that -whenever a high or low is broken, people think that it is a new trend. But, many times, this thing does not take place and beginners get confused about this thing. 

By doing a false breakout analysis, you can get better insights about the same and change your strategy. These were some of the most important technical analysis strategies that you should follow in 2021. If you are a beginner and looking for basic important tips, then we have you covered. 

As a beginner, you should always focus on gaining more knowledge along with trading. Only when you gain good experience, you can make good money in the market.

Pick the right approach 

Choosing the right approach to reading the market is very important for any trader. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced professional, it is important to stick to one. The two common approaches for technical analysis are top-down & bottom-up. 

On a superficial level, short-term traders opt for a top-down approach. And on the other hand, long-term individuals will go for the bottom-up ideology. 

Developing A Trading System 

First, you need a trading system or you need to choose a trading strategy. For example, at a first level, you can choose the moving average crossover strategy. With this, you can track two moving averages over a particular price movement of the stock. 


No matter what you trade and how you trade, you need to have clarity about the risk. Trading involves risk, and how much you can afford depends on you. No expert can suggest you the right amount and you have to figure it out yourself. 

Risk management is an important trading practice that every beginner should follow. With a solid management plan, you can keep your portfolio from going to zero. You will find many stock trading resources on this topic to improve your trading style. 

Extra Tools 

It is important to use a proper set of tools to improve your technical analysis and trading. You will find several free and paid tools that will improve your trading experience. From quick mobile alerts to forex signals, there are many things you can opt for. You need to find out which tools can benefit you more depending on your trading strategy.

Monitoring trends 

Traders often need different levels of functionality to trade the market better. Depending on the type of trading, individuals may choose trend monitoring. For example, a day trader needs a margin account to access the various trend features. Advanced features include market marker visibility, level 2 quotes, and more.


These were the advanced technical analysis strategies that traders can follow in 2021. Even when you start trading stocks, you can start learning these trends and gain an edge in the market. One thing you need to keep in mind is that no technical analysis can assure 100% results. 

All of them can give you predictions close to accuracy and it is your decision how to read them and take action. If you haven't used a technical analysis strategy before, now is the time to pick one and start using it. Along with fundamentals, it will give you deeper insights into the market. 

The perfect balance between fundamentals and technical analysis can improve profits. Start learning these market technical indicators and improve your impact on your trades. Start using the above strategies for 2021 now and book profits. from the market.

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