Crypto Mining Profitable

Is Crypto Mining Profitable In 2020?

Mon Dec 28 2020 09:00
Cryptocurrency mining and trading for beginners always seem risky. Thousands of cryptocurrency miners have made thousands of dollars. But still, many new miners are asking the same question: is crypto mining profitable or not? This question is not new to the cryptocurrency-market.  

Every new or aspiring crypto miner or trader asks the same question about profitability. Virtual currencies are growing very fast, which makes them look riskier than traditional currency. 

That is why before entering this digital money mining and trading, many investors think a lot. They are worried all the time about this virtual currency market.  

Confusion about mining in the market 

Many expert miners or crypto traders have given doubtful statements about the crypto-currency market. That is why there are questions like: is crypto mining profitable or not? It is profitable and that is why you are attracted to this business. 

But the question is: is cryptocurrency still profitable, or is it profitable anymore like its initial days? Let's start with the basic reasons why crypto mining profitability is endangered. Read this post till the end and do share it with others to help.  

Factors That Decide Crypto Mining Profitable Or Not 

Before you start mining cryptocurrencies, you need to know the factors that make crypto mining profitable or put them at loss. After knowing these factors about any digital currency, you will get to know more about the decentralized currency mining profits. Digital currencies are based upon blockchain or cryptography technology.  

These currencies are growing every day even sitting idle in people’s online wallets. The world doesn't have any idea about who is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the pioneer of fiat currency. 

But they spend USD to mine or buy bitcoins. So let's find out the factors that affect the profitability of cryptocurrency mining.  

Crypto Mining 

There are two types of cryptographic mining— first is cloud mining and the second is mechanical mining. Coindesk says that the types of mining methods you use will define the profitability of crypto mining.  

Cloud Mining 

Many bitcoin miners have switched to this new method of mining. Here you don't have to invest too much. It is cost-effective sometimes while mining bitcoins. But other currencies like bitcoin can cost more if mined through cloud infrastructure. 

You have to pay a monthly subscription or rental to use the infrastructure of other big mining companies. They will charge you based on a hash function. Their prices are US-dollars per hash rate. 

Mechanical Mining 

During the days of the bitcoin foundation, mechanical mining was the only option. Nowadays it is overtaken by cloud mining. Miners are using cloud systems for mining bitcoins. That is the reason behind the question: is crypto mining profitable? 

Electricity Charges 

Cryptocurrency trading is never impacted by electricity charges but mining is always under this impact. In the initial days of the bitcoin network, it was one of the major problems that bitcoin miners faced. But cloud mining or hashing made it simple. 

Regional & National Bills 

If you are using mechanical machines then electricity bills will be added to your cryptocurrency wallet as bills. These electricity charges depend upon different regions or nations. 

If mechanically mining cryptocurrencies is your plan, then the best thing is to precheck the electricity consumption charges in your area. Because electricity charges are going to cut down the profits you have in your blockchain wallet or any online wallet. 

So for more profitable mining of virtual money, consider it seriously.  

Market Trends 

What trends are there in cryptocurrency trading? Ask this question to yourself before you find an answer to the question: is crypto mining profitable or not? Because market trends will influence the profits of bitcoin mining.  

Crypto Market’s Trust 

Is the crypto market losing trust? Or is it still more trustworthy? Encryption applied to the bitcoin address has made it anonymous. Every crypto-currency has this anonymity. Many people see it as a scam or a Ponzi scheme. 

Many fintech scams were held in the name of cryptocurrencies. That is why it is losing interest. Many victims are there who lost their money from Paypal or bank account.  

Price Movements 

Currencies that you are going to mine will see price movements. Because they are traded in the cryptocurrency market. For example, if you are mining bitcoin and the value of the bitcoin exchange rate is going down, then you will lose money.  

Types Of Currencies Mined 

Which currency are you going to mine? Before you ask the question: is crypto mining profitable or not? You must consider the currency that you are going to choose before starting your mining journey. So let's have a look at the major cryptocurrencies mined because it is directly linked up with your mining profit. 


Ethereum mining or Litecoin mining can bring profits. The Ethereum 2.0 version is about to launch. Dogecoin is also a good option as an altcoin. The Ripple network is also growing. 

Bitcoin cash mining is also in trend. It is the third most famous cryptocurrency mined and traded in the world after altcoins and bitcoins. 

Bitcoin (BTC) 

Bitcoin price is at the top when we see the list of cryptocurrencies according to price. A Bitcoin wallet can help you get more earnings.  

Policies In Your Country or State 

See the policies related to your cryptocurrency market before you ask: is crypto mining profitable or not? Many countries are planning to restrict or ban cryptocurrencies. 

If a website has ever been hacked by hackers in your country for bitcoin, then there are high chances of the ban by the Government.  


A Central-bank of any government can control cryptocurrency and its policies. It is one of the major regulators of fintech based companies. These banks can break the decentralization status of virtual coins.  


Many countries think that the bitcoin protocol is suspicious. It is always at the top due to the high volume of circulation. But due to many money laundering cases and scams. Many countries can ban or restrict open-source exchange platforms or startups related to bitcoins and other currencies.  

Types Of Crypto Miners 

We are not talking about the CPU or GPU. We are talking about the type of cryptocurrency miner you are. There are two types of miners. Retail miners or big farm miners. Big farm miners are the market leaders.  

Retail Miner 

If you are a retail miner then crypto mining can be less profitable for you.  

Big Farm Miner 

If you ask this question: is crypto mining profitable or not? Then as a big farm mining owner, you can make a huge profit. But it needs more investment. 

Was Crypto Mining Profitable In 2009?  

The BTC price at that time was very low. Nobody was interested in buying a coin or token on any trading platform or coin market. At that time miners had low payouts. But after a few years, virtual cash was in trend. And both miners and traders got high profits.  

Conclusion - Is crypto mining profitable 

Many cryptocurrencies are mined and traded in this world. There are many factors making crypto mining profitable. Also, many factors are reducing the profits of miners. Every day a bitcoin block is mined and it is increasing the market capitalization. But still, there is a risk in cryptocurrency mining. So must see the above-mentioned things before you start crypto mining.  

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