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The Top Ten Commodities Market Movers

Fri Dec 18 2020 09:18
Investing in commodities can be a lot safer than trading stocks, shares, and foreign currencies. But the only thing that you have to keep in mind is to choose a commodity that is really active and performing well in the commodities market. 

How can you say which commodity is safe to trade? Well, you must check the list of commodities market movers.  

These market movers will help you trade profitable commodities with higher dividend returns and interest rates. The commodities that we are going to list here are known as the top-performing assets. 

These commodities have performed well in the last twelve months. That is why they are here at the top of our list.  

Ups and downs in the market

Ups and downs are always there in trading. Similarly, these commodities also see gains and decline in both. But in terms of long-term performance, these are the major benchmark in the commodity market and experts have given them the name of commodities market movers.  

List Of Commodities Market Movers 

Various commodities are traded by traders in the world. But almost all of the speculators are spectating the market movers. These market movers consist of investment instruments and assets that are gaining in the short term along with it and they are performing well in the long term.

From commodity futures trading to commodities futures contracts, the prices fluctuate daily for each asset. So it is very important to make a MarketWatch list for all of these assets to track their index prices. 

The following list of commodities market movers will help you track all the major components like the oil market, Gold indexes, options on futures, Oil futures, Gold futures, etc.   

Their importance  

These commodities have the same importance as the equities, hedge funds, ETFs, Gasoline, and other financial instruments. All of the commodities like soft commodities, agricultural commodities, precious metals, metal exchange, etc are listed to make trading commodities easy for every commodity trader. 

#1. Crude Oil 

Most of us know that the crude oil was not performing quite well this year during the pandemic. But still, it is one of the most preferred commodity trading assets. 

A trader who trades oil futures in commodity exchange must keep an eye on these commodity prices. There are two major oils traded in the market. The one is West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and the other one is Brent Crude Oil. Both of these oils are traded at high volume.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these oils have seen a downfall, but they started growing gradually. Normally they always perform well in commodities trading. According to trading strategy experts, Crude oil is one of the major commodities market movers from a long term trading perspective.  

#2. Natural Gas  

If we talk about the volatility in futures and options then the first and top gainer in this list will be natural gas in terms of commodity futures. Supply-and-demand of this asset among commodity traders also fluctuates the commodity index.  It has a huge impact on the market. 

If we take a look at the market data provided for Natural gas trading. Then the spot-price is 3.127 USD for it. If we see the performance of this asset last year then it gained 25.755% last year. Commodities markets also see natural gas as one of the commodities market movers.  

#3. Gold 

With 28.8% growth this year, one of the top commodity assets in the precious metals category, gold is performing well. Despite many reports, those claimed that gold is going down and will go near its lowest price value held in past recessions.

But still, there is a group of traders that believe that the Gold will survive. This is not just a belief but a proven strategy because the Gold is not near to its lowest value. It is growing and it has grown even this year. In the last 90 days, it has grown to 1904.54 USD, with more than 6% gain.

In the list of top gainers, it is in fourth place. Gold is the reserve asset for many central-banks and national banks. So that is why it is always safe to trade gold. This status nominates it in the list of commodities market movers.  

#4. Silver 

What if we say that silver is performing better than gold. Yes, it is true, that silver is performing better than the gold. The silver has seen 26.704% growth in the last 90 days. 

When we evaluate it on the one-year timeframe then you will see it has grown to a price of 24.343 USD with 39.522% growth. Silver is at the top in the list of top gainers under the precious-metal category.  

#5. Copper 

Copper is also known as an asset among the list of commodities market movers. Many precious metals like Gold silver, Platinum, Silver Euro are performing well. 

But copper is not performing equivalent to these metals. But as we are talking about the market movers, then it is important to mention the long term performing assets, rather than short-term. It is very useful and profitable to trade CFDs in Copper. 

#6. Corn 

In the list of the market movers of commodity futures, the agricultural product Corn is always in the top ten. Yes, there are other agro-products like sugar, rough rice, Robusta coffee, and many more that perform better than Corn.  

But the corn is doing quite well in terms of long-run performance. Corn is used in the manufacturing of feeds for cattle and many other products. That is the reason for the huge demand for corn.  

#7. Wheat 

A major asset in commodities market movers. With 15.362% growth in the last 90 days, what is number seven in the top ten gainers list? But let's evaluate wheat performance in the last 365 years. 

It has gained 21.524% in the last 365 years. Amazing? That's why traders call it a stable asset to trade-in.  

#8. Coffee 

Coffee has grown 14.971% this year and is still growing gradually. In the last three months, Coffee has grown to 109.30 USD with more than 11% growth. Due to huge demand, Coffee has always been the first choice for the traders. 
#9. Sugar 
Don't judge this amazing and sweet commodity future with the place that it got on our list. We placed it number nine doesn't mean that it is evaluated as a low performing asset. It is one of the major commodities market movers. In the last 365 days, it has seen a growth of 12.43% and gained a price of 14.29 USD.  

#10. Soybeans 

We cannot call it a major agro-product, but it is in the list of top commodities market movers. The current price (as of October) of Soybean is 1057.3 USD with a 19.117% hike in the last 90 days.  

Conclusion -Commodities market movers

Global economic and other events impact the indexes and prices in commodity exchange markets also. Some agricultural products are traded in commodity markets. So the agricultural policies and weather changes in various countries also impact the commodity. 

Similarly, the coronavirus pandemic impacted commodities as much as they influenced the forex market and other financial markets. But still, there are commodities with gains this year. 

These commodities are known as commodities market movers. So you must keep an eye on all of these market movers to get more profit while trading commodities.  

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