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3 Day Rules In Stock Trading

Mon Dec 07 2020 14:47
Stock trading for beginners is always a broad profession as there are some concepts that need deep knowledge. There are many rules present when a trader trades stocks, but beginners find it complex to understand certain rules in stock trading.  

One most common rule which is troubling new stock traders is the 3-day rule in stock trading. A beginner stock trader always finds it hard to understand the actual meaning of this rule. 

Are you familiar with the 3-day rules in stock trading? If yes, then you are among stock traders who are looking for useful information about it. There are many sources on the web that explain this rule, still, many questions pop up in the traders' minds.  

So here we are with this post to help you with the 3-day rule in stock trading. We will clear all possible doubts you have in your mind about 3-day rules in stock trading. So let's start with this post. 

What Are 3-Day Rules In Stock Trading? 

Let's begin this topic with the basic question which is what are the 3-day rules in stock trading? It is basically a system developed for the settlement of the trades and funds. 

In online trading, when a trader buys or sells stock through a broker, they might have to wait for 3 days to settle that trade. 

However, the trader can easily continue the trade without a settlement. But legally it takes almost 3 days to complete the whole process. This rule applies mostly to all the traded financial instruments and every brokerage account has to go through this. 

No matter if you are in day-trading or long term trading, you will also be under this stock-market rule.  

What Is The Importance Of the 3-Day Rule? 

The 3-day rule is important because it takes time to process everything when someone trades stocks. This rule is among the most common rules in stock trading. 

A stock market has many rules and every trader has to follow these rules to buy or sell stocks. So before you go to invest in stocks, you must learn how to trade using all these rules. The 3-day rule provides time to set up things for buyers and sellers.  

Let's Explain T+1, T+2, T+3, T+4 & T+5 

When you enter a trading platform, you will get to know about these few shorthand terms. T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4 & T-5. Don't worry about all these shorthand terms, let's try to understand these terms. 

Let's take T-1 as an example 

T means the transaction day which is the day when you initiate your trade. Then T+1 means you will get your trade settled after the next day of the transaction. Suppose that you have traded on Monday so you will get the trade settled on Wednesday. 

Similarly, T+2 means the settlement of trade after 2 days of the transaction. Same rules in stock trading are applied to all these shorthand terms. 

Transition From T+5 To T+3 

No matter through which online broker you are trading stocks, all the platforms have the same rules in stock trading. These days T+3 is the most common settlement period. 

Due to electronic trading systems adopted by stock markets, it requires only 3 days for settlement. But there was a time when stock-exchange markets used to take almost 5 days. So the market has reached T+3 from T+5.  

Now, What's Next? 

A question may pop into your mind about settlement rules in stock trading. After the T+5 to T+3, where are we going now? Do you believe online stock trading will take less time for settlement in the future? 

Yes, the next target is to develop a trading system with a T+2 or T+1 settlement period. 

How 3-Day Rule Works In Stock Trading? 

How does the 3-day settlement rule works and how will it impact your trading account? Can it make your day-trade more profitable? Well, to get answers to these questions, you need to know how the 3-day rule works.  

Holidays Can Impact 

You have to take buy-and-sell actions associated with stock-price. As a day trader or long term trader you will get trade settled in 3 days. 

But settlement rules in stock trading can get impacted by holidays. If there are a weekend and a market holiday, then the settlement period can extend. 

Assets That Comes Under This Rule 

Almost all the assets are covered with such settlement rules in stock trading. The 3-day settlement rule is not only for the stock exchange. All the other financial markets use the same rule. 

No matter if you are trading securities, options, futures, bonds, ETFs, and forex, you must learn these settlement rules.  

Calculate It Properly 

If you really want to make money with stock trades, then you must calculate the settlement periods seriously. If you are not aware of settlement rules in stock trading, then it can confuse you.  

Pros & Cons Of 3-Day Rules In Stock Trading 

Buying and selling or buy-and-hold is part of stock trading. Similarly, 3-day settlement rules in stock trading are important too. They have different pros and cons of mobile trading. 

Trading software can’t help you overcome its disadvantages. So let's have a look at what impact it has on the whole market.  

Pros Of 3-day Rule 

There is no risk in the market related to funds because a 3-day rule is compulsory for the whole market. No matter if you are a market maker or you are a big investment firm. 

You have to settle all the trades with the 3-day settlement rule. It brings trust and transparency to the market. No one will lose money due to a delay in settlement.  

Cons Of 3-day Rule 

With helpful pros to the 3-day rule in stock trading, there are cons too. Your investment strategy of online stock trading can be impacted by it. If you don't settle your trade-in 3-day rules then limitations will be applied to your online investing.  

Penalties are also there if you don't follow settlement rules in stock trading. So the risk of penalties may affect beginners. 

You have to wait for funds when you sell shares. But you have to pay funds within this rule when you are a buyer. Delaying the settlement can bring penalties and limitations on your trading account.  

Summary - 3-day rules in stock trading 

Understanding settlement rules in stock trading has never been a difficult thing. It is very important for all the stock traders to learn this settlement rule. The 3-day rule is most commonly used these days.  

In history, T+5 was used to settle the stock trade. But in these days of active trading 3 days are enough to settle the trades. In the future, the process will be made more fast and convenient. 

You must prepare yourself for the future settlement rules in stock trading. Currently, a 3-day rule is being used by the whole market. In the future, you will get more quick transactions and settlements.  

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