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5 Ways to Get Stronger Trading Results in 2022

Mon Jan 31 2022 16:57
Traders are facing a difficult moment deciding on the best winning trading strategy. Many traders face the challenge of how to become better traders. Most of them choose to focus on their P/L, which is always a hindrance to becoming consistent. 

Traders should focus more on enhancing their performance and getting in line with their plans and process.

Traders often think that spending more time analyzing charts, reading newspapers, and studying may improve their skills. The amount of time spent on trading is essential at the beginning since it helps you gather more knowledge pertaining to the trading industry

However, putting more time into trading does not necessarily account for more profits.

Important Things To Note While Trading

  • Trading is challenging, especially for beginners. However, one can rectify the mistakes made at the beginning with continued practice and education.
  • It is essential to ask for help if you face trouble or fail to understand. Do not underestimate the issue by thinking it is small. Use resources in online and offline platforms to help you out.
  • Always stick to your plan. Avoid following other people’s opinions as they may make you go astray. People’s opinions may result in making emotional decisions rather than logical ones.
  • Put more practice, focus, discipline, and change your trading mindset to maintain a winning trading strategy every day.
If your current strategy is not offering good results, it is best to look at some of your daily practices and rituals. Change your normal routine and adapt to one that is effective. Therefore, if you want to enhance your trading, create a winning trading strategy.

Below are the best ways to improve your trading results in 2022.

Steps to take to Improve Your Trading Results

Search for help from a Professional Trader

At the beginning of your trading, it is important to have someone that ensures you follow your entire trading plan. People tend to experience shortcomings while trading, such as reduced discipline levels. Seeking professional trading strategies can help minimize the occurrence of such situations.

The person offering help could be your coach, family member, mentor, or experienced trader. What matters, in this case, is that it could be anyone you can comfortably share about your trading plan. Ensure that you constantly update them with your progress and performance.

The importance of keeping them informed is to ensure your daily activities and overall performance are in line with the strategy you shared with them. This move will help you refrain from some common mistakes made while trading.

Several platforms exist from which you can share your progress. You can also share your progress through chat rooms and forums, apart from meeting physically. These platforms allow you to express the difficulties you go through on your day trading and the areas you are having success.

Be open to criticism, whether positive or negative. Since everyone can easily go astray, it is important to share your whole experience and accept your mistakes. In this case, even if your discipline and self-awareness strategies fail, someone else will put you back on the right track.

Always consider some important factors when choosing the right mentor. A wrong choice may be harmful to your trading career.

Minimize taking Opinions from Others

Sharing your experience with other traders and discussing your performance is okay. However, it is important to avoid taking opinions from several people regarding some specific trades. Develop your trade and follow your plan.

If your trading plan tells you to buy, do not sell because someone you respect tells you so. It is important to minimize your stress levels. Constantly changing your mind due to other people’s opinions from TV news and websites can cause stress leading to poor trading performance.

A professional trader also makes huge mistakes while trading. Do not engage in discussions that can make you consider second thoughts contrary to your plan. Put more focus on your plan since you invested time creating a consistent trading strategy. It is important to know when to close a winning trade and align it with your plan.

Put more Practice

All strategies are always simple when looking at them. However, a seemingly simple strategy may be hard to implement in real market conditions

Each day has its unique characteristics. Practice is important to become more proficient and consistent even with the changing characteristics. You can practice on a demo account until you fully understand how to profit from your trading strategy.

Like sports, you also need to practice to improve your actions. If you have practised a certain strategy, it is easy to implement your skill conveniently. Lack of practice can lead to missed opportunities, untimed trading, or mistakes in your position sizing.

Practice will help you build your skills and ensure that you do not learn the hard way or through failure.

Have a Clear Mind when Trading

Before trading, ensure that you clear your mind. Always take a minute and clear your head from any thoughts to help you become focused and present. It is important to shift your focus and let your mind know that you are beginning to trade. 

Avoid checking your social media account or doing any other activity that may interfere with your focus.

Keep yourself updated by using an economic calendar. It will help you be aware of the current economic situation to avoid being surprised. These small actions can save you thousands of money throughout the year. Do not trade if you do not feel right or are emotionally unstable. 

One trade can jeopardize your whole strategy and make you lose your account.

Always prepare yourself each day before trading. Learn how to maintain mental clarity every time you want to trade.

Put a Record of Each Action you Take

Always record each trade you make to help in monitoring your steps. You can record by taking screenshots showing your entries, stop loss levels, and targets.

These fundamental notes could help you review your actions later. A screenshot is highly recommended in a trading journal since it shows exactly the actions in specific market conditions.

Do day traders make money? Yes. However, it is important to review your trades weekly and monthly when you are a day trader. For long-term traders, set specific dates when you can review your trades. You can set them on quarterly or semi-annually.

Take screenshots at the time of trading if you take a long time before trading again. Keeping a record of your actions can help you identify some of the common mistakes you made, and you can work to improve them. It also helps you to capitalize on what you are good at.

What Action Should you Take?

Becoming a professional trader needs a lot of practice. However, becoming a professional does not mean you stop practising. Earning profits is only a state achieved through well-informed decisions and practice. The moment a trader stops practising, they will start incurring losses.

Therefore, one needs to have a close mentor to help stay on track. It is also best to avoid other people’s opinions and record your trading actions. It will help you create a winning trading strategy. Sometimes you may face difficulties in following these steps. 

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