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A General Overview of the RLY Network

Sun Oct 31 2021 14:43
Rally was developed by Kevin Chou, and he currently serves as the CEO of the company. With Rally, people can develop their own social coins, and these will work just like cryptocurrencies. 

In this project, content creators, celebrities, athletes, and even organizations can interact with their fans by exchanging cryptocurrencies for specific benefits. For example, a celebrity can sell their coins for benefits like backstage passes, personal conversations, or even merch. Content creators can use the tokens to reward viewers who watch entire episodes of their shows. 

On platforms like YouTube, such a system will benefit the content creator since it will allow them to collect more ad revenue, and the episodes are also more likely to be recommended by the algorithm.  

Individuals who buy the social tokens will enjoy the benefits offered in the transaction, but they can also benefit whenever the social token goes up in value. This is because they will be able to sell the coins to other fans of the celebrity or content creator.  

How Does Rally Coin Work? 

Many cryptocurrency networks have their native tokens, and in this case, you will be able to use the RLYUSD coin. This token is meant to work as a bridge between different social tokens. Let’s take the example of two content creators who have developed two different coins. 

One is known as $Joe and the other is known as $Bruce. If a holder of 50 $Joe coins wants to purchase a number of $Bruce coins, they will have to first change their holdings to $Rally, and then they can purchase the $Bruce coins.  

The network itself will determine the values of the social tokens. This value will be determined by the current RLYUSD price, as well as the overall demand for the social tokens

It is also worth noting that the demand for social tokens can have a major impact on the RLYUSD price since this will mean more people are using the network.  

At the moment, the RLYUSD price is $0.559, and many websites are predicting an increase in this price over the next few years. It is worth noting that this project was developed by individuals who have decades of experience in the tech sector. 

The developers of the system have worked in companies like Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube. Many of these companies are focused on giving power to content creators. For example, Youtube allows content creators to develop videos for free, and they can then get paid depending on the popularity of their content.

Similarly, RLYUSD is meant to give power back to content creators as it allows such individuals and organizations to monetize their fan bases. The uses of the RLY token are only limited by the creativity of the content creators.   

How can a creator develop their own social token? 

If you are a content creator, you should follow these steps to develop your own social token:  
  • Firstly, you will have to sign up on the Rally website, where you will have to provide some personal details. 
  • You can then contact the team at Rally, and they will develop your coin as per your specifications. 
  • The team will then send you a message notifying you that they have released a number of tokens. 
  • You can then use these social coins as you please. 
It is worth noting that the Rally network does not charge transaction fees whenever individuals send or receive social tokens, and this makes it quite convenient to use. 

As noted earlier, individuals who hold social tokens for specific content creators will benefit whenever the value of the tokens go up in value. This is why fans will be encouraged to promote the service to their friends and family members. 

Doing this will boost the popularity of the coins, and holders of the altcoins will be able to sell their holdings and collect their profits.  

Whenever the value of the creator coins goes up, creators and fans will also be able to earn rewards on a weekly basis. These rewards will be added to their RLYUSD wallets.  

At the moment, more than 120 social coins are being used on the Rally network. Some high-profile groups and celebrities have created coins on the network.
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