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AUD Forex Market News Moving The Markets

Tue Apr 20 2021 09:24
As an inexperienced trader, you can see how market news can affect forex rates. Sometimes the market news is very effective so that it moves the whole market. Do you know how this news can be beneficial for you as a forex trader? Well, here we are with the complete information. 

We will let you know how you can take advantage of the news in forex trading. Market volatility and liquidity makes it more complex for forex traders. But to achieve profitable trading, you need to know what force is moving the market. And the most important thing is that forex market news is one of the most important market movers.

Moving News for AUD Forex Market 

News plays an important role not only in the forex market, but also in the stock market, commodity market. Whether you are trading currencies on forex or trading stocks, you need to watch the news. Market commentaries or news will help you a lot. They help in all types of trading techniques. 

Whether you have a day trading technique or use any other trading approach. With proper analysis, you can take the help of news.

See How News Hit The AUD Forex Market 

If you think the market never gets hit by market news, here are a few examples from the Australian forex market. Whether you choose trend trading or any other market trading method. You can see the clear impact of the news on the price fluctuations of the financial instruments. From trading forex pairs to trading stocks, the news is always important for any trading strategy. 

You cannot create a better trading plan without incorporating news. Most successful strategies incorporate news for technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Below are some of the most important news storeys that have influenced Australian Dollar.

Pandemic Second Wave 

The pandemic dealt a financial blow to the whole world in 2020. But by 2021, most major countries have returned to normal economic conditions. But there are still nations struggling to recover. Australia is one of those countries, and it has seen the major impact of the second wave of COVID -19. Because of this second wave, the Australian Dollar has seen fall in the market. 

Whether you are trading Australian dollars with American Dollar (USD), Swiss Franc (CHF), British pound (GBP). Or Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), and more, AUD has shown a decline against the US Dollar.

RBA’s April Policy 

The Reserve Bank Of Australia released its new policy this year in April. The policy was expected to help the nation's currency grow. But due to COVID -19 second wave, this policy has shown a negative impact. It does not help the Australian Dollar to go up in the market. 

Instead of becoming stronger, the AUD has become weaker due to this policy. However, this policy is expected to help the national currency or reserve currency of Australia in the long run.

US Presidential Election 

Global market experts have predicted that the US Presidential Election will have a major impact on AUD and it has come true. In the first month of this year, AUD moved up and it was in line with the prediction of some trading experts. 

The prediction was that if Joe Biden becomes the president of the US, then it will drive the AUD up. The same thing happened when the election result was positive for Joe Biden.

Recent Oil Market News 

Recently, the oil market in Australia has shown a very strong correlation with the country's currency. Australian Dollar (AUD) has moved sharply higher with the help of the oil market. 

Earlier there was a strong parallel relationship with the national currency of Australia. But there is no direct relationship between these two trading markets. Whenever the oil market is doing well, the foreign exchange market will lead the AUD to a higher rate.

Real Estate News 

On the other hand, the real estate market of Australia has an opposite direction with the foreign exchange market. 

Whenever the property prices in Australia show growth, the whole economy is affected. And as we all know, currency is the most important financial or investment instrument in any economy. 

As a result, AUD as a financial asset showed a decline with the rising prices of houses in Australia.

News That Moves AUD 

The above news has shown a great influence on the AUD this year and some months last. But there are some other trading news that can AUD affect traders. 

These news can be related to economic events and activities inside the country or outside the country. Below are the news that you need to consider in order to achieve trading profitability.

GDP Releases 

The GDP publications of the government of Australia are very important. They contain a lot of data relating to the financial sector, the growth of the national economy, etc.

Trade Balance 

The balance of trade is always important in global markets. Australia relies on its iron ore and exports it to the world. but it also needs to import other goods to balance global trade.

Inflation Stats 

A country's inflation rate affects a country's national currency. It doesn't matter if it is Australia or America. If the inflation rate goes up, then the currency is more likely to be affected.

Industrial Production 

Various industries contribute greatly to the economy and the growth of the currency. So if there is a setback in industrial production, the national currency will be affected.

Economic Releases 

There are so many other economic publications by the government of Australia. Besides that, there are so many reports prepared by many tax experts, market experts, etc.

Interest Rates 

Interest rates issued by a country's central bank or Federal Reserve affect its currency. The same thing happens in the case of Australia. When's Reserve Bank issues an interest rate policy, the currency takes a hit.

Employment Stats 

Employment also plays an important role in the growth of the currency. It is not only useful for economists, financial analysts, trade analysts, etc., but also important for financial traders.

Political News 

Political activities, events, and other changes affect the money market. When something big is coming up in politics, it also affects the country's currency. Therefore, it is important to analyze the political news when trading currencies.

Summary - AUD Forex Market 

As you can see, all financial investments are affected by market news. That is why it is important for money traders to always consider the news. But in this world of internet, there are also many fake news and manipulated news. 

You need to confirm and verify all the news that is published online or offline to make sure that it is authentic. This is because news will affect your trading portfolio. To grow your investment portfolio, you need to verify the news before you use it.

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