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Baht To GBP (THB/GBP) 6 Months History

Fri Jun 25 2021 17:25
Countries like Thailand are never considered the big ones in the foreign exchange market. That doesn't mean their currencies aren't growing fast. It also does not mean that their currencies do not show a positive reaction in the forex market.  

You will find many currency pairs in forex trading. There are various combinations like Baht To GBP that are used by forex traders to form a currency pair. Currency pairs can include any major currency or minor currency. 

The currency pairs like Baht To GBP or Thai Baht to Great Britain Pound Sterlings are also traded by forex traders. 

This currency pair is not so popular on the available money trading platforms. But still it can add profits to your trading account with useful financial instruments in your trading portfolio. 

Deep dive into Baht To GBP exchange history 

The current forex rate and the history of the foreign currency rate are important to know. The foreign exchange rate lets you gage the market sentiment properly. You will learn how to use financial data or historical data to analyze the foreign exchange market. 

The historical data of a financial instrument is important to know as a beginner. That is why we are available here with the 6 months of historical data. This historical data will let you know what price movements the THB/GBP currency pair has seen in the last 6 months. 

Current Currency Exchange exchange rate 

Let's start with the current exchange rate for the official currency of Thailand and the UK. The forex trading market is not complete without the current currency rate. As a forex trader, you need to know the current rate for the different forex exchanges. 

Undoubtedly, here we are trading forex with the help of historical data for 6 months. But still we need to know the current market rates in forex trading markets. 

Baht/GBP Live Rate Today 

The Thailand Baht and the British pound sterling, are two different currencies of the forex market. The current market rate is 0.022656053 British Pounds for 1 Thai Baht. The British pound sterling is higher in value compared to the THB. You can buy 44.1382 THB in just one British Pound. 

Latest Price Rate Analysis 

Forex brokers will help you a lot if you want to learn how to trade using price analysis. Forex rate analysis is important because the trader needs to know the market sentiment and trend for the chosen currencies. The forex market will let you know how important it is to analyze the forex rates. 

THB/GBP: Historical data for the last six months 

Now, let's jump into the main part of this post to find the right answer to your questions. Exchange rate history is one of the most important things in online trading. Forex trading becomes easier even for a beginner. 

Undoubtedly, there is always market volatility and liquidity when we try to trade forex. But trading analysis is the best trading approach to overcome such problems. Therefore, you need to know how your currency pair has moved in the last six months. 

Last month's data 

First, let's start with the last month's data. We have told you everything about the current currency rate. So, we hope that this last month's data will be very useful for you while trading currencies. Because forex trading data will help you in performing currency analysis like technical analysis or fundamental analysis to know the forex rates. 


Volatility rate is important to note when we invest in such volatile financial instruments. The volatility rate in this market is about 0.31% in the last month. 

Average price 

The average price tells you more about the price movement. It gives you an idea about the market sentiment or market trends like bearish or bullish sentiment. The average price for this currency pair is 0.022723 for the THB/GBP currency pair

Highest Value 

What is the highest value this currency pair has touched in the last month? The highest value was 0.023207. The highest value helps you to see the volatility rate. 

Lowest value 

The lowest value on the other hand will tell you what is the worst situation for selected forex pairs at a given time. Here we are talking about one month only. So here the last value was 0.022441. 

Data for the last three months 

The six-month history of THB/GBP can be better understood if we have the data from month to month. After last month's findings, you need to take a look at the last three months' data. 

Here we are at the price history of this currency pair in the last three months. 

Highest Value 

The highest exchange rate that this currency pair has touched in the last three months is 0.023739. The highest value is a little higher than its counterpart in the last month's data. 

Lowest value 

Now let's find out the lowest value in the last three months in history. The lowest value of this currency in the last three months was 0.022441. This value is similar to the lowest value in the last month. 

So it means that this value was touched by these currencies in the last month. 

Average price 

As the highest value of last three months is higher than the highest value of last month. So as a result of this difference, the average price of last three months is also high. The average price was quoted as 0.023091. 


The volatility rate is almost double in the last three months as compared to the previous month. The volatility rate was around 0.60% in the last three months. 

THB/GBP exchange rate timeline for the last 6 months 

Let's move on to the last 6 months timeline for this currency pair. The six-month timeline allows you to see the currency price fluctuations in more detail. 

December 2020 

The month of December 2020 started with an exchange rate of 0.024. And at the end of the month, the exchange rate remained the same. 

Jan 2021 

The same thing happened in January 2021. The opening exchange rate for this currency pair was 0.024. After that, the exchange rate remained the same until the end of the month. 

February 2021 

In the month of February, the exchange rate for this currency pair fell by a single point from 0.024 to 0.023. 

March 2021 

In the month of March, there was also no fluctuation in the exchange rate. The rate remained the same this month as well. 

April 2021 

The first month of the second quarter of the year saw a one point decrease from 0.023 to 0.22. 

May 2021 

The first week of this month has shown a small growth, bringing the currency rate to 0.024. But at the end of this month, the currency came back to 0.022. 

Final thoughts - Baht To GBP 6 months history 

Converting Thailand Baht to GBP can be easy and profitable if you do it at the right time. But what is the right time to convert or trade this currency pair? 

Well, the time when your base currency is growing is the best. But how will you find out the best time or exchange rate? To do this, you need to analyze the currency pair using different trading analysis methods.  

The right trading approach can only come when you have analyzed the financial instruments properly. Therefore, the six-month history of this currency pair is necessary for you to know as a forex trader. 

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