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Best Financial Instruments To Invest

Wed Jan 06 2021 13:34
Traders are always looking for the best financial instruments to invest in. As a trader, you may also want the best investment option for you but which one is more profitable? 

We all know about almost every investment option. But choosing one among all of these is not that easy. Don't worry if you don't know about all the instruments. Because we are here going to explain all of them. 

The more you know about them, the more it will become easy to decide. Your decision to choose any instrument will affect your trading account. 

One decision can increase the chances of profitability. Must read this post before you choose any instruments to invest in.  

Top 10 Financial Instruments To Invest 

Some experts will tell you that foreign currencies are best to invest in. But some will claim stocks as the best ones. They all evaluate these financial instruments on a different basis. 

Some evaluate the volume of traded assets. While some see that what a market maker trades. Other than this volatility, liquidity and hedge funds decide which instruments to invest in.  

Trading platforms may have all the options like money trading and derivative products. We give you the liberty to decide on your own. To decide on your own must compare these assets. So below is the list of top ten financial instruments to invest in.  

#1. Stocks 

Stock-market is the biggest centralized financial market. Stocks and stock futures are good financial instruments to invest in. This market is highly liquid because there is a huge supply-and-demand.

But to become a stock exchange trader you will have to learn more about trading ethics.  

#2. Forex 

The most liquid market in the world is the forex trading market. Fx-market is decentralized so trading currencies seem riskier. 

However, with leverage on currency pairs, an intraday trader can make huge profits too. Currencies like USD and Euro are always counted as important instruments to invest. 

#3. Commodities 

Commodity trading is good for you if you believe in long positions. Choose it if you are well aware of natural calamities and the social impact on trading. Basically, we classify the commodity market into two sections. 

First commodity exchange is linked up with hard commodities. While the second option is soft commodities. Commodity futures trading commission is less than some highly liquid markets. 

Let's have a look at hard commodities and soft commodities.  

Hard Commodities 

There are many instruments to invest in hard commodities & the crude oil is the major one. In precious metals Gold, Silver, Copper, and platinum are the best. 

Energies such as heating oil, gasoline, Brent crude are also traded in the oil market. You can trade gold futures contracts or oil futures in hard commodities.  

Soft Commodities 

We can call them agricultural commodities also. Agricultural products and livestock are traded as futures. You can trade corn futures, wheat futures, soybeans, and dairy products in it. 

#4. Equities 

You will become a shareholder in a company with this financial instrument. Equities will pay you dividends depending upon the performance of the company. 

It is considered to be one of the low-risk instruments to invest in. Buyers and sellers trade equities with different trading strategies.  

#5. Mutual Funds 

Mutual funds are the biggest source of crowdfunding. You will find mutual fund investments on electronic trading platforms. It is one of the best instruments to invest in if you have less time. It works according to margin requirements. 

#6. Bonds & Securities 

Bonds are one of the major loan industry financial instruments. Investors with high-risk tolerance choose such instruments to invest. 

From a private company to the government treasury, many organizations issue bonds. You can buy bonds worth cents or a million dollars in the global market.  

#7. Cryptocurrencies 

A decentralized trading market for digital currencies. You can trade any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Litecoin. This trading market is one of the riskiest markets. Because no one is there to regulate this market.  

#8. Deposits 

Are you looking for financial instruments to invest with patience? Then fixed deposits or pension deposits will be fine for you. There is no risk in these instruments. However, the return on investment is also low. 

#9. Indexes 

There are stock indices and commodity indices providing various trading systems. A stock index or dollar index is not only the market information. You can use them as instruments to invest money.  

#10. Futures 

Futures trading is also common these days & in this trading, you make contracts on futures and options. A future market or futures exchange can give you a nice return on investment. 

Choose any instruments to invest while trading futures. You can trade crude oil futures or stock futures.   

How To Choose Financial Instruments To Invest 

Now the question is how to choose financial instruments to invest. There are many instruments to choose from, but which is the best? 

Well to get an answer to this question, you must consider a few things. These factors are important when choosing instruments to invest in.  

As a trader, you must write-down these factors. Now evaluate each of the above-mentioned instruments on these factors. The concluded report will let you know which instrument is good for you. 


Risk-tolerance is important when you are choosing instruments to invest. Suppose that an instrument requires high-risk tolerance. But you don't have that risk tolerance with a risk management plan. Then it means that the instrument is not good for you. 


What is your budget for trading? If you have less budget then must give a try to free trading. It will help you learn a lot for free. So it will be great enough to learn something for free. Your budget will decide which instruments to invest in.  


Are you still in learning mode & do you want to choose instruments to invest in? Along with it do you want to learn how to trade? Then you must go with some easy instruments. 

You can learn to trade with shares. It will help you learn about trend trading. You will get to know market sentiment such as bearish and bullish. 


The probability of winning trades is also important. If the probability is low for an instrument, then don't choose it. However, it depends upon your skills too. 

Some traders choose low probability instruments to invest. They turn the tables while in the market. They win even with low probability. If you have such kind of trading skills, then you can also do it.  


What brokerage will charge for a specific instrument? You must calculate the trading commission prior to your trade. Whether the brokers are charging on a margin basis or on a spread basis. 

The brokerage fee will be a crucial point to analyze before you start trading. 

Conclusion - Instruments to invest 

You can choose any financial instrument that you like. Choose two or more two instruments to invest in. It all depends upon your requirement and knowledge. If you believe that you can manage more than two instruments to invest your money. 

Then choose two instruments without any doubt. You must have to choose an instrument that belongs to your trading behavior. You must pay the time to choose the best instrument rather than being in a hurry.  

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