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Complete Guide To Cracking Your Trades With Fundamental Analysis

Fri Mar 26 2021 18:20
Trading for beginners is not easy with technical analysis. It takes less time but more trading experience. That is why most novice traders decide to trade using fundamental analysis. But before you start using fundamental analysis, you need to clear a few doubts. 

There is a myth about fundamental analysis. This myth is that fundamental analysis is easier than technical analysis. But it is not the truth. The reality is both the analysis or trading methods are important and complex. 

But, there are various trading techniques you can use to make them easier and simplified. If you are willing to start trading with the help of fundamental analysis, then here you are at the right place. Because here we will explain everything about fundamental analysis in simple words. You will get to know everything in simple steps about how to conduct fundamental analysis. 

Let’s dive into the complete fundamental Analysis Guide 

Without wasting time anymore you can start here with the basics. If you know nothing about fundamental analysis, then still you don't have to worry about it. Because we will let you know everything from scratch. 

So let's jump into the complete guide to conduct fundamental analysis for your trading market journey. 

Get Started With The Basics 

Before you start making trading strategies with this, you need to know the basics. Various financial markets with high market volatility and liquidity are there with high risk. Even expert traders and their trading strategy can fail. 

So it is vital to prepare yourself for the traded financial instruments in the global market. There are many trading services to assist you in auto trading, but still, you need proper data. 

Know-How Fundamental Analysis Works 

It is not a simple method, but it is an effective way to analyze the financial instrument or a financial market. You will be analyzing an asset based on its fundamental properties. 

A demo trading account can be used on a live trading platform to learn how to trade with fundamental analysis. But, you can start without using a demo account. 

Start With The Right Market 

Now let's start analyzing the assets with fundamental analysis. The first thing is to choose the right option among all the trading platforms available to buy or sell. Also, you need to decide whether you conduct this analysis for stock-trading or forex. 

The fundamental analysis process is almost the same for all the financial-markets. But still, there are many changes that you need to make for different markets. 

Fundamental Analysis Guide For Forex Market 

Let's start with the currency pairs trading or currency trading. Trading forex with fundamental analysis is one of the common methods of trading. You can trade forex pairs with the help of fundamentals

Many forex brokers provide such trading systems that are compatible with fundamental analysis. Following are a few steps that you need to take. 

Figure Out All The Indicators 

Figure out all the indicators that you will be using for your currency pair. Include all these indicators in your trading plan. If you use trading software then add them all to it to track them. 

Shortlist The Indicators After Evaluating 

Now start evaluating all the indicators that you have chosen in the first step. After evaluation, you will have to shortlist a few indicators. 

Prepare A Verification Process 

Technical indicators are verified in technical analysis. So here in fundamental analysis, you also have to verify the trading signals. 

Fundamental Analysis Guide For Stock Market 

In this advanced trading or algorithmic trading arena, you can trade stocks more with the help of fundamental analysis. You can use free trading tools or demo trading to learn it for currency trading. Following are a few steps you need to follow. 

Point Out All The Fundamentals 

List out all the fundamentals about the stock that you have chosen. 

Study The Company And Stock 

You need to study the price history, past performance, current trend, financial status of the company and the stock. 

Fundamental Analysis Guide For Commodities 

The commodity exchange market can also be analyzed with the help of fundamental analysis. No matter if you prefer long term trading or short term trading, you can conduct fundamental analysis. But, it is more preferred for long term trading or swing trading. 

Here again, you have to track the indicators and then use them to analyze the selected commodity. 

Getting The Right Signals 

Getting accurate signals is not hard in an automated trading system. Automated trading has made financial trading more profitable. But you need to choose the right signals according to your choice. Whether you are going for trend trading or some other best trading approach. 

Leading Trading Signals 

Leading signals are provided by the analysis before they occur in the market. You will get leading signals to lead you in the market. But sometimes you need to verify them. Because they can be easier to manipulate or change in the future. 

Lagging Trading Signals 

Lag signals are provided after the actual event happened in the market. Sometimes it is important to track a lag signal, but sometimes it is worth neglecting it. 

Final Output & Its Usage  

The last and final step of any fundamental analysis process is the final output and its usage. Your final output will depend upon the financial-market that you have chosen. 

Stock market trading will have different output as compared to forex trading. From market sentiment to trading psychology factors, there will be different outputs. 

Develop A Trading Strategy 

First of all, you need to develop a strategy for your trading actions. All the entry/exit points have to be determined. There should be all the market analysis included in the trading strategy. 

Make Trading Decisions 

You will have to enter the market with the trading strategy that you have developed for you. Now during live trading, you have to make the best trading decisions to make money. 

See If It Works 

If you are doubtful about the success of your trading strategy, then you can choose to backtest your trading strategy. It is easier to do using a demo account or any other method. 

Final Thought 

Conducting fundamental analysis is easy if you do it step by step. There are many different ways to conduct fundamental analysis and all the traders choose a method according to their skills. The type of asset that you are going to trade will also make a difference in your fundamental process. 

You have to customize your fundamental analysis process as per the financial market. Along with this, you will have to make sure that you have chosen the right trading indicators. Getting signals and using the final output will help you make money in the market. 

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