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Financial Markets Trading Kit For Advanced Traders

Fri Dec 25 2020 06:31
You may think that different financial markets have different trading kits for traders. But some basic but very important things are necessary to have for any trader. Here we will mention more about the trading kit for advanced traders. 

But beginners or the ones who started trading can also have all these things. However, the better thing is to know more about these things before you add them to your trading tool kit.  

Below mentioned things are must to have for any advanced trader of any financial market. No matter if you are a forex trader or you want to trade stocks in the stock exchange market. 

You can add all these things to your trading kit. Adding these things make the perfect trading kit for advanced traders. 

Necessary Things In Trading Kit For Advanced Traders 

So many things are there to add in a trading kit made for advanced traders. But we are here going to mention only the necessary one. We are not making this list long by adding broker names, trading accounts, how to trade guides, trading courses, and more. 

Most of these things are already there in a beginner trader’s bag. So the below mentioned things should be in the trading kit for advance traders. If you are a beginner then still you can add these things to upgrade yourself on any trading platform. 

#1. Trading Strategies 

The first thing that an advanced trader should have in his kit is a set of trading strategies. Many trading strategies are out there for sale in the market. Many of them are available for beginners and even for an advanced trading account. 

These strategies have various features like stop loss, and they are used with other factors of the market like volatility, liquidity, more. Some popular strategies that a trader should have are as below. 
  • Day Trading Strategy 
  • Swing Trading 
  • Trend Trading 
  • Scalping 
  • Opposite Market Sentiment trading 

#2. Indicators 

Trading indicators are the second most important thing in the trading kit for advanced traders. These indicators are going to ensure that your trading will be profitable or not. 

You must pay attention to all kinds of market indicators. Whether you are going for currency trading, futures trading, or any other trading system, they are important. Always keep an eye on indicators while live trading is going on. 

No matter if you are in manual trading or automated trading, you have to choose the right trading indicator for you. Trading indicators can help you decide to buy or sell actions and also help you take correct price actions. A few famous trading indicators are as below. 

Important Indicators Are:

#1. Moving-Average 
#2. Bollinger Bands
#3. Stochastic Oscillator 
#4. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) 
#5. Relative strength index (RSI) 
#6. An exponential moving average (EMA) 
#7. Fibonacci retracement. 

#3. Signals 

Don't be confused with trading signals and trading indicators. Both terms are different from each other. However, the purpose of both of them is the same and both of them have the same importance. A signal is also important in the trading kit for advanced traders.

If you have trading indicators but don't have any signal along with them, then how will it be possible for you to analyze various trading algorithms? Trading signals are important for your trading plan. 

Trading signals can be prepared with past performance data, trading volume, interest rates, market volatility, more. So you can see, it is very vital, and you should never miss it while preparing a trading kit for advanced traders. 

#4. Analysis Tools 

We are talking about preparing the right trading kit for advanced traders. and it cannot be perfect if we don't have analysis tools in it. Various trading tools are used by expert traders to analyze the market data and some other information. 

Sometimes a currency trader wants to analyze the market commentary and sometimes derivative products are required to be analyzed. Many times the expert trading tips also have to be evaluated. 

So all these things can be done with analysis tools. We have divided the analysis tools into two parts and both of them are mentioned below. 

Fundamental Analysis Tools 

Many advanced traders still don't know the real difference between fundamental analyzing tools and technical analyzing tools. Fundamental tools are used to analyze the nature and the market data of a particular asset. 

For example, if you are in Fx trading, then you will choose a currency pair for you and will try to analyze its fundamentals. Fundamentals will help you know about the profit or loss of a particular asset. 

Technical Analysis Tools 

Technical analysis is a little bit beyond the fundamental analysis. It is beyond the only price and volume of the traded asset. 

However, both of these tools are used to analyze the market situation, and then the technical reports are used to forecast the future market trend for the asset. 

A technical analysis tool is a must-have thing in a trading kit for advanced traders. 

#5. Trading Softwares 

Yes, you need trading software when you are trading any asset in a financial market. Various software is there and you can add all of them to your trading kit for advanced traders. 

This software is used for different purposes. From market analysis to copy trading, various tools and software are used. Sometimes the software is provided by the brokers and some are bought by traders separately. 

Copy Trading 

Copy-trading software or programs are required in a trading kit for advanced traders when you are following some popular traders. You may want to follow some other successful traders and their trading techniques. 

To copy the exact trading data directly from their trading account to your account, you need a copy trading software. This software is available as ready to use packages in the market or you can also get it customized according to you. 

Expert Advisor or Trading Bot 

If you believe more in algorithmic trading, then you should add an expert advisor or trading robot in your trading kit for advanced traders. 

As similar to copy traders or copy trading programs, expert advisors are also available as ready-made packages and tailor-made packages. 

This software is chosen according to your trading platform, whether it is Metatrader, Metatrader4, or any other. 

#6. Historical Data 

Historical data is very important. In the best trading kit for advanced traders, you will find specific historical data, market charts, more to help you know more about the market. 

Charting is vital because all the above tools use historical data and current market data to analyze and generate forecasting reports. 

Important Things While Making Trading Kit For Advance Traders 

No matter what tools you choose for the trading kit for advanced traders. But there are some basic rules that you should follow if you want the best trading toolkit for you. 

The very first thing is that you should never add unnecessary things to your trading portfolio or trading kit. Other things that you should keep in mind are your trading behavior, risk tolerance profile, investment instrument, your capital, etc. 

Summary- Kit For Advanced Traders 

Trading kits can contain different tools for different traders and the markets. So never try to copy a trading kit for advanced traders made for anyone else. 

You must choose the right tools and strategies for your trading. So always research and analyze everything before you make a competitive tailor-made trading kit for you. 

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