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Full-Time Forex Traders You Need To Follow

Mon Oct 19 2020 13:06
Are you looking for a list of the full-time forex traders? You may want to follow these full-time traders to get motivated about trade forex. Motivation is important in every aspect of life if it is coming from the right source. So which source is good for motivation if you are a forex trader? Maybe you are looking for the best currency pairs trader in this world so that you can follow his trading strategies and become a successful forex trader in the foreign exchange market. 

But which foreign-exchange trader should you follow? It depends upon your financial-market style and ambitions. We have made the list of the top full-time forex traders of the world to take important learnings on how to trade. You can read about them and choose which one is more related to you in the forex trade. Also, we will help you know how you can become a successful forex trader. 

Top Full-Time Forex Traders: 

These are among the most successful forex traders of the world and their net worths are in millions and billions. Here we will let you know the fundamental analysis strategies of these full-time forex traders. You can follow any forex trader to go on the same path as these traders in the online forex trading. 

#1. George Soros 

The biggest name of forex trading is George Soros, known as the master fx-market trader. Many other top forex traders of live trading have learned from George Soros. People who have worked with George Soros in forex trading are now top forex traders. So you can also become a top forex broker if you follow Soros’ trades. 

He secured a place in the top 30 richest people list in Forbes magazine because of foreign exchange trading. He is an England based trader living in England, but he was born in Budapest, Hungary. He left Hungary during world war and started living in England. He has studied economics and had a keen interest in currencies. His forex companies, like Double Eagle, Soros Fund Management, and some others, have earned a lot for George. 

Why you should follow George Soros: 

He also studied Philosophy, and that is why he has applied philosophy, and it's termed in the technical analysis also. It is proven that philosophy has a huge impact on professions like forex trading. George Soros used the same methods to get profits as a forex trader. 

He has applied Popper’s Theory of Reflexivity in the global market and forex trading. His mindset helped him earn more from forex trading platforms. That is why he is always considered in the list of the top forex traders. He believes that the individual traders are influencing the trading system most. 

#2. Bill Lipschutz 

Can you believe that someone who has started an investment with $12K only can become a millionaire? Yes, we are talking about one of the forex trading strategy masters, Bill Lipschutz. Bill studied architecture and finance at Cornell University. He was born in Farmingdale, Newyork in 1956. His grandmother left $12K for him after her death. 

Bill used this gifted fund from his grandmother into advanced trading. He invested and made a profit equal to 20 times his investment. He learned about investments, finance, and the economic calendar by reading free forex books in the library. But later on, he went through a huge loss in the market and lost almost all beyond his risk appetite. But as he is a good trade currency learner. He learned from his mistakes and rebuilt his empire with technical trading

Why you should follow Bill Lipschutz: 

Bill Lipschutz is a good learner, and he always learned from his mistakes. Not only from his mistakes, but he also learned from every opportunity he had in his career. His career began with learning, and he is learning more and more about finance. So if you want to follow Bill Lipschutz, then you must follow this quality from Bill. 

You must learn from every resource you have in your life if you want to become and sustain as one of the top forex traders of this world. 

#3. Stanley Druckenmiller 

Suppose you belong to a middle-class family and still believe that you can succeed in the forex market. Then Stanley Druckenmiller will be the perfect idol for you because he comes from a middle-class household. The starting days of his career were not that good. He used to work as a trainee in the bank. 

But due to his learning approach and hard work, he was promoted to the head of equity research and investment. But he was not satisfied with this promotion and even with his job. He wanted to achieve more in his financial life. Later on, he started his own company and made huge profits. 

Why you should follow Stanley Druckenmiller: 

Do you remember that we have mentioned that some people worked with George Soros? And later on, became full-time forex traders? Stanley was one of them. So you can learn the pro trading strategy and charting process from Stanley Druckenmiller. 

#4. Andrew Krieger 

Andrew Krieger was the guy who took Bankers Trust company from $50 million to $700 million. Andrew was the top currency trader of this company. This huge success made him popular in the trading services world. Krieger influenced New Zealand’s small economy with the use of the event called Black Wednesday. 

Also, he made more than $300 million profit from the Bankers Trust company and an accurate price action plan. 

Why you should follow Andrew Krieger: 

If you want to learn how to use every opportunity in trading forex, you must follow Andrew Krieger. Krieger was making profits from the retail forex events known as bad for the CFD trading person. Top full-time forex traders have also mentioned him in their journals.

Also, some books tell Andrew Krieger is one of the great traders. No matter whether it is a bearish or a bullish moment for the in commodity futures trading. 

#5. Paul Tudor Jones 

If you are looking for a forex trader who is earning in billions of USD, then you will like the story of Paul Tudor Jones. He has the fifth position in this list, which doesn't mean that he is less important than any other above. His net worth is more than four billion dollars as of now due to his trading market knowledge. He graduated from Harvard Business School, and he has a place in the richest traders club in the trading systems. 

Why follow this legendary trader: 

The dedication of Paul Tudor Jones will inspire you. He was a clerk in a company when he started his career like other beginners. But now he employs many people under the banner of his company. He is a billionaire, and he made his fortune trading currency. So, that from a clerk to a billionaire story is enough to motivate any new forex trader. 


Suppose you have a positive mindset towards your career. Then it would help if you chose the right way for you. Not only a full-time forex trader will help you get motivated. But the right actions that you must take after learning from these traders are necessary to be motivated. 

If you follow these traders and their forex strategies, you can become good in the financial markets. But if you learn from these forex traders and then try to use that learning in your practical life, then only you will become a successful forex trader in this volatile market. 

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