GBP Strong Seasons

GBP Strong Seasons You Need to Know

Sat Apr 24 2021 11:29
It is not only the greenback currency that is important in forex trading. There are some other currencies like Swiss Franc and GBP. Currency trading for beginners can be easier if they understand currency basics and seasons. 

 Do you know about the best seasons for certain currencies? All currencies have their strong and weak seasons. If you don't know about them, then we will inform you about them.

GBP Strong Seasons Overview 

Here we are going to talk about one of the most important currency pairs. Yes, we are going to talk about the pound sterling. The British pound is one of the most important currencies in the global market. 

Regardless of which currency pairs you trade, GBP is also important if you live in related countries. Along with this, if you are directly related to GBP trading, then you need to know about the seasons. 

The seasonal movements and trends are always important. But there are some special things about strong seasons of different currencies. Here is the complete information about the strong seasons of GBP.

What Is The Trading Season? 

The first thing that comes to a trader's mind is the question of trading season. What is the trading season? Do you know what these seasons are? There are many myths about these seasons that make them a dubious topic for beginners. As a beginner in trading, you need to know what a trading season is. It is not comparable to the trading session. Most beginners confuse them with trading sessions and get confused. 

The trading seasons are when a particular financial instrument shows a particular reaction in the trading market. There are three types of trading seasons.

Regular Season 

The first type of trading season is the regular season. In the regular season, the trading markets don't see much fluctuation in a particular investment instrument. If you don't see much fluctuation in an investment instrument, then it seems like it's the regular season.

Strong Season 

Strong seasons are associated with bullish market sentiment in a particular financial instrument. When a financial instrument goes high and gets stronger in the financial market, then it is known as a strong season.

Weak Season 

A weak season is the exact opposite of a strong season. Bearish market sentiment can be seen for a particular trading instrument in a weak season.

Why You Must Consider Trading Seasons? 

There is another fundamental question about trading seasons. That question is: why does it matter? Do you think it is important to consider trading seasons? Or do you think you can just ignore these seasons for no reason. 

There is a large group of traders who trade according to seasons. So it is also important because it helps you to find out the market trend.

Strong Trading Seasons Of GBP 

Let us now talk about the strong trading seasons of GBP. Throughout the year, GBP often has strong trading seasons. It also has weak and regular trading seasons at various times

 The most important and significant season is the strong season. This is because all GBP traders want to know when they can profit from this currency. The growth of GBP should be followed in strong seasons. Below are the strong trading seasons of the GBP.

For Long Term Traders 

For long-term traders, different strength trading seasons should be considered. On the other hand, short-term traders have different periods. We will talk about short term traders later. Let's talk about long term traders.

Economic Releases 

Economic reports are very important when you trade GBP or any other forex pair. When an economic report is released, you need to follow it. Before 30 minutes after the release, you should start tracking it. Even an hour after the release of an economic report is a good time to trade GBP.

UK Government Policies 

If you are trading GBP, then UK government policy is important to you. Before and just after the release of UK government policy is a good time to trade GBP. But this period is good when the policy has a positive impact on GBP.

Global News About GBP 

Do not think that only events within the UK are important. The GBP is one of the most important reserve currencies in the world. Therefore it has a direct impact on the global market. 

You need to monitor the global news about GBP. Also, consider the news that affects GBP in some way. Such a period can also be strong or weak for GBP.

BOE Interest Releases 

The Bank of England is one of the most important financial authorities for you when trading GBP. Therefore, you need to take a look at BOE interest rate releases and decisions. There are sudden fluctuations in GBP before and after these releases.

Political Events 

In addition to all the economic and central bank events, political events also play a role. Political matters that affect the UK and its economy need to be considered. In addition, internal political events also play a role.

For Short Term Traders 

There are no specific trading seasons for short term trading. A short term trader needs to know the best trading hours for GBP. If you are an intraday trader or a day trader, then trading hours are more important to you than a trading season. 

The hours of 08:00 to 10:00 GMT and 12:00 to 15:00 GMT are known as the best trading hours.

What Experts Say About Strong Seasons? 

Expert traders always have a different take on the trading season. If we consider the opinion of expert traders, then there are many possibilities. But most of the time, the following are some of the most important factors to consider. 

Experts always recommend to consider the following two trading seasons for any currency.

Time Near The End Of Financial Year 

The period just before the turn of the year is considered safe for the GBP. Not only for the GBP in particular, but for most commodities there is a safe market. A few days or months before the end of the financial year and a few days after the start of the financial year are considered safe.

End Of Quarters/Months 

There are also some risky seasons for trading currencies. If we are talking about the GBP, then there are risky markets as well. The end of months and quarters are considered risky markets. During such times, most forex traders do not trade the GBP and related major forex pairs.

Summary - GBP Strong Seasons 

Trading hours are important to know when trading currencies in a market with liquidity and volatility. If you do not know about the strong seasons of your trading instrument, how will you achieve a profitable trade? There are several ways to find out the trading seasons. Mostly there are three trading seasons, regular, strong and weak. 

The strong season for GBP is important if you are trading GBP with some other currencies. From economic releases to Bank of England (BOE) decisions, everything is important. As a GBP trader, you need to follow all these seasons to get many benefits from trading.

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