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How Do You Trade Stocks? Learn In Easy Steps

Tue Dec 08 2020 18:55
Beginners ask experts the same question: how do you trade stocks? Well, how can one answer this question in a single sentence? Trading is not like a game that can be explained in just a few words, there are many things a stock trader keeps in mind and does to trade stocks.  

So if you also want to become a stock market trader, then you are here at the right place. No matter if you are willing to become a short term trader to trade stocks as a day trader. Or you are looking forward to a long term trading plan. Many options are available for you in stock exchange trading.  

Various techniques are used by expert traders. So do you want to know how a successful trader trades stocks? Here we are going to explain to you everything about stock trading.  

STEP 1: Prepare Yourself 

The very first step is to prepare yourself for online trading stocks. What do we mean by this preparation? Is it about the mental preparation you need to trade stocks? Or something else? Well, billions of stocks are traded every day, but some traders win and some lose money every day. 

Those who enter the market without any preparation lose most of the time. That is why preparation is important. Not only for this but setting up basic things before you trade stocks is also important. 

Learn The Basics 

You have to learn the basics first of all. What market volatility is? What are liquidity and brokerage? What kind of trading platforms are out there? All these things are important to know before you start trading.  

Get Enrolled For Trading Courses 

Before you go to invest in day-trading or long term trading, you need to teach yourself. Free trading options are always there with a demo trading account. But getting a trading course sometimes helps more than any other option. 

Choose A Broker 

The next thing you have to prepare is your brokerage account for the stock trades. You can easily find an online broker as there are hundreds of brokers present online. But which one is good for you to trade stocks

Compare Top Stock Brokers Available 

To get the best online stock broker you need to compare the features that all these brokers are offering. See the features related to technical analysis and trading strategy. Other than this always see the minimum deposit amount. 

Know About Trading Commission 

The most important thing while choosing the best trading options. You will be charged on a margin basis by the broker when you buy or sell stocks. So before your first stock trade, must check the trading commissions and other transaction costs.  
Open An Account 
After checking everything with the online brokers you have to choose the best option to trade stocks. Now open a trading account. 

Get Familiar With Trading Platform 

While using the trading platform to trade stocks online, you need to become familiar with the platform. Try selling stock or buying a stock and also try to use the stop loss feature for stock markets. 

STEP 2: Find Right Resources 

Now the second step is to find the right resources. What are these resources? Resources will help you to buy stocks and sell stocks easily and profitably. Let's check out some online stock trading resources.  

Get Trading Tools 

You may need some more features to buy and sell stocks. A trading tool can provide you many features. You can try various tools to trade stocks.  

Trading Analysis Tools 

Fundamental analysis is very important but will you analyze stocks manually? Many tools are available in this arena of electronic trading. No matter if you need it for a short term trading system or long term.  

Desktop & Mobile Trading Software 

Mobile or desktop trading software is used to trade stocks. You can choose any platform for online investing.  

Source Of Market News 

Source of stock market news tells you a lot of things, from price action trading to active trading, you will get almost every stock market news while trading online.   

Finance News 

Financial news of a particular company or sector may help you buy a stock with profitability. Many finance news provers cover market trading so must-read finance news to trade stocks.  

Trading Signals 

Other than market news, there is another important information that trading accounts use. Yes, we are talking about trading signals and trading indicators. Trading signals can make your virtual trading more profitable. Keep an eye on the best online technical indicators.  

Advanced Tools 

Other than this, you must have to add some advanced trading tools to your trading kit. Buying stocks with such tools will become easy and profitable. 

You can buy-and-sell the stocks in bulk and take quick actions using these tools. No matter what trading volume is, stock trading will be easy to make money for you.  

Trading Bots 

Trading robots or automated trading is useful to trade via computer programs. Stock market trading rules are already registered in computer codes to generate expert advisors (EA). Use such bots for quickly trading stocks. 

Copy Trading Tools 

If you want to copy the trading portfolio and actions from other accounts, then you can use copy tools to get started with it.  

STEP 3: Choose Right Stocks 

The third and very important step is to choose the right stocks for you. Below are some important steps you need to take before you choose the best stocks to trade. 

See Past Performance 

Before you buy and trade stocks, you have to see the past performance of that particular stock. Many websites and stock trading blogs are providing market data sets. You can even check the five years ago performance of a stock.  

Current Market Trends 

Not only past performance, but you also have to check the current market trends for the stocks. So always use trustworthy resources.  

STEP 4: Trade Stocks With Confidence 

Now the fourth and last step is to finally start the trade. But are you confident about it? Well to be confident before you trade stocks, you need to do the following things.  

Make A Trading Plan 

You have to make the best trading plan for you. You can trade stocks profitably only if you have a few things decided before the market opens. 

Use Best Trading Strategies 

You can buy a trading strategy or you can hire a stock market strategist to do it for you. Also, you can do it on your own, if you have such a level of skills.  

Summary - How do you trade stocks 

We have tried to cover all the necessary steps you have to take to trade stocks. You cannot skip any step from the above-mentioned steps. The first and most important thing is to train yourself. Take help from a trading academy or find free tutorials for you. After that, you have to find the best broker for you. 

Now it is the right time to start analyzing various stocks and the whole market. After that, you can start investing in stocks. To make your stock trading easier you can use some tools to trade stocks.  

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