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How Effective Can Copy Trading be?

Wed Sep 30 2020 15:20
Whenever you think about copy trading, you may also hear that copy trading can help you earn huge profits in the forex market. Some people call this trading strategy a scam but it's a legit way to get started with the FX market. Still, wondering how the copy trading works and how is it a legit currency trading technique? This question can be answered only after you finish reading this post. In this how to trade article, we will guide you through the nitty-gritty of this trading style and let you know the best ways to practice this trade forex method. From using trading signals to the pros of this FX method, we will cover everything for you. 

What Is Copy Trading? 

We can define this method as picking up forex trade strategies, targets, and spreads styles as it is from an expert trader. In this process, you just have to select a trader for you. Now you will copy all the strategies, stop loss actions and even the amount, to win the trade. Mostly expert traders are copied by the beginners. But these days, currency pairs traders use tools to generate better online forex strategies that are close to experts’ strategies. From technical analysis to strategies and risk management, you can copy all. The computer-generated copy trading and manual copy trading never makes any difference to the copy trading benefits.  

Copy Trading: Pros and Cons 

Whenever we come to know a new term, we start finding benefits from it. That is why we always want to know the copy trading benefits in the financial-market. What profitable benefits this trick provides, which makes it so popular. This trading method is quite popular among people, but why is it popular? There are many reasons. 

Copy trading: Pros 

  • It helps new and beginner forex traders. You can also consider copy trading is a free forex guide so that you can have a sneak-peek into different strategies. How the experienced FX currency market traders are playing, you can have an idea about it. 
  • Knowledge is not useful when it is not implemented practically. Some trading software will let you personalize the trades as per your requirements. It is so because you can also apply your trading strategies to improve your trading system.
  • Copy-trading enables busy persons to start trading. Some people out there are not having too much time to start forex trading. They always refuse to start trading because they don't have enough time. But this excuse goes away when you are trying hands on copy trade along with trading signals. Because it automates trading currencies for you.
  • In the future, if you want to trade various financial instruments like shares, stocks, securities, commodities, etc. Then don't worry about it. Because you can apply copy trade on these trading systems also.

Copy trading: Cons 

  • You need to watch out from fraud copy traders that claim unrealistic results in a short time of trading. These services make people fool. Because they don't have strong strategies.
  • Copy-trading can amplify your risk to a higher level if you don’t know how to get it right. Many new traders don't have that much risk appetite and they mistakenly take more trading risk.
  • Copy-trading won't work for you if you are not choosing the right strategy behind it. If you are a new trader and want to trade safely. But you are copying trade from an aggressive trader. Then it will be a great loss for you.

How To Copy Trade?

Now to get all of the copy trading benefits, you must appropriately copy a trade. What is the appropriate way to copy while trading forex? Well, here are the exact live trading things that you are required to do if you want to copy trade successfully.  

Step By Step Guide:  

First of all, get started with a forex broker. Also, get the best forex signal to improve the accuracy of your foreign exchange market strategies. Most of the forex brokers are also having some inbuilt copy trade options. If there is no copy trade option in your broker platform, then you can ask your broker. Many brokers offer third-party copy trading services which you can use. You can compare the services and pick the suitable one as per your risk appetite. If someone seems good for your trading goals, then you can choose and start to copy their advanced trading tricks.  

Copy Trading: Not A Scam 

Apart from these most profitable benefits, there are a few things that you need to take. Many forex currency traders said that copy trading is just like a scam which leads to lose money situation. Why are they saying this? The copy-trading approach is not an invest money scam. But there are many unverified automated forex trading brokers that try to dupe users by selling wrong betting strategies. They are fooling traders by their false technical trading claims. Some copy trading brokers assure higher success rates up to 90% which if not often true. But when you will try to find the facts behind these claims, then there is no actual proof. Some copy brokers try to fool beginners by selling fake trading tools, you need to take care of this before you sign up.   

Q: Can a beginner invest capital & earn from copy trading? 

A: It all depends upon the trader whom you are copying. If you are copying a trader who is losing his funds due to weak strategies, then it won't be beneficial for you. Also, strategies pay a big role in copy trading. Always look closely at the strategies used in copy trading.  

Q: How much one can earn from copy trading? 

A: Always keep in mind that it is trading, not gambling. It also depends on the amount of capital you are investing in the market. No one can say that you will get a profit of 200% with copy trading. If someone claims like this then it can be a scam.  

Q: Where can I copy trade? 

A: There are many platforms that provide copy trading services and you can choose any of them. You must read reviews and see the ratings about them before choosing them. 

Q: Is it easy? 

A: It is not easy for every trader. Because it depends upon the knowledge and skills of the trader. But you can say that copy trading is the easiest way to trade in foreign exchange. 


There are always doubts in trader’s minds about copy trading. Copy-trading seems to be a scam for some traders who don't know much about it. These benefits can be availed by any forex trader. First, choose the best trading platform like Metatrader, so that you can copy trades worry-free. Always remember that copy trading is not a miracle that can make you rich overnight by online trading. So always be patient when using copy trade platforms. Avoid fx trading platforms that claim to make you rich overnight. They are trying to fool new traders with such false claims and forex news. 

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