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Investing trending news to watch out

Fri Apr 23 2021 10:59
Investors think and analyze a lot before investing in any financial instrument. To keep your trading portfolio in line with the market trends, you need to watch trending news. Whether you are a forex trader or a stock trader, trending news is always helpful. Even if you are a commodity trader or a cryptocurrency trader, you can benefit from it. But which news should you keep an eye on? 

That's a question that's hard to answer, even for experts. That's because there are multiple trading instruments or different trading markets, and different trading techniques. All these factors make it different for all market traders when it comes to choosing trending news.  

Deep dive into investing trending news 

For trend trading, it is necessary to watch investment trending news. If we talk about trading indicators like technical indicators, market indicators, etc. Then news is also an important source as an indicator. All trend news can be helpful no matter which trading market you belong to. 

There are different markets like stock market, forex market, etc. Stock markets have less volatility as compared to forex markets. Hence, there is different impact on different trading instruments and markets. 

Trending news for stock investors to follow 

A trader who trades in different investment instruments needs to follow the trending news. A trader can learn how to trade using market news. Let's start with the stock market traders. 

How can these market traders benefit from trending news? Below are the major types of news that stock traders need to watch.  

#1 Top movers 

Online trading involves the trading of stocks of various companies. Some stocks move the most in the market. Every day there are different top movers in the stock market. As a trader, you need to watch the news about the top movers. You should keep an eye on these stocks when you are developing trading strategies. 

#2 Top Losers 

On every stock trading platform, there are some top losers. You can add these stocks to your trading account to profit from them. Your stock broker can help you know these top loser stocks.  

#3 Company Policies 

The stock market has high market liquidity. Different trading platforms have different stocks. All these stocks and their prices fluctuate with the changes in corporate policies.  

#4 Big bulls and their movements 

As a trader of the stock market, you need to keep an eye on every big bull and its trading plan. Buying or selling actions are not enough, you need to see how they select and analyze stocks.  

#5 Industrial Growth Course 

If you are looking for a trading strategy for a particular sector or industry. Then you need to follow the growth rate of the industry in live trading. Such stock trading news will be so useful.  

Trending news to follow for the currency market 

Forex trading or forex trading can be beneficial if you follow the news from the forex market. Below are the most important news to follow for forex trading. 

#1 National Economy 

In the forex market, there are currencies that are associated with different countries. When trading forex, you need to follow the national economy and its news.  

#2. Global Market Movement 

Currency pairs see a great impact on the global markets. To make financial trading more profitable, you need to keep an eye on the global financial market news.  

#3. Federal Reserve Policy 

The policies made by various central banks for certain financial markets are also important for a currency trader. These policies can be used as trading signals. So just keep an eye on the central bank news. 

#4 Interest rates 

Different securities, bonds and other financial instruments and their interest rates can affect your forex trading strategies. The mobile trading system has made it easy to trade with news about the release of interest rates. 

#5 Institutional Investors 

Retail forex traders need forex news that relates to institutional traders. Retail investors should look closely at what trading software an institutional trader uses for online forex trading. 

Trending news to follow for the commodities market. 

Commodities trading is not easy for beginners. Wrong investment advice can confuse a beginner trader even more about the commodities market. From trading volume to market volatility to market commentary, different types of news are important for commodity traders. 

#1 Demand 

Demand is one of the most important factors in all trading systems. Increases and decreases in demand can affect commodity prices much more than any other factor. 

#2 Supply 

Whenever demand is important, supply also becomes an important factor. A forex trading strategy may not see the large impact that a commodity market sees due to supply fluctuations. 

#3 Production  

#3 Production  

Production flows and costs are also important factors. You can see how the prices of various commodities like crude oil and agricultural products fluctuate during the pandemic. This can have a big impact on the commodity price.  

#4. Supply problems 

Due to COVID -19 there were supply problems in the commodity market. This factor also played an important role in the movement of the market.  

Trending news to follow for the crypto market. 

Apart from the forex trading market, the stock market, and the commodity market, there is another important trading market. We are talking about the cryptocurrency market. 

This market can also be influenced by various news. Below are some important trending news that you should keep an eye on. 

#1 ICO 

ICO stands for initial coin offering. Before a new cryptocurrency or digital currency is launched, an ICO is held. In an ICO, the prices of the currency are a little low. But there is no past performance of a currency listed in an ICO. Hence, it is considered as a risky investment. 

#2 New technology 

Since it is a decentralized market, cryptocurrency is never affected by central bank policies, etc. But it is completely based on technology. Therefore, you need to watch news related to blockchain technology. Technologies like algorithmic trading, automated trading, advanced trading, trading software, etc. are important.  

#3. Influence on decentralization 

Decentralization of the cryptocurrency market is always in the sights of some authorities. If there is any influence on the decentralization of the crypto market, then it is a good news for the crypto traders.  

#4 Growth Rate 

The growth rate of different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, etc is also important. Some cryptocurrencies have inverse correlation like bitcoins and ethereum. So you need to keep an eye on such growth rates and correlations of cryptocurrencies. 

If you want to be updated about the cryptocurrency market, then you need to watch trending news in terms of growth rate. 


Trading for beginners can be difficult without watching trending news. Even during trading education or trading courses, you are advised to watch trending news. You can learn to trade with the help of trending news of different markets. 

Trending news related to a particular financial market is important. You need to keep an eye on your market news. Along with it, you need to keep an eye on all the important news related to the trading instruments. 

If you are watching news about a trend, then it will be easy for you to trade profitably. Profitability is important for every trader and it can be achieved with the help of trending news about the market. 

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