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Is There Something Like The Best Forex Trading Strategy?

Thu Sep 10 2020 19:12
A forex trading strategy is a fundamental pillar that every trader must-have. One strategy will work for all is a flawed concept because everyone is trading in a different condition. You cannot stick to the only strategy to become a successful trader. A lot of strategies are there in foreign exchanges and all have pros and cons. A strategy is good or not it depends upon various factors. These factors decide what strategy is going to be a good one for you today in the market. So the best thing is to understand more about these factors. These factors will help you choose the right strategy for you. It may sound complex but it's not when you are with XoSignals. 

Factors To Consider Before You Choose The Best Forex Trading Strategy:  

Know these core factors and prepare the profitable and best forex trading strategy that gets you going. Because different strategies work for different traders. A strategy can be best for a trader and it can be worst for someone else. So it is not a strategy which makes itself best, rather it is the way to apply these strategies.  

Trading Period 

Check on some factors that you need to know before investing capital. These factors have a huge impact on the forex trading markets and the first one we have is the trading period. Make clear goals about both long and short term strategies. Because there are different trading strategies for both types of traders. If you feel that a trading strategy is working best for your long term, test it on different parameters, and use technical analysis.  

Risk Management 

Have a risk management guideline in your mind while making a strategy. This is because, in the forex market, it's important to know when to halt. Ask fellow people about their risk portfolio to get the reference. Some strategies are there for traders with a high-risk approach and some are with low-risk approaches. Pick those that fit best as per your risk appetite in the market.  


As similar to the trading period and risk profile, Goals are also an important thing to be noted. What are your trading goals? If you don't have an answer to this important question, then things are not going to work for you. Always ask yourself about your goals. If you don't have any goal then set some goals. Choose the strategy that offers a quick and easy way to achieve your trading goals.  


Strategies or fundamental analysis could go wrong with a lack of experience and confidence. Use a demo account as a beginner and learn how to trade before putting real capital. It will help you understand the trading system of the market. There are some currency strategies that are good only for an expert forex trader. Because those trading tips are complex to follow. 

Investment Perspective: serious or not 

What is your investment perspective? Are you serious about trading and market volatility? Are you going to join the trading arena as a full-time investment? These are some questions you can ask yourself before you become a trader and choose a strategy for you. If your investment perspective is not that serious, then there is no reason to apply complex strategies.  

Some Popular Forex Trading Strategies :  

Before you make your mind on any trading tip, gain some more insights. Know about the different options for trading and choose the suitable from them. But it is all up to you which one seems fine for you. 

#1. Day Trading 

It is very clear from its name, that this is a trading method that occurs and ends on the same day. Don't worry if the definition seems hard. We will explain it. Day trading works fine for some traders and some people don't get it. If you are into quick trading goals, this is the one you can use. Have you ever listened about intraday trading in the stock market? It is something like that. A day trader needs to buy and sell currency pairs on the same day with a good stop-loss plan.  

#2. Scalping 

Scalping is another example of active trading strategies used by scalpers. In this type of online trading, you have low chances to lose money. While on the other hand profit that comes from scalping is also not that much. Liquidity is also a very important thing in scalping. Traders get little profits on trades so they need more trades. 

#3. Position Trading 

This forex trading strategy is for a specific set of people and not for short term traders. Long term traders use position trading. In this trading, you have to buy the asset and then hold it for the long term. You have to be a little bit more experienced to use this trading strategy. Some people call it active trading while others call it non-active trading. It depends upon how frequently you take action to trade forex using this strategy. 

#4. Swing Trading 

Have you ever seen how a trend ends in the market and then a new trend initiates? The time gap between these two actions is the time of trading for these swing traders. When a trend ends there is a gap until a new trend begins. A swing trader buy and sell the commodity in this period. If you are not a quick decision maker then this technique might not work for you. Swing is best for those who stay closer to market updates and forex news.  

Which Is The Best Forex Trading Strategy For You? 

A really big and common question asked by most of the traders. Mostly new traders are asking this question and searching for an answer on the internet. There is no particular answer to this FX trading strategy question. It is all upon you to choose the best strategy to make money. We have provided you with popular forex strategies along with the factors that are important to consider when you are choosing the best forex trading strategy for you. 

Try Hands-On Various Strategies 

The best tip for you is to choose the best strategy for you after trying hands upon various strategies. Now don't worry, we are not telling you to lose all of your money on just trying various forex trading strategies. You can simply read about a strategy in depth. After knowing everything about the strategy you can get a demo account to try. Now you can give it a try in a real trading account if everything seems good with this strategy. 


Know how to trade and trading analysis types before you craft your trading strategy. Be it short or long, you will need a trading plan to achieve the target. Make a complete plan on a paper then start making strategies. Are you able to manage high risks? These questions are required to be answered by you. After you answer all these questions you will get a trading profile for you. Now you can find the best exchange market strategy for that particular profile. So it can be different for each and every trading profile. Position trading is for a kind of group that can wait in the market for results regarding buy or sell. On the other hand, quick decision-makers can go with swing trading. But the one who is not good at decision making cannot get benefit from swing trading. 

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