June Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD

Tue Jul 20 2021 12:07
Trading Silver Spot with the United States Dollar beneficial these days? What does the trading market news say about it? Have you analyzed the Silver price for this ongoing month? Well, we are here to help you know the actual value or intrinsic value of this currency pair. The silver spot is not moving fast forward in the upward direction. But there is a kind of upward movement and stability in the prices. 

June month has seen a lot of price fluctuation on the trading charts. Here we will see all the price movements closely. From the history data of this month to the market commentary, everything will be considered.  

XAG/USD in-depth analysis 

Technical indicators, fundamental indicators or trading signals will also be considered. Whether the market sentiments are bearish or bullish, we will try to figure it out. From expert traders' opinions to market news, all these factors will be considered. 

So let's start knowing all these factors that impact the market price of this trading pair. Without analyzing the financial market properly, we cannot achieve profitable trading in any financial market. All the financial instruments must be analyzed properly.  

XAG/USD: Current Exchange Rate 

Whether it is technical analysis or fundamental analysis, a trader must have to analyze the current market price.

For an accurate trading strategy, it is necessary to check all the technical factors such as Fibonacci, Moving-average, support and resistance levels, candlestick movements, etc. One who trades with all the technical aspects and trading strategies can become a successful trader.  

Live Rate For XAG/USD 

You can use a live trading account to check the charting for all the investment instruments. No matter if they are stocks or shares, forex pairs, commodities or a mixture of commodity and a currency pair. The current market price of XAG/USD is 27.096 with an approximate change worth +0.094.  

Live Market Rate Analysis 

Currently, the market rate analysis indicates the sell price action. Traders can learn how to trade profitably in such a market environment. The chart patterns always indicate a strong buy trading signal. 

You can rely upon any technical indicator. All the technical indicators will be explained in this post after having a look at the historical data. At the end of this post, you will be able to buy or sell this trading instrument.  

June Month Analysis For XAG/USD 

Analyzing all the ups and down of this trading pair within a month will help you know the current market trend. There can be different market trends on different days. That is why we are here with two different types of history. The first one is the first two weeks of this month. 

The next thing you will get is the overall overview of statistical data for the whole month. This month hasn’t yet been completed but it can be analyzed with the help of trading software or trading platform information. 

First Two Weeks History 

Chart patterns for the whole month are not enough for a trader. That is why weekly analysis is important. Whether you are involved in intraday trading or you are long term trading. 

Even swing traders can utilize the price history to better understand the market sentiment and trading indicators. To get the best trading signal with accuracy, you actually need analysis.  

Second Week 

The second week ended on June 13 had a negative change in the market price. There was no gain in the market price of this investment instrument. The price for this week was 27.105. This is the closed price for this financial instrument. 

The Highest price touched by XAG/USD this week was around 28.023. Following are some of the important stats that you need to know about XAG/USD price fluctuation. 

First Week 

The first week of the month ended on Jun 06 had the price higher than the second week. The price this week was also higher than the last week of the previous month. The price for this trading pair was 27.890 at the end of this week. It was the closing price for XAG/USD. 

The open price for this currency pair was 27.850. The higher price of this week was also higher than the next week. 28.023 was the highest price for this trading pair.  

Overall Analysis For June 

If we have a look at the overall analysis for June month, then the price history will show us a negative overall growth. The overall overview is not on the positive side. There is a more than 3% drop in the XAG/USD. However, it doesn't mean that the price for this pair is going down and there is a strong sell trading signal. 

The price for this month remained around 27.101. The open price for this currency was 28.087. The highest value was 28.553 with the lowest value 26.655. The price change is -3.39% till now.  

Market Sentiment: June Month Price Analysis 

After analyzing the price for this trading asset. We need to know the exact market sentiment based upon technical indicators. The technical indicators can add accuracy to your trading portfolio without any issue. So let's get to the market sentiment analysis.  

Last Week Technical Indicators 

The last week's overall indicators are on the buy-side. But the major difference is that there are just two indicators that indicate a strong buy signal. Otherwise, other signals are whether buy or neutral.  

Moving Average 

The moving averages show a sell signal of 25%. While there is 75% of the buy signal. Which makes it a buy signal.  

Momentum Oscillators 

The momentum oscillators indicate 14% sell and 86% buy signal. It makes it a strong buy.  

Trend Oscillators 

This indicator pushes traders to buy this financial asset strongly with a 100% buy signal.  


Volatility indicates the exact opposite of the other indicators. It shows a 100% neutral signal.  

Last 30 Days Technical Indicators 

After the weekly technical analysis or indicators, let's see the 30 days technical indication for this financial asset.  

Moving Average 

Here the moving averages give us a 100% strong buy signal.  

Momentum Oscillators 

The momentum oscillator gives a 17% sell signal and 83% buy signal making it a strong buy signal.  

Trend Oscillators 

Trend oscillator makes it a 100% strong buy indicator with a complete buy option.  


Volatility is not neutral here with a 100% strong buy. It is opposite to the volatility indicator in the weekly analysis of market sentiment.  

Final Thoughts - XAG/USD June Analysis

This month the overall movement of the XAG/USD is in the downward direction. However, if we have a look at the market analysis on a weekly basis. Then the weekly reports will show you positive and upward direction movement too. 

The price analysis for this trading instrument shows that there is a strong buy according to the technical indicators. However, you can make a trading plan for yourself based on technical indicators. Analyzing technical indicators more in-depth is a good idea to get the overall market sentiment. According to the above mentioned technical indicators, the market sentiment indicates the strong buy signal.  

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