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Learn how to use the Retail Sales, PPI, PMI, and other Fundamentals

Fri Feb 19 2021 04:27
While trading the forex market, traders need to rely on many data sets available in the market. It's vital for traders to conduct fundamental and technical analyses for higher profitability. Whether someone is a beginner or an experienced trader, data plays a vital role in the day to day trading.

There are many reports available in the market that ease the fundamental analysis. The core purpose of these reports is to give clear insights into the market. Be it the retail sales data, consumer data, unemployment, and more. These reports play a critical role in boosting the profitability of forex traders.  

Deep dive into Retail Sales & other fundamentals 

In this article, we will have a look at how to use some of the most important fundamental reports in trading. Be it retails sales, PPI, PMI, or GDP, we will have a look at all these critical reports. As the forex market is all about intrinsic value, economic outlook, and sentiments. In this condition, you need to know about all these important reports for the forex markets.  

Economic Indicators 

Be it retail sales, PPI, or PMI— these all reports fall under the economic indicators. These are the data-driven reports that the government or an agency releases. You will find all vital information about a nation's growth and economic conditions. 

For a forex trader, it becomes vital to know all the relevant and important data from the reports. It is because, while forex trading is very volatile and ensures higher profits. 

These important reports are available on pre-scheduled times that provide the vital data. These reports are clear signs of the growth or decline of a nation's economy. These economic reports can affect the market condition and traders in a severe way.  

Retail Sales 

Let's start with the retail sales report as it shows the total business of the entire nation's stores. This retail sales report shows the spending patterns of people. Report makers gauge the spending patterns by calculating the total goods sold by retailers. 

This report is a generalized sample of the stores across the nation for simple math. This report is useful for measuring the performance of the retail sector and assets. Traders and institutional investors can consider this as a reference point of growth. And when the auditors revise these reports, the market goes through volatility. Forex traders can use the retail sales report as a sign of growth or decline in a particular nation.  


The retail report plays a vital role as the entire market has a dependency on data and sales figures. With the retail numbers, a trader can gauge their country's import/export plans. When it comes to long-term planning, the retail report is a crucial metric. 

Another major reason for referring to retail sales reports is for gauging the GDP. Gross Domestic Products or GDP is a simple to use benchmark that even a beginner uses. With this pivot, it becomes easier to know the economic condition of any nation.   

Producer Price Index 

PPI is another vital market pivot that gauges the price movement from the sellers' side. On one hand, CPI calculates the change in cost from a customer's point of view in a given period. And on the other side, PPI tracks the entire change happening in the cost of production. 

For those who don't know, there are a total of three PPI sections that take data from the same segment. These three segments belong to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   

The BLS department (Bureau of Labor Statistics) releases the data on a monthly basis. In the BLS, it covers more than 10K product groups and many products inside. From this data set, you will get information related to all industries. 

Be it agriculture, construction, or manufacturing, all these sectors will come under it. You can use these reports to gauge the strength of sellers' domain in the country. It will help you to know which sector is performing well and which is not.  

Purchasing Managers' Index 

PMI shows you the general direction where the economic trends are going. These economic trends of the service sector and the manufacturing sector. This PMI report holds a special diffusion index that briefs about the market trends. This diffusion index is vital as it tells how the managers are looking at the market trends. 

Whether the market is growing, declining, or remaining the same — this detail is present in it. You can use this report to know the current and the future condition of business for your trades. Whether you are a trader or an analyst, this report is an important part of your documentation.  

How it works 

Institute for Supply Management releases this data every month for distribution. More than 350 companies of 17+ industries are present in the calculation for this report. 

These companies' contribution towards the US GDP is present in the report. And this report consists of five major surveys which tell the entire growth of the sector. The five major surveys are inventory levels, employment, new orders, supplier data, and production.  

Consumer Price Index (CPI) 

As the name suggests, the CPI report gauges the price change of the goods across categories. This report covers more than 200 categories and it tells a very important insight. Whether a country is making profits or losses is available in this CPI report. One thing you need to keep in mind while using the report is fluctuation. the prices of experts change at a fast pace with relation to the country's condition. 

As a forex trader or researcher, you need to follow this report for a better understanding. CPI is a direct reflection of the country's economic condition and consumers' status. You can consider this report's data with your GDP report data for solid data stats.  

Along with CPI, there are many other important reports including the employment index. Along with it, a housing index report is also available for analysis. But, if you are a beginner, it would be convenient for you to focus on the core CPI report only.  

Important of all these reports 

If you are wondering why you need to go through all these reporters the answer is simple. As a forex trader, stock trader, or investor, you need to have complete information about the nation. If the nation is strong and doing well in its economic sector, you can take advantage of your trading. 

On the other way, you can ignore trading weak economies to avoid all possible losses. This is the reason why you need to pay attention to all these reports no matter if you are a beginner. Have a better insight into the country's health and trade well in the markets.  


Be it retail sales, PMI, or any other report, you need to have the latest economic reports available to you. It will not only improve profitability but also the confidence in trading. If you were not using these reports, it's the right time to start with it and thrive in the market. 

 If not all, focus on these above reports and take a leading edge over your existing forex trading plan. Get started with Retail Sales, PPI, PMI reports now.  

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