Pound Rate in Pakistan

Pound Rate in Pakistan Today

Sun May 23 2021 05:36
Trading Pakistani Rupee with Pound Sterling you need to convert GBP to PKR and vice versa. You will find that there is a huge price fluctuation in this currency pair. Not only this currency pair, but almost all currency pairs in the forex market have high fluctuation.  

The market volatility and liquidity cause high price movements in the forex trading market. Almost all trading markets or financial markets have fluctuation. All financial instruments and their prices fluctuate. But when it comes to currencies, it is very common.  

Know more about Pound Rate in Pakistan 

That is why it can be so important to consider the pound rate in Pakistan before converting these currencies. But there are different currency converters with different live trading rates. You need to track the live exchange rates along with the average of price fluctuations. This will give you an idea about the price forecast.  

There are several price forecasts about the forex market in the global market. All these price forecasts also show an impact on the foreign exchange rates. Therefore, it becomes important for you to check the live exchange rate. Here in this post, we will let you know about the live currency rates for GBP/PKR.  

Live Pound Rate in Pakistan Today 

The British Pound or GBP is similarly important in forex trading as the Us Dollar, Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro and Swiss Franc (CHF). Foreign currency conversion rates change every minute in the foreign exchange market. Whether it is the New Zealand dollar or the Us dollar, you will find new exchange rates every day. 

Here we are going to talk about Pound to PKR exchange rates. We will start with the live exchange rate of pound in Pakistan. After that, we will give you an overview of the growth of this currency. We will let you know how this currency is moving up and down.  

Live exchange rates 

At the time of writing this post, the pound rate in Pakistan was 216.48323, which means that you need to spend 216.48323 to buy one pound. In a Pakistani Rupee you can buy only 0.00461930 GBP. 

So there is a huge difference in the currency rate of Pakistan and British Pound. These two currencies are still correlated and are traded in the foreign exchange market. 

Pound to PKR: Some Important Statistics 

Now let's talk about the statistics related to the forex rates.The statistics are important for you to know as a forex trader. A forex trader must know about the statistics of the forex pairs traded. Let's take a look at the pound to PKR conversion rates here. 

30-Day Statistics 

The statistics of a month are important when you are trading foreign currencies. The base currency and the other currency, both are important to know. Regardless of which is your local currency, you will find these foreign exchange rate statistics very helpful in currency conversion. 

So let's take a look at the 30-day statistics. It will help you to analyze the currency rate mentioned by a currency converter.  


The highest value of the pound in the last 30 days is called the high rate. In the last 30 days, the highest value touched by the Pound to PKR exchange rate was 216.05.  


The lowest value touched by the Pound to PKR exchange rate in the last 30 days in the forex market was 211.27. The lowest rate is important for a trader to know. It indicates the buying power of the currency you are analyzing. 


The average value calculated for the PKR and GBP currency pairs for the last 30 days was 213.62. This average value is a kind of median value calculated by the exchanges with the help of collected historical data. The value given here is a result of the compiled 30-day statistics.  


The volatility rate shows you how much a currency can fluctuate in a given period of time. Here we are talking about the 30-day statistics, so the volatility rate is for the last 30 days. The volatility rate for the last 30 days was about 0.38%.  

90-day statistics 

In addition to the 30-day statistics, the 90-day statistics are also important to know about the major currencies. It shows you how interest rates and Federal Reserve strength fluctuate for a particular currency. It helps you identify the best exchange rates for a selected currency.  


The highest value GBP/PKR touched in the last 90 days was 225.14. This highest value is completely different from the highest value in the 30-day statistics. It shows that there is a large fluctuation in the 90 days.  


The lowest value on the other hand is also important to know for a money trader. The lowest value of GBP/PKR in the last 90 days was 209.29, which is again less than the lowest value in the 30-day statistics.  


The average exchange rate of GBP/PKR in the last 90 days is also more than the average value in the last 30 days. Here, the average value is 215.31, which is more than the 30-day average value.  


On the other hand, the volatility rate is more than the 30-day statistic. The volatility rate touched by the GBP/PKR is 0.45%.  

GBP/PKR: Exchange Rate Comparison 

When you convert pounds to Pakistani Rupee, you need to know the exact value of both. But how do you find out the exact value of a currency? Here we will talk about GBP and how it compares in the international market. 

The international market or the global currency market has different currencies. The major currencies need to be compared with each other. So here we will compare the major currencies with the GBP.  

Euro (EUR) 

The value of the Euro has fallen in the last few days. You can see the charting for this currency comparison. There is a huge drop in the value of Euro against the GBP

United States Dollar (USD) 

The US Dollar, which is considered the top currency in the world, is also falling against the GBP. You can see that it has fallen a little bit in the last few days. The GBP is getting strong against the USD. 

Australian Dollar (AUD) 

The scenario is different if we compare GBP with AUD. AUD is moving up against GBP.  

Canadian Dollar (CAD) 

Canadian dollar is also not getting strong against GBP. GBP has moved up against Canadian Dollar.  

Indian Rupee (INR) 

Comparing GBP to at least one Asian currency is necessary as you convert pounds to Pakistani Rupee. The INR is also falling against the GBP, making the GBP stronger.  

Summary - Pound Rate in Pakistan 

Converting Pound rate to Pakistani Rupee is easy with the many currency calculators or currency converters out there. But you need to analyze it instead of just knowing the exchange rates. 

There are many websites that show you the current pound rate in Pakistan. Many exchanges provide live data. The real time data will help you a lot to know the exact price fluctuation for GBP/PKR currency pair. 

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