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Pound To Philippine Peso Exchange Rates

Tue May 25 2021 11:17
Whether it is travel money or foreign exchange, you need to convert the local currency into a foreign currency. Therefore, it becomes important to be aware of the cheapest currency rates in the market. Converting the currencies without using the currency converter can be risky. This is because you will not get the information that is important before converting foreign currencies. 

Here we will talk about the Pound to Philippines. We are not going to say that this currency pair is in a trending situation. There are no market trends for this particular forex pair. But still, it is being traded in the various forex trading markets.  

Regardless of which trading market you are involved in. Or maybe you are not a forex trader in the forex market. Whether you need to exchange these currencies for forex trading or as travel money. You will need to know the best exchange rates. But why? Because it can save you a lot on exchange commissions. 

Sometimes online money exchange platforms offer the best trading price or currency rate. It can help you make a profit on currency exchange.  

Top Exchanges rates for Pound to Philippines 

Which currency converter do you want to choose for currency exchange? Do you stick with your old friend recommended currency converter? Well, that won't work if you are tied to only one currency conversion service. You need to check out the different currency converters and their exchange rates. 

Here we are with the complete list of top currency conversion services along with their foreign exchange rates. The foreign exchange market and money transfer services use these money exchange rates as their source.  

#1 TravelFx

This currency exchange can convert any international money. If you convert 1 GBP, you will get 63.3551 PHP. Which is a good deal according to the current exchange rate. All other currencies like Australian dollar (AUD), American dollar (USD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Indian Rupee (INR), Japanese Yen (JPY), etc can be converted here. 

They offer cash delivery instead of pickup. This online currency conversion service is one of the best services.  

#2 The Currency Club 

If you convert 1 GBP, you will get 64.6524 PHP. This is a good option compared to the ones above. There is a difference in rates that you can see when you exchange currency online through this platform. 

Almost all major currency pairs can be traded or exchanged here. It is mostly used for international money transfer.  

#3 Sterling 

One of the major platforms for currency exchange. Even the currency market calls Sterling as one of the market leaders. Famous for easy exchange of world currencies. 

The GBP/PHP conversion rate is 1 GBP to 64.5786 PHP. The minimum you need to convert is £100 and the maximum you can convert is £2500.  

#4 Travelex 

This great platform is used for international payments, online money transfers, etc. But here it offers less exchange rate as compared to the other platforms. It offers the conversion of 1 GBP to 62.5337 PHP. 

But when it comes to delivery and pickup options, you can get both on this platform. You can buy or sell almost any international currency. They offer the best conversion rate for Pound to Philippines

#5 Wise 

Their motive is to convert local currency to foreign currency without charging too much commission. They claim to charge less than 1% as conversion fees. Wise is one of the most reputable wallets in the world. You will get an exchange rate of 68.03 for GBP/PHP. This currency price is somewhere at the top of the list.  

#6 TransferGo 

Foreign exchange rates vary from one platform to another. Forex trading sees a lot of market volatility, liquidity and even manipulation. But traders can still get the best rate while converting an international currency. Here you can buy foreign currency at the best price. The GBP/PHP exchange rate here at TransferGo is 67.13.  

#7 Skrill 

A major platform to transfer money online. Many forex traders and even travellers use this platform to transfer money online. Whether you are sending Swiss Franc (CHF), New Zealand dollars, United States dollars or Australian Dollar. You will get the best conversion rate that Skrill offers. The current exchange rate they offer for GBP/PHP is 66.72.  

#8. XE 

Trading commissions or conversion fees are very important when you want to convert your currency to another currency. Traders or travellers do not want to pay high commissions. That's why the XE platform is here to help you with that. Here you will find that they charge almost £0 as commission.  

#9 Xoom 

Not so popular but now it becomes the first choice for people to buy currency online. You can exchange so many currencies here. The exchange rate they offer is 66.37 at the time of writing this post for GBP/PHP. They do not charge any fees. The conversion process has almost no processing fees charged by the customers. 

Know the statistics before you exchange money 

After checking the current exchange rate for GBP/PHP on major platforms, you need to know more about the statistics of this currency pair. Here, we will let you know what are the statistics of this currency pair. 

The statistical information that we provide for this currency pair will help you a lot in finding out the upcoming exchange rate fluctuations. Also, we will help you to know the major price predictions for this currency pair.  

Statistical Information 

The conversion rate of GBP to Philippines Peso is 68.124256. If you spend 1 GBP, you will get 68.124256 pesos. On the other hand, one PHP will get you 0.0146808 according to the mid-market exchange rates. 

The highest value this currency pair has reached in the last 30 days is 68.124256, which means that this currency is currently on an uptrend. This currency pair is almost above the 0.30% volatility.  

Monthly Price Forecast 

In the next four months, this currency pair will stay above 68. There will be some price movement after the decimal point. But by August, it will be above 68.  

Quarterly Price Forecast 

In the last month of the third quarter, which is September, there will be a decline of about one point. It is predicted that the price may fall to 67. But in the last quarter, it will rise to 72 pesos.  

Annual price forecast 

By the end of 2021, this currency will rise to 72. But by the end of 2022, GBP/PHP will fall back to 69.  

Summary - Pound to Philippines 

Exchanging one currency to buy another is easy these days. But a variety of options will confuse you. Sticking to a single currency exchange service in the old fashion is not good either. Therefore, you need to exchange Pound to Philippines after checking the rates offered by different platforms. 

You also need to see the exchange rate forecast for the currency pair you are trading. You need to see which money exchange service offers the best exchange rate. You also need to find out about the commissions charged by the exchanges. Choose an exchange with less or no commissions. This will help you to have more money in your wallet. 

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