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Pound To Taka Rate History

Mon Jun 28 2021 20:27
Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) as a minor currency from an emerging Asian country does not have as much influence in the foreign exchange market. However, the British pound sterling is one of the major currencies of an economically strong country. The UK is far above the economic situation of Bangladesh.

As a result, the Pound To Taka has a huge difference in value. Therefore, it becomes difficult to make money by trading such a currency pair. But you can trade this currency pair in the forex market. 

Let’s dive into Pound to Take 

The foreign exchange market or currency market has great market volatility and liquidity. As the most important two factors, liquidity and volatility also play a significant role in the market prices. 

The price movement sees the effect of market volatility. Because financial instruments such as currency pairs are volatile. 

But if you do a trading analysis for Pound To Taka, you will find something useful. Whether you choose technical analysis or fundamental analysis. The result of your analysis will help you to make the right price prediction. Forex pairs will trace their values from the past. Therefore, it becomes important to see the history of the forex rates. 

The current forex rate is important, but the history is also important. So let's jump into this post to check the historical data for this forex pair. 

Pound To Taka Exchange Rate History 

Foreign exchange rate history is very important in forex trading.Traders who are into forex trading need to be aware of the market sentiment. You can learn how to trade forex pairs without including the forex rate in your trading strategy. 

Trading strategies without exchange rate history will not be successful. That is why we are here with the current forex rate and forex rate history. 

Current year exchange rate 

Anyone trading the Pound To Taka needs to know the current year exchange rate. Currency rates fluctuate for many reasons. Therefore, one must understand how the currencies will move in the market. To understand it simply, you need to know the history of the money rate. 

BDT/GBP: Live Trading exchange rate 

The live market rate is important for a forex trader to know. As a forex trader, you need to know what market rates are offered by the forex market. 

If you want to add profits to your trading portfolio, then knowing the current forex rate is a must. It will help you to add profits to your forex trading account. Currently, you can buy 120.109 BDT in just 1 GBP. 

Annual currency prices of Pound To Taka 

After knowing the current forex rate, you need to know the complete details about the forex rate of the whole year for your currency. There are many price fluctuations, ups, downs and pullbacks in the currency price during the year. 

Let's start with the first few months, then the first quarter and the last. 

Initial months 

All the trading platforms out there and the forex brokers provide forex rates and their historical data in detail. Let's start with the details of the initial month. The January month started at 115 and the whole month showed stability in the forex rate. 

At the end of January month, the forex rate was at 116. After that, February month has seen the rate fluctuating from 116 to 118. The last month of the first quarter has seen the price movement from 118 to 116. 

First quarter 

The first quarter saw upward movement but at the end of the first quarter, the price came back to almost the same. 

The first quarter started at 115 and then moved up to 118 in line with market sentiment. But according to forex news and market commentary, it came back to 116 at the end of the quarter. 

Second quarter 

The retail foreign exchange rate was higher in the second quarter than in the first quarter. However, the second quarter is not over yet. But still, there is more movement compared to the first quarter of the year. The foreign exchange rate fluctuated between 116 and 120. 

Course of the exchange rate in the last year 

The course of the exchange rate over the last year will also show you a lot of information about this financial instrument and the entire foreign exchange market. You will get an idea about the sentiment in the forex market and the market trends. 

The financial instruments traded need to be analyzed properly to find the right trading approach. Therefore, it is important to see the exchange rate of the last year. 

First quarter 

The first quarter of 2020 was not so good for the base currency of Pound to Taka. If the British pound sterling is your home currency and the Bangladeshi Taka is your foreign currency, then it might not be good for you. This is because the exchange rate went from 112 to 105 in the first quarter of 2020. 

Last quarter 

The last quarter of the year had shown a small upward trend in the market. The exchange rate in this quarter was 109 at the beginning of the first month. But after that, at the end of this quarter, the exchange rate reached 114. 

First half year 

Knowing the movement of the currency rate in the first half of the year is also important for forex investors. At the beginning, the currency rate was 112 and at the end of the first half of the year, the currency fell to 104. 

Second half 

The second half of the year, on the other hand, was good for forex traders. Forex charts during this period show that the online trading rate increased from 105 to 114. 

Last 5 years forex rate 

So you are ready to trade this currency pair, right? But how did this currency pair move in the forex trading market? Let's take a look at the 5-year currency rate fluctuations for this currency pair. 

The overall report says that the currency pair has moved from 115 to 119 during the 5 years. 

Initial 2 years 

In the first 2 years, the currency did not grow. The currency rate fell during this period. The currency rate was 115 at the beginning and then fell to 111. 

Last 2 years 

The last two years have shown immense growth. If you trade currencies, then you may have never seen such growth in the currency rate in two years. The currency rate has gone from 106 to 119 in these two years. 

The middle year 

Online forex trading has not been good for the GBP/BDT currency pair this year. The currency rate dropped from 113 to 106 this year. 

Summary - Pound To Taka Exchange Rate 

Developing forex trading strategies for Pound To Taka is not that difficult. But when it comes to trading analysis, then it becomes easy with it. 

You can develop a trading strategy to become successful in the forex trading market with the help of analysis. But for proper analysis you need to know more about the currency price fluctuations and stock market history.  

Exchange rate history is important to know for the currency pairs. Whether you are trading a small currency or a big currency. The market data will help you to know the market trend if you are into trend trading. 

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