Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis: A Beginner's Guide

Wed May 26 2021 15:34
If you have started technical analysis and want to explore its importance, then you have come to the right place. Because here we will let you know everything about technical analysis. 

This guide will not only be useful for beginners. Advanced traders can also learn more about technical analysis. We will explain more about technical analysis, its benefits and why you should start using it. 

But it is entirely up to you as a trader to decide whether to use technical analysis or choose other analysis strategies. There are also several types of technical analysis strategies. Choosing the right type of technical analysis and the right type of indicators is the key to success. But you will make better decisions if you have the right information. 

So here we are with the right information. Then, without wasting any more time, let's get started with this beginner's guide to technical analysis.

Technical Analysis: Master The Basics 

Without mastering the basics, you cannot take a step towards advanced trading. The same thing happens with technical analysis. Here you need to master the basics. 

If you can understand what technical analysis is used for and how the market uses it. Then it will be easy for you to take it a step further and incorporate technical analysis into your strategies. So here we are at the basics of this analysis. 


Technical analysis is a process where we use historical data related to the price and more of an asset to analyse its current status. Let's say that you are going to do a technical analysis on a stock of a particular company. Then you will use historical price, volume and trend data of that particular stock to create some patterns for the current time frame. 

Now you will incorporate some technical indicators into your analysis process. These indicators will help you make these patterns more accurate using various trading signals. These signals and patterns together form an idea or the prediction of the trend & that's all technical analysis does for traders. 


It helps traders in many ways, that's why it has gained importance in recent years. But still many successful traders never used technical analysis. So to say that technical analysis is a must have tools is not quite right or true.

Detailed Overview Of Technical Analysis 

Now that we have covered the basics of technical analysis, let's take it a step further to get more detailed information. Here we will discuss various elements of technical analysis. There are several things involved in technical analysis. It is not a simple process of analysis but is called a complex process. 

To understand this complex process, you need to understand various factors that play a role. Following are these role players in technical analysis.

Technical Indicators Role 

Technical indicators are the main role players in technical analysis. These indicators are used for technical analysis. There are several other trading signals, moving averages involved in technical indicators. All technical indicators are used in different ways and sometimes two or more indicators are used in combined form.

Historical Data  

The other key element of technical analysis is historical data. It is very clear that technical analysis ignores the fundamentals of an asset and puts historical data above them. So the role of historical data is very important. 

This is because it is believed that all assets, trends and fluctuations are used to form similar patterns in different time frames. These patterns are the main reason for using historical data in technical analysis. 

What Experts Say About Technical Analysis? 

Experts have changed their thoughts about technical analysis over a long period of time. Technical analysis has been one of the most successful tools for traders. After a few years of using it, the whole market was looking at it and young traders were enthusiastic about this technique to capture the trends. 

But later, with the passage of time, technical analysis has lost its credibility. Nowadays, some experts are still very passionate and positive about technical analysis, but many still don't use it. 

Usage Of Technical Analysis 

Now let's talk about the use of technical analysis. Do you think it is used in the market? Or is it a theory written in trading courses? Well, it is definitely used in the market properly. If you are wondering who is using it and who is not, check it out below.

Who Can Use It? 

Experts with more experience in the market are always advised to use technical analysis. Apart from short term traders or intraday traders, experts also use it. They give you additional clarity about the stock movement.

Who Cannot Use It? 

Beginners with less knowledge about the market are never recommended to use technical analysis. There are several other ways for beginners to analyze the market. 

On the other hand, long term traders are also advised not to use technical analysis. But many long term traders use a mixture of technical analysis along with fundamental analysis. 

Do You Need To Use Them? 

It depends on you whether you need technical analysis in your trading strategy or not. The first thing you need to do is to check your skills. If you are an advanced trader, then you can use technical analysis.

But if you are a beginner, then you can still use technical analysis to learn it. Learning the indicators is a long process and you need to start today to master them. 

Technical Analysis In Various Markets 

Technical analysis has different values in different trading markets. It is also used by different market traders in different financial markets. Below are some details about the use of technical analysis in different markets.

For Stock Market 

Technical analysis is most commonly used by stock traders. It is kind of a home market for this type of analysis. But, the stock market also uses fundamental analysis, just as it uses technical analysis.

For Forex Market 

Traders can use technical analysis along with forex trading strategies to boost performance. This type of analysis is based on historical data and recurring patterns that have more accuracy in the Forex market. And this is the main reason why many forex traders rely on technical analysis.

Summary - Technical Analysis for Beginners 

Technical analysis may sound unfamiliar to beginners. Some so-called expert traders have made it a big monster for the newbies. But if you go through the right theories and practice them more, you will become an expert. No one can say that mastering these processes will make you a successful trader. 

There are some other things that you need to learn as a beginner as well. But you can also learn technical analysis with dedication. So don't worry about it and don't think that it will take years. 

You can master this skill and start using technical analysis in your trading. These indicators will play an important role in the overall market journey of the traders and make them more experienced.

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