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The Top Ten Commodities Market Movers

Wed Nov 24 2021 17:52
Investing in commodities can be much safer than trading stocks, shares and foreign exchange. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you choose a commodity that is really active and performs well in the commodity market. 

How can you tell which commodity is safe? Well, you need to look at the list of market participants in the commodity market

These market players will help you trade profitable commodities with higher dividend yields and interest rates. The commodities we list here are known as top performers

These commodities have performed well over the last twelve months. That is why they are at the top of our list here.

Ups and downs in the market

There are always ups and downs in trading. These commodities also have both gains and declines. In terms of long-term performance, however, they are the most important benchmark in the commodity market and are referred to by experts as "commodity market movers".

List Of Commodities Market Movers 

All over the world, various commodities are traded by traders. But almost all speculators are watching the market movers. 

These market movers are investment instruments and assets that gain value in the short term and perform well in the long term. From commodity futures trading to commodity futures contracts, the prices of every asset fluctuate on a daily basis. 

Therefore, it is very important to create a Market Watch list for all these assets to track their index prices. The following commodity market mover list will help you track all the important components like the oil market, gold indices, oil futures, gold futures etc.

Their importance  

These commodities have the same meaning as stocks, hedge funds, ETFs, petrol and other financial instruments. 

All commodities such as soft commodities, agricultural commodities, precious metals, metal exchanges, etc. are listed to make commodity trading easy for any commodity trader.

#1. Crude Oil 

Most of us know that crude oil did not do very well this year during the pandemic. But it is still one of the most traded commodities. 

A trader trading oil futures on the commodity exchange has to keep an eye on these commodity prices. There are two main types of oil traded on the market. One is West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and the other is Brent Crude Oil. Both types of oil are traded at high volumes. 

During the pandemic COVID -19, these types of oil experienced a downturn, but they gradually began to rise again. Normally, they always do well in commodity trading

According to trading strategy experts, crude oil is one of the most important movers in the commodity market in the long run.

#2. Natural Gas  

When we talk about volatility in futures and options, the first and biggest winner in this list is natural gas in commodity futures. The supply and demand of this asset among commodity traders also affect the commodity index. This has a big impact on the market.
Let us take a look at the market data for trading natural gas. Then the spot price is USD 3.127. If we look at the performance of this value over the last year, it has increased by 25.755% over the last year. Natural gas is also one of the market drivers in the commodity markets.  

#3. Gold 

Up 28.8% this year, gold is one of the top commodity stocks in the precious metals category and is performing well. Despite many reports claiming that the gold price will fall and approach the lowest value, it has had in past recessions.
But there is still a group of traders who believe that gold will survive. This is not just a belief, but a proven strategy, because gold is not near its lowest value. It is growing, and it has even grown this year. In the last 90 days, it has risen to $1904.54, up more than 6%.
It is the fourth value in the list of top gainers. Gold is the reserve for many central and national banks. For this reason, it is always safe to trade gold. With this status, it is on the list of commodity markets that are on the move.

#4. Silver 

What if we say that silver is better than gold? Yes, it is true that silver is outperforming gold. The price of silver has risen by 26.704% in the last 90 days.
If we extrapolate the price to a year, you can see that it has risen 39.522% to a price of $24.343. Silver tops the list of top gainers among precious metals.

#5. Copper 

Copper is also known as an asset in the list of commodity market movers. Many precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and silver euro are performing well.
But copper is in no way inferior to these metals. But since we are talking about the market moving factors, it is important to mention the long-term assets and not the short-term ones. It is very useful and profitable to trade CFDs on copper.

#6. Corn 

In the list of market-moving factors in commodity futures, the agricultural product corn is always in the top ten. Yes, there are other agricultural products such as sugar, paddy rice, Robusta coffee and many others that perform better than maize.
But maize does quite well in terms of long-term performance. Maize is used to producing feed for cattle and many other products. That is the reason for the high demand for maize.

#7. Wheat 

An important asset in the commodity market. With a gain of 15.362% in the last 90 days, it is number seven in the list of top ten gainers. But let us evaluate wheat's performance over the last 365 years.
It has gained 21.524% in the last 365 years. Amazing? That's why traders call it a stable asset.

#8. Coffee 

Coffee has gained 14.971% this year and continues to grow slowly. In the last three months, the price of coffee has risen more than 11% to USD 109.30. Due to high demand, coffee has always been the first choice for traders.
#9. Sugar 
Do not judge the future of this amazing and sweet commodity by its place on our list. The fact that we have ranked it ninth does not mean that it is classified as a poor performing asset

It is one of the major players in the commodity market. In the last 365 days, it recorded a growth of 12.43% and a price of USD 14.29.

#10. Soybeans 

We cannot call it a major agricultural commodity, but it is one of the major commodities moving the market. The current price (as of October) of soybeans is USD 1057.3 and has increased by 19.117% in the last 90 days.

Conclusion -Commodities market movers

Global economic and other events also influence indices and prices on commodity exchanges. Some agricultural products are traded on commodity markets. For example, agricultural policies and weather changes in different countries also affect the commodity.
The coronavirus pandemic has also affected commodities as well as the foreign exchange market and other financial markets. Nevertheless, there are commodities that are making gains this year.
These commodities are known as commodity market movers. So you need to keep an eye on all these market movers to make more profit while trading commodities.

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