Top 10 Stock Market Movers

The Top Ten Stock Market Movers

Mon Oct 25 2021 16:12
This article enlightens its readers on the current performance of some of the top market movers. The article also briefly explains to its readers how the stock exchange market operates. It delves further and analyzes the UK, US, and EU stock market movers stating their most active stocks and the price changes experienced.

Insight to the stock market movers

Not everyone has knowledge and understanding of how the stock exchange operates or how to interpret the market data. This article briefly gives an eye-opener on how the stock exchange market operates and explains some of the complicated investment vocabularies. The article also gives details on the top market movers that result in fluctuation of stock prices.

It then goes ahead to give details on how the market movers are performing in the market currently. The article shows the market capitalization, real-time prices, previous prices, revenue, and the price changes of each of the market movers.

Readers will also get to learn about the stock market top gainers. The article goes about to explain who a top gainer is in a stock exchange market and identifies a few of them. To add to that, it discusses and interprets the market data of each top gainer. The analysis covers the current prices, previous prices, percentage changes, and weekly or one-day price ranges.

Operation of the stock exchange market

For the stock exchange market to function effectively, its players work well in cooperation. It includes brokers, market makers, buyers, and dealers. 

Market makers, for instance, set stock quotes and ensure that the market has enough money. Failure to which trading will come to a standstill. They also set stock quotes which they post when they open the market.

Brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers by purchasing assets on behalf of investors.

Stock market top gainers

Top stock gainers are stocks with a higher price after the close of trading compared to the price when the trading opened. According to Yahoo finance’s market data the current top stock gainers as of October 15th, 2021 5:51 Pm EDT is the following group of companies:
  • S&P 500
  • Dow 30 (Dow Jones Industries)
  • NASDAQ composite.

Market data for the biggest stock gainers

S&P 500

Yahoo finance’s market data indicates that S&P 500 real-time closing price on October 15th, 2021 is 4,471.37 USD. It is an increase of 33.11 USD (0.75%) to its opening price of 4,438.26 USD. 

The companies have a trading volume of 2,052,344,000 with a weekly price range of 4,332.30USD – 4,474.11USD. Some of the represented companies include Wells Fargo, Halliburton, and J.B. Hunt Transportation Services.

Dow 30 (Dow Jones Industries)

By the close of the market on October 15th, 2021 the real-time price of DJI was 35,294.76USD. The price level is an increase of 382.20USD (1.09%) in comparison to the previous price of 34,912.56USD. 

The Dow Jones market movers also had a trading volume of 327,866,355, an average volume of 295,937,343, and a one-day price range of 35,023.63USD – 35,312.35USD.

NASDAQ composite

As of 5:15 PM EDT on October 15th, 2021, the closing price of the NASDAQ composite is 14,897.34USD which is an increase of 0.50%(73.91USD) from the previous price of 14,823.43 USD. 

NASDAQ composite also had a trading volume of 4,129,544,00 and a one-day price range of14,847.96USD – 14,904.98USD. The market movers represent over 3000 companies in the stock market

Some of its best-performing companies include AGNC Investment Corp., Scion Tech growth 1, NVE Corporation, and Scion Tech growth 2.

Stock exchange market movers

Several things can influence the fluctuation of stock prices. At times some positive or negative news leads to a significant variation in stock prices. 

In other cases, it is a trader or stock that causes a sizable variation. The trader might sell or buy a huge number of securities or hot stocks thus causing a shift in the prices.

US market movers

The US market movers are quite a number but we will mostly concentrate on the most active stocks. 

They can be categorized as hot stocks since they have a high demand. The following are the most active stocks amongst the US market movers:


Currently, Tesla stocks trade at 843.03 USD. It is an increase from the previous price of 24.71 USD (3.02%). They also have a trading volume of 18.45M and a market capitalization of 834.61BT USD. So far, the stocks have raked in 41.86B.


Amazon shares are currently costing 3,409.02. It is a 3.31% (109.16 USD) increase from the previous price. The shares have a market capitalization of 1.73t with a trading volume and average volume of5.14M and 3.06 M, respectively.


Apple stocks are currently raking an income of 347.16B. They have a market capitalization of 2.39T alongside a trading volume of 67.62M. Their current price is 144.84USD.

UK market movers

The UK market movers consist of several most active stocks in the UK stock exchange market. The following list includes some of the UK market movers:

Glencore stocks

The current stock quote of Glencore is 390.55 GBP with a range of 387.50GBP-392.30GBP. The current price is again from the previous price by 5.75 GBP (1.49%). The stock has a trading volume of 56.35M and makes a revenue of 119.97B GBP.

Royal Dutch Shell B

According to the investing.com website, the Royal Dutch shell B has a market cap of 137.77B GBP and a revenue amount of 148.30B GBP. The stock’s current price is1,795.0 GBP. When comparing the current price to the previous one, we see a gain of 1.93 % (34.0 GBP).


HSBC’s current price is 434.20 GBP with a high of 436.05 USD and a low of 430.70 GBP. In addition to that, the stock has a trading volume of 36.06M, a market cap of 87.89B GBP, and accumulating an income amounting to 43.38B GBP.

EU market movers

The EU market movers consist of company stocks like Flutter Entertainment, Essilor Luxottica, and BNP Paribas. The following information is a summary of the EU market mover’s performance analysis.

Flutter Entertainment

The market's insider indicates that the real-time price of flutter entertainment is 173.35 EUR. The stocks had an again of 3.90 EUR (2.30%) when it is compared to its previous price. In addition to that, the stocks have a market capitalization of 33.94B EUR.

Essilor Luxottica

As per the market's insider, the current price of Essilor Luxottica is 165.20 EUR which is again from its previous price by 2.76% (4.44 EUR). The site also estimates that the stock’s 2021 revenue will be 18,696M EUR.

BNP Paribas

The BNP Paribas current price according to the market's insider is 58.37 EUR. It is determined to be a gain since it is more than the previous price by 1.55 EUR equal to a 2.72 % increase. The site also indicated that the stock’s market capitalization is 82.83B EUR.


Market data can be a little complicated to understand. If you are interested in venturing into the stock exchange market, it would be wise to go through this article to gain an insight into how the stock exchange functions. 

As stated above, stock markets function well when each player meets their obligation. The market makers for instance ensure the market has money while brokers play their intermediary role. In addition, the article also lists the NASDAQ composite, DOW Jones industrials, and S&P 500 as the top gainers. 

 Besides that, the article also talks about market movers who are traders or stocks that result in the fluctuation of stock prices. The discussion dissects into the US market movers, UK market movers, and EU market movers. 

Each one of them has a couple of most active stocks which result in price fluctuation.

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