ThunderCore Supporting 75% of Crypto Market Cap

Mon Jan 18 2021 20:06
There are many blockchain technologies out there in the market. Different technologies are facilitated in different ways. But what about ThunderCore? This blockchain technology is targeting 75% of the whole cryptocurrency market. 

Do you know how they have targeted this big part which is more than half of the global market? Well, to know all about this you need to know about the new technology launched by ThunderCore. 

The new technology is the cryptography-based wallet named ThunderBridge. This wallet is growing and it is going to make ThunderCore the market leader. If you have not yet started using ThunderCore for any reason, then you must read this post. 

A world beyond Bitcoins: ThunderCore and ETH & more 

The whole cryptocurrency market is not made up of bitcoins only and more people don’t know about this. There are different cryptocurrencies out there in competition. 

And the best thing is that there are different crypto exchange markets out there. Different brokers, currencies, exchanges, and software are making this market more complex.  

That is why it is becoming hard for technology to get the whole market. But still, ThunderCore is trying hard to support more than half of the crypto market. If someone is still not serious about the ThunderCore or ThunderBridge, then he/she must be aware of the market capital. 

Whole Marketplace valuation

The whole market capital for the cryptocurrency market is in billions. So you can see that 75% of the whole market is a big share of the whole global economy. 

This means that ThunderCore is going to be a well-known name in this industry. But how ThunderCore will do this? We will find out the reason why ThunderCore is going to get more than half of the cryptocurrency market. 

Market Capital Share 

First of all, we need to have a look at the total market capitalization. What is the market capital of cryptocurrency? How important is a cryptocurrency to the world or other financial markets? We will understand ThunderCore's support of 75% of the crypto market cap only if we know the market. Because different cryptocurrencies have different market capital. 

So we have to see the market capital share for different virtual currencies. We all know that bitcoins are the top most traded crypto coins. But there are some other cryptocurrencies in existence also. 

Bitcoins have more than 60% of the whole market share. Ethereum has more than 11% of the whole market. USDT which is a stablecoin has around 4% market share. 

Top 3 Market Leaders 

You can see that the three cryptocurrencies are making 75% of the whole market. And as we are talking about ThunderCore’s support to 75% of the cryptocurrency market capital. Then it means that ThunderCore has targeted these three cryptocurrencies. 

But, ThunderCore is targeting all the cryptos, no matter if they have a low or high market share. 

About ThunderCore 

As we have told earlier that ThunderCore is one of the major blockchain technologies available out there. Many blockchain technologies are there, and all can be used. No matter if you are an investor or trader, cryptocurrency developer, or anyone else. You can use the ThunderCore platform for various reasons. 

If you are not an active crypto investor then still you can use this platform for any purpose. This platform provides many products related to cryptography and also it provides many services. You can store data here on this platform and you can use it for development purposes. 

What Is ThunderCore Hub? 

ThunderCore Hub is a service or product provided by ThunderCore. This service is a wallet service provided to its users to transact with stablecoins or cryptos. 

You can use this wallet to store or transfer without any risk. ThunderCore claims to be the easiest, safest, and most secure blockchain technology. With this ThunderCore Hub, you can manage all your digital assets. 

What Is ThunderBridge? 

ThunderBridge is an extension of ThunderCore's wallet. ThunderCore before had this crypto wallet, but with ThunderBridge it started supporting almost 75% of the whole market. That is why all the competitors of the ThunderCore are having a close look at the ThunderBridge. 

All the cryptos can now be used to get tokens from the ThunderCore and you can manage all the cryptos. Providing this facility to the users, ThunderCore is getting more user base for itself to grow its exchange. 


As we know that there are tokens published and sold by many blockchain technologies or cryptos. These tokens are sold to raise funds with the help of crowdfunding. 

In the same way, ThunderTokens are being sold by the ThunderCore company. They are selling ThunderTokens at different levels. There are different types of ThunderTokens available out there in the market. 

Uses Of Thunder Tokens 

ThunderCore Tokens are the primary currency published by ThunderCore itself. There are many different uses of ThunderTokens. They can be used to pay utility bills of any cryptocurrency application development. You can use it to build or manage any digital asset. 

In its initial stage, ThunderCore published these Thunder Tokens as paper tokens and sold them to raise funds. Along with it, the main purpose behind the release of Thunder Tokens was to improve the scalability of Ethereum. 

Interest of Developers

A large number of crypto developers, investors, and traders showed interest in ThunderTokens in its first year. As a result of this positive response, ThunderTokens were sold to raise around $50 million of funds. More traders and investors trust ThunderCore’s wallet and tokens because of its speed. 

It provides a high-speed transaction to its users. That is why more users are interested in this wallet and token. A smart contract is the best feature available for you when you are using ThunderTokens. 

These tokens are very useful to write smart contracts where transactions will take place in some conditions. 

Start With ThunderCore 

You can start using ThunderCore and avail the services that it provides for crypto investors, traders, and developers. Various services and platforms provided by ThunderCore are enough to develop cryptocurrency applications. Following are a few steps that you can use to get started with ThunderCore. 

Buy ThunderToken 

You can buy ThunderTokens at various exchanges. TTGet, Upbit, and Huobi are some of the top exchanges that can be used to buy ThunderTokens. 

Develop Apps 

Now you can use ThunderTokens as a cryptocurrency developer. You can build any decentralized application (DApp) for you with the help of this platform. You can use the features such as real-time user interaction and many more in your DApp developed using this. 


With the help of its new services and products, ThunderCore is going to support 75% of the total market cap. We know that this 75% is more than billions of dollars. That is why everyone needs to have a look at ThunderCore’s services and its supporting platforms. 

ThunderTokens are being used by many cryptocurrency developers for various purposes. You can find many DApps developed using ThunderCore Hub. You can also do the same thing with many built-in features provided by the ThunderCore. 

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