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Mon Feb 07 2022 20:20
This article discusses predictable forex pairs including some of the world’s biggest economies and easy-to-trade currencies. It includes currencies like the USD/JPY; AUD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD.

Comprehension on prediction of major forex pairs

The article guides readers on the top 5 major forex pairs list. It shows a connection on the best forex pairs to scalp.

The most-traded forex pairs are highlighted according to the most traded currency pairs in the world. The currencies belong to the strongest economies. The foreign exchange market highlights the most liquid pairs to trade as it offers traded forex exchange between currencies.

Currency pairs are the amount one would pay in a currency for a unit of another currency. The currency values change relative to another currency. Prediction of the top 5 major forex pair predictions indicates the need to understand the following:
  • Interest rates
  • Economic data
  • Politics
  • Volatility between the currency pairs.
Major forex pairs lists focus on listing popular currencies paired with the USD to show how they perform in the forex world. Predictable currencies respect technical rulebooks and have logical behaviours. 

Currency pairs such as AUD/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CAD stand out with such predictions. Other currencies such as EUR/USD and NZD/USD are upcoming in the top 5 major forex pair predictions. 

The article intends to guide readers on how to select these predictions.

Major currency pairs sometimes have volatile behaviours that can make them unpredictable. The currency pair moves persistently in response to the data provided and is less prone to headlines and shifts from its central bank.

Forex traders study forex pairs to understand the best forex pairs to scalp through their financial trends and patterns. Forex scalping attracts traders when done correctly. 

These predictions require identifying how these currencies perform to determine the best forex pairs to scalp. Most traded currency pairs indicate that the scalpers intend to benefit from minimal fluctuations to gather visible profits in the end. The patterns assist in predicting the top currency pairs to trade.

Top currency pair predictions to trade

The most traded currency pairs in the world are predicted through analyzing their current economic data and margin rates. The analysis determines the suitable predictions and identifies the most liquid pairs.

As per fxstreet, the top ranking in the major forex predictions include the following:


The definition of the currency pair trend is easily understood, making the direction of the currency clear. 

Traders can easily react to Australian figures and its strong correlation in the stock market makes it a viable currency pair. The factors affecting the pair include the value of exported commodities by Australia such as:
  • Iron ore
  • Coal
  • Gold
Also, the US Federal Reserve and the Reserve Bank of Australia set the interest rates.


The combination is commonly known as “The Gopher” and is one of the most liquid forex pairs. The currency pair enables traders to buy and sell the pair on large scale without high price fluctuation.

Its tight spread in the market reduces the costs of the trade. The following are some of the reasons why its the best currency to trade right now:
  • According to CMC Markets, the minimum spread is 0.7 points and the margin rate is 3.3%.
  • The currency pair has recent higher trading rangers
  • The pair has a strong correlation with US bond yields
The exchange rate relies on interest rates set by the reserves and banks of each and the regularity of natural disasters in Japan.


The Canadian dollar reacts slowly. Retail traders find a safe spot to make their profits. The pair indicates Canada’s reliance on its main export’s price, oil. The increase in oil prices leads to a rise in the Canadian dollar’s value. 

The daily range moves by points depending on the price of the oil. This range makes it easier to trade between the currencies. The dollar-loonie charts for the prices stay up to date with major forex pair forecasts to give insights on technical analysis on how to trade the pair.

It is a major forex currency pair due to the extreme amount of cross-border trading between the two countries. 

The CAD is a commodity currency due to its immense amount of natural resources exported, that is, oil. The currency is one of the most traded currency pairs globally.


The New Zealand Dollar, popularly known as the Kiwi, emulates AUD in its stock market moves, but its central bank has surprises that lower its ranking. The trade makes significant breakouts as the resistance lines know when to stop. 

Despite the surprises by the bank, the currency pair exhibits impressive values as one of the most liquid forex pairs. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand had to devalue the Kiwi as it had appreciated over the expected value. 

The tightening by the Reserve leads to a hike in interest rates. However, the moves in the currency remain subdued. The currency is predictable with the expectations to tighten the currency guide trading

The reduction in liquidity increases the volatility rate. It makes it one of the forex pairs with the highest daily range.


“The Fiber” is considered the most traded currency pair due to using the two largest economies in the world. The pair is highly liquid and has low spreads. 

The Fiber is one of the best forex pairs to scalp due to its stability. It also has a minimum spread of 0.7 points and a margin rate of 3.3%.

Despite the stable nature, the pair requires experienced traders since it has many moving parts. The trader needs to understand the pair’s tendency to make a false break to make their work easier. 

Major forex pairs forecast put the currency pair at a highly liquid rate as the exchange rate relies on the US Federal Reserve interest rates, European Central Bank, and non-farm payroll announcements. Therefore, it is one of the forex pairs with the highest daily range. 

The combination is the most heavily traded currency pair in the world. It is one of the most liquid forex pairs as it has a solid market.

Final thoughts on the major forex pair predictions

Awareness of the technical and fundamental predictability of currency pairs makes it easier to identify the top forex pair predictions. The best forex pair predictions depend on factors such as:
  • Time of day to trade
  • The type of investment – whether long-term or short-term
  • Knowledge of currency, forex markets, and global economies.
Therefore, the major forex pairs list provides the readers with a guide on which currency pairs to trade in and invest in. You can begin your forex journey by accessing trading signals on Xosignals.
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