Crypto Fund Experiments

Top Ten Crypto Fund Experiments

Thu Jan 14 2021 08:24
Cryptography or blockchain is completely based upon technology. Technology is the most dominating factor for these digital currencies. No matter if it is bitcoin or any other altcoin such as Ethereum. Technology is always the most dominating factor behind the price movements of these cryptocurrencies.  

So there are many computer algorithms used to get an idea or price forecast about the cryptocurrency market. Without these algorithms, it becomes hard to find out the price forecast for cryptocurrencies. 

But there is one another way to find the price movements, forecast, and future of these currencies. Yes, we are talking about cryptocurrency experiments.  

The trend of top ten crypto fund experiments 

Many cryptocurrency experiments are conducted these days to forecast the top cryptocurrencies. Most people use cryptocurrency experiments to check out which virtual currency outperformed in the previous time span. 

So if you are also looking for such crypto fund experiments then you are here at the right place. Here we will tell you about a few experiments held for digital currencies.  

From Bitcoin to bitcoin cash and from digital gold currencies to altcoins, many digital assets are included in such types of cryptocurrency experiments. 

And if you have never used any experiment to get an idea about cryptocurrencies then still you don't have to worry about it. Because here we will let you know how useful these cryptocurrency experiments are and how you can utilize them for your cryptocurrency investments in the future. 

What Is the Top Ten Crypto Fund Experiment? 

A cryptocurrency experiment is similar to the crypto investment at a low level. For example, a set amount of money will be invested in a cryptocurrency, and after that, it will be monitored or tracked. Due to track, all of its movements will be recorded. 

Now at the end of the experiment, a project report will be prepared in which all the movements, performance of that particular cryptocurrency will be mentioned.  

Other cryptocurrency investors out there will use this experiment project report as a reference for their investment. Now a question may come to your mind about the top ten crypto fund experiments?

What do the top ten mean — Top ten mean the major cryptocurrencies out there. When the top ten currencies are used in an experiment, the experiment is known as the top ten crypto fund experiment.  

Who Conducts the Crypto Fund Experiment? 

Now the question is who conducts the crypto fund experiments? There are various experiments and their project reports available on the internet. You can check any experiment and its project report. 

Mostly all of these project reports are available for free on the internet. But the major issue is that you need authentic crypto fund experiments only. Following are two types of crypto fund experiment conductors. 


Many individuals are there who conduct crypto fund experiments for them. Suppose that if you conduct an experiment and use the project report for you. Then it will mean that you are doing it individually. You will invest the amount on your own and analysis will also be conducted by you. 


Institutional crypto experiments are the most trustworthy and authentic. Most of the investors look for such experiments. Beginners don't want individual experiments. 

But the major issue with these experiments is that they try to manipulate the project reports for their own benefit. Because institutions are sometimes interlinked with other cryptocurrencies.  

How Crypto Fund Experiments Are Useful? 

These cryptocurrency fund experiments are useful because they help you get an idea about the growth, movement, and forecast of a cryptocurrency. If you are also not sure about a cryptocurrency, then experiments can help you. 

Try to find out some previously conducted crypto fund experiments. Now use project reports of these experiments to get an idea about the future growth of that particular cryptocurrency. 

List of Crypto Fund Experiments 

There are many crypto fund experiments and most of them are top ten crypto fund experiments. Because all of the experiment conductors use at least ten cryptocurrencies to find out the actual growth of the cryptocurrency market. 

Some experiments are held to find out the growth of the particular cryptocurrency while some others are used to find out the actual growth of the whole market.  

That is why they use different cryptocurrencies in the global market. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies. But the important thing is, all of these experiments always include Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash as a must to have currency. 

Experiment #1 

To give you an idea about the crypto fund experiments, here we are with the first experiment held by a cryptocurrency blogger. You can find such types of cryptocurrency fund experiments on Reddit, Twitter, and other social platforms. Many bloggers and webmasters share their cryptocurrency experiments there through links.  

They also provide the project report and overall overview of the currencies. Most of them are free to use for retail investors. However, some institutional crypto fund experiments are not available for free. This first experiment in this list of two is taken from a cryptocurrency blog to give you an idea.  

Currencies Involved: 

First of all, we have to check out the currencies involved in these cryptocurrency fund experiments. Yes, the experiment conductor named it as the top ten crypto fund experiment. 

But let's have a look at what ten cryptocurrencies it has included in the list. In this experiment, they have included Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano, NEM, IOTA, and Stellar.  

Funds Used: 

In this experiment, the conductor has used $1k and divided the funds equally among all the top ten currencies that he has chosen. So after division, there is a $100 investment for each currency. 


Experiment #2 

The second crypto fund experiment we found on Reddit. It was also a kind of individual experiment held by a cryptocurrency blogger. Let's have a look at this experiment.  

Currencies Involved: 

In this cryptocurrency experiment, the currencies used were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance, Tether, Litecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Chainlink, and Bitcoin Cash. 
Fund Used: 
This experiment conductor used around $3000 as the capital to buy all of these currencies. This amount was invested in three consecutive years and the funds were divided equally between all the currencies. 


This cryptocurrency experiment has shown that the overall growth was in positive numbers. There was around 72% of growth in this experiment. However, it doesn't mean that all the cryptocurrencies outperformed. Some currencies performed well and some of them were going down. But overall the overview was in profit. 


So you can see that there were many crypto fund experiments held by bloggers, investors, and even individual traders. You can easily find any experiment for you. 

But when it comes to the top ten cryptocurrencies used, then there are some currencies that always include in all the crypto fund experiments. But some currencies are added by the experiment conductors individually.  

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