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Top 10 Websites To Check Economic Calendars

Sun Apr 25 2021 08:07
The economic calendar is something of an important trading tool for traders. A trader wants to trade financial instruments more profitably in a trading market. For profitability, it is important to create a useful trading plan or strategy. And one cannot develop better trading plans or trading strategies without using an economic calendar. 

From stock traders to forex traders and from cryptocurrency traders to commodity traders, everyone needs it. But when we go to decide which economic calendar is the best, we get confused. 

An inexperienced trader will find it difficult to decide which economic calendar is the best. We are here to help all the beginners in the market. We will tell you about the 10 best economic calendars that you can use. Whether you are into stock trading, forex trading or commodity trading.  

Explore best websites to check economic calendars 

There are economic calendars that work for all financial instruments or financial markets. Some calendars are made specifically for one financial instrument or financial market. But a lot of other calendars are made for all trading instruments. So let's start with the basics of the economic calendar. 

Importance of economic calendars 

We all know that trading can be more profitable for beginners if an economic calendar is used. But still, as a beginner trader, you may not know how important economic calendars are. That's why we are here to tell you all about economic calendars. 

Someone who is trading currencies, stocks or any other trading asset can use economic calendar. Nowadays, it is important for every online trading account to use an economic calendar. 

What is an economic calendar? 

Every investment instrument that is traded in the market is affected by various economic, social and political events. But who knows when these events will occur? An economic calendar tells us about the upcoming economic dates. Whether you trade stocks or currencies, using an economic calendar is always helpful. 

Everything from market volatility to liquidity can be easily managed with proper planning. And the economic calendar is one of the most useful trading tools used to plan trading decisions and actions. 

Why is the economic calendar important? 

Social, political and economic events have an impact on different markets and their trading values. Regardless of whether traders are trading Forex or using other trading systems. The economic calendar has a huge impact. It keeps you updated about upcoming dates, helps you plan before something happens, etc. 

An economic calendar also helps you afford disciplined trading. From forex trading to stock trading, you should use an economic calendar. 

How do traders use them? 

Now the next question is how do traders use economic calendars. There are several techniques for using economic calendars. Traders have learned about technical analysis and fundamental analysis in their trading courses. 

They can learn how to trade using the economic calendar. The best practice is to include an economic calendar or events in your technical trading plans. 

Economic Calendar Review Websites 

There are dozens of websites that will provide you with an economic calendar. These calendars will not be specific to just one market. But there are calendars that are for all markets. That being said, there are some specific economic calendars. 

For example, an economic calendar made for the forex market is useful for forex trading. It can be used to make your buying or selling actions in the forex market accurate. Don't be confused if you don't know which websites offer economic calendars. Below are the 10 best websites to check economic calendars. 

#1 Bloomberg 

Free trading information is available on this trusted website. Bloomberg is one of the top sources for traders looking for advanced trading. From forex news to economic calendar, you will get everything provided here at Bloomberg. 

#2 DailyFx 

This website is mainly used by forex traders to develop forex trading strategies. But here you can also find an economic calendar which is useful for all markets like the stock market, commodity market, etc. 

#3 FxStreet 

To get free forex news, you can use FxStreet as your trusted source. There are many websites out there. But Fxstreet specifically provides an economic calendar and news for forex traders. You will get all trading signals for currency pairs and forex trading accounts. 

#4 Tradingeconomics.com 

Trading stocks or trading commodities can be easy if you use this amazing website to capture market sentiment. But more than just market sentiment, you need to track economic events. Tradingeconomics.com will help you a lot with that. 

#5. Tradingview.com 

As a forex trader, I want to make money in financial trading by using a profitable currency pair. But this currency pair will be affected by various events in the future. To track such events, you can use the economic calendar provided by Tradingview.com 

#6. Marketwatch.com 

Whether it is the forex market or the stock market, it does not matter which market you belong to. Whether you need to develop a forex trading strategy or want to make a strategy for the global market in the stock market. Marketwatch.com is the best place to get an economic calendar. 

#7. Fxempire 

Fxempire is also one of the popular websites that can help you avoid situations where you lose money. Before investing anything in day trading or short term trading mode, you should check the economic calendar provided by Fxempire. 

#8. Yahoo finance 

Yahoo Finance has a lot of information on different trading markets. Whether it is stock trading or forex trading. You can get information related to each market along with the economic calendar. Yahoo Finance also provides an economic calendar which is reviewed or published by experts. 

#9. Forex.com 

Forex trading can bring you more profit if you do it with the help of a profitable strategy. Forex trading is volatile in this online forex trading arena. But Forex.com can help you with its economic calendar. 

#10. iForex.in 

Trading forex or money can also be beneficial if you use the economic calendar of this upcoming website. iForex.in offers an economic calendar that is very useful for money traders. 

This website is not that popular, but still many forex traders believe that it provides the right data. But, the accuracy of any information may differ in different situations. But still, websites like iForex.in can help you a lot. 

Summary - Top 10 Websites To Check Economics Calendars 

There are many websites where you can check an economic calendar. But before you choose one of these top ten websites that offer an economic calendar, there are a few things to consider. You need to decide which market calendar you need. 

You also need to check whether or not a business calendar offers events that relate to your market and region. There are also calendars specifically for the global market, regional market, domestic market, etc. You need to decide everything before selecting a website to check the economic calendar for your trading portfolio. 

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