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Understanding The Economic Calendar

Wed Apr 21 2021 11:50
Trading for beginners can be easier if the economic calendar is used properly. But a trader must use the economic calendar in the best way. Whether someone is dealing with the stock market or the forex market. The economic calendar is always important for all trading markets. As a stock trader or forex trader, you can achieve profitable trading with the help of an economic calendar. 

But there are many myths about economic calendar that make it hard to understand with honesty. Do you feel that it is hard to understand and use an economic calendar? Believe us that understanding the economic calendar and its implementation will be easier after reading this post. So here we are to help you understand everything about economic calendar.

Deep dive into the economic calendar 

Trading is about market psychology and psychology generates different opinions. There are different opinions from different traders about the economic calendar. But you don't have to confuse all these myths, opinions with the basics of the economic calendar. 

For better understanding of economic calendar we will discuss all about it.

Basics Of Economic Calendar 

Everything starts with the basics, and the same is true for an economic calendar. If you don't know anything about the economic calendar, then you can't use it. So let's start with the basic definition and how it can be used. 

 In this basic economic calendar information, we will learn why you should use an economic calendar.


The economic calendar is similar to a normal calendar. The only difference is that it informs us of upcoming economic events. These events may relate to a particular global market or a particular regional market. Also, it may refer to a financial market or a country. Sometimes there are economic calendars for specific organizations. 

We will talk about the types of economic calendars in another special section of this post.

Who Uses The Economic Calendar? 

Traders, investors, and financial planners use these calendars. However, anyone involved in finance, financial technology, business, corporate or any government sector can use it as per requirement. It is not specific who can use it. But as a trader, it is important to use it.

Why You Should Use The Economic Calendar?  

You should use it if you want to stay updated on market trends and much more. It is important as a trader to know what is going to happen in the market.

Importance Of Economic Calendar 

Now let's talk about the main part of this post. Why is the economic calendar important or what is its significance? In many trading courses or trading tutorials you will hear that the economic calendar is important. It is always taught in trading education. 

But why is it so? Below are some basic reasons or benefits of the economic calendar.

Overall Benefits Of Economic Calendar 

There are so many advantages of economic calendars. But they may vary from market to market or assets. There are different benefits of economic calendar for some financial instruments. But for some financial assets, there are completely different benefits. However, below are some general advantages.

Keep Track Of Events 

The first advantage you get as a trader is that you keep track of all upcoming or ongoing economic events. Whether a country is going to make changes to its import/export taxes or whatever, you will be kept informed about it.


If you are up to date on all upcoming economic events, then you can plan accordingly. You will find yourself planning strongly, which is the core benefit of an economic calendar.

Easy Portfolio Management 

With pre-planning, you will easily manage your investment portfolio. Better management will give you the best trading profits.

Better Market Analysis 

You will analyze any trading market better than anyone else in the market.  

Risk Management 

Risk management will be a very easy task for you as a trader if you have an economic calendar in your trading toolkit

Economic Calendar Benefits For Currency Trading 

The benefits of the economic calendar vary from financial market to financial market. There are some specific benefits for forex traders. If you are a money trader, you can take advantage of the following economic calendar benefits. 

You must use it if you want to avail such benefits in your money trading.

Federal Releases 

As a forex market trader, you will be aware of all Federal Reserve publications, which will give you an edge over your competitors.

Central Bank Policies 

Central bank policy is directly linked to money trading, and you get to plan before anything happens.

Global Events 

Global events also affect the Greenback currency and other correlated currency pairs. You will have the ability to track these events with a calendar.

Economic Calendar Benefits For Stock Trading 

The following are some of the benefits that stock market traders receive from an economic calendar.

Companies Launches 

The leading companies in the market are launching different versions, products and much more. These launches affect the stock price. The economic calendar helps you to know all these events before they happen.

Industry Upgradation 

Industries in which you trade stocks must rise in the future. With the help of an economic calendar, you can plan better than others.


The following are some important types of economic calendars used by market traders. These types of calendars may vary from trader to trader. Nevertheless, we can assume that these are the main types. Some traders use all of them, while some use only a mixture of some calendars.

Global Economic Calendar 

A global economic calendar has all the events that will take place globally. All events that will have a global impact on various markets or the global economy are global.

Market Specific 

Market specific calendars are created specifically for the markets. For the commodity market you will find a different economic calendar and for the stock market you will find a different one.


Sometimes you want to know not only a market but also the economic decisions of a country. In such cases, you may need country-specific economic calendars.

Industry Specific 

If you are targeting a specific industry, industry-specific economic calendars such as automotive events, solar energy events, etc. are used and referred to as industry calendars.

Individual Economic Calendar 

Most of the time in the stock market, sometimes you have to focus particularly on one company. In such cases, you need to keep an eye on the individual economic calendar of that particular company.


Using an economic calendar can help you a lot. There are many ways to create an economic calendar for your trading journey. However, there are also some pre-made economic calendars available on the internet. You can use these calendars to know what is going to happen in a particular market. 

They also help you pre-plan things for your trading portfolio. From rebalancing your portfolio to buying or selling assets, you can take more accurate actions with the help of economic calendars.

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