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What is Forex Correlation And How To Use It?

Sat Jan 08 2022 16:16
Many terms you may listen to and find new when you are trading forex. Many currency market forex traders that have been trading for years are not even familiar with these typical forex trade terms. One less popular but very important term is the forex correlation

We are here with another amazing post about currency trading in the foreign exchange market. Here we will explain the correlation formulas and their usage in online forex.  

Not only in foreign exchange markets but also in other financial markets, correlation is used. Retail forex traders use them for fundamental analysis of the market sentiment. 

CFD trading people use a forex correlation to find the relation with other currency pairs in the currency exchange market. And also it is used externally with other markets such as the commodity market, oil market, stock market, etc to find the market trends.  

Definition of Forex Correlation 

As its name states that correlation is the relation between two different values. Now, these values can be two different trading currencies, two different investment instruments. 

Or even two different markets can be seen as the parts of the forex correlation. When you are trading one asset and you want to judge how your investment asset will perform.  

So for finding the upcoming performance, you will have to find the correlation of that asset with other market assets. Now the movement of those correlated assets will tell you how your asset will perform in the next few days or months. 

The correlation will provide you with all types of financial-market information, from bearish to bullish and from steady to active movement in the market. So always keep an eye on correlated assets with your assets. 

Understand The Correlation  

In the beginning, you may find that it is hard to understand the correlation. But before you read long journals, books on forex trading and correlation. We will tell you some simple ways to know more about the correlation and how to understand it. 

There are two types of correlations -

The one is negative and the other is positive. But these two can define market volatility, pairs connection, and many more things to you. So it is important to understand the basics of forex correlation. Two correlations are as follows. 

The first one is +1.0 and the second one is -1.0. We can state them as a negative and positive correlation. Following are the ways to understand them in a simple and easy to grab method. 

The Negative Correlation 

When the correlation between the two values is -1.0 then we call it a negative correlation. But what does this correlation mean? It is very simple to understand. 

Because the -1.0 correlation means that the two assets will move in the opposite direction to each other.  


You are trading GBP/JPY and suppose that GBP/JPY correlates with the pairs like GBP/USD or JPY/USD. If the correlation is negative, then both will move in opposite directions. 

When GBP/JPY will grow the GBP/USD will fall. When GBP/USD will grow, then GBP/JPY will fall. This all happens due to forex correlation which is therein these two forex pairs.  

The Positive Correlation  

The other one is a positive correlation and in this, the two assets have a +1 correlation value among them. This means that both assets will move in the same direction. 

So it is also a good option for the forex trader after evaluating the market trends


If you are trading commodity futures like Gold and it is correlated with some agricultural products of the global market. Now if you find a positive correlation among these two assets and the correlation value is +1 point. 

Now it will mean that both securities will grow altogether. So if your agricultural product is increasing and growing then the gold will also grow in the same direction.  


r=∑(X−X)(Y−Y)∑(X− X )2 (Y− Y )2 

In the above mathematical formula. The value of r is the correlation coefficient. The x is the average of observations of variable x. Whereas they are the average of observations of variable y. 

Consider Forex Correlation of At Least Six Months 

Before we explain to you how forex correlation works, we suggest you use at least six months’ forex market data and forex charts to find out the correlation. Without six months of data, you won't be able to find out the real-time correlative value.  

So it is always important to use at least a six months time frame for technical analysis. Correlations between any securities, equities, currencies, etc. change over time. 

Sometimes online trading news and sometimes monetary policies of some countries make changes to the exchange rates and the other fx-market values. So the forex correlation also changes accordingly.  

Use Forex Correlation With Market Diversification 

Who doesn't want to earn a good profit from foreign exchange trading? Yes, every forex trader wants to earn more, even if he/she doesn't know much about how to trade forex. So it is important to use the forex correlation along with market diversification to get more profits. 

Keep in mind the negative correlation. Do you remember how negative correlation works? Yes, if there is a negative correlation between two market securities, that means both of them will move in opposite directions to each other. 


You are trading AUD/NZD and AUD/USD. Suppose that both of these currency pairs in foreign exchanges are moving opposite to each other. We are talking about the opposition movement which is held by negative forex correlation. So both of these currency pairs will move in opposite directions. 

Suppose That, AUD/NZD moves up by 20 price indices. Then, on the other hand, AUD/USD will fall by 20 price indices. You will stick to a situation where you are getting no profit, no loss. So most of the traders are using this technique for better risk management and to enhance their trading strategy.  

How You Will Get Profit With Forex Correlation? 

It is very simple to understand because the pip and spread value will help you get profits in your pocket. For this, you just have to trade two currency pairs with different pip values. Suppose that the first currency pair has a different pip value and the other one chosen by you has a different value for pips. 

Now suppose that there is a negative forex correlation. Now if you lose one pip worth $5 in the first pair, then there might be again in the opposite pair. Now if the pip value is worth $10 in the next pair, then you will make $10 at the same time losing $5 or less in the first pair. So using forex correlation you can make huge profits. 

Summary - Forex correlation

You need to understand all of the market tactics if you want to improve your trading. To earn more, you don't always need only money. Never think like that only a huge investment will bring profits. 

There can be profits for you if you are using the right techniques and formulas. The forex correlation is one of the top formulas and you must pay attention to it.  

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