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What's new in automated trading in 2022.

Thu Feb 10 2022 20:57
This article highlights the automated trading system and how it works in 2022.

Analysis of automated trading systems

Automated trading enables you to engage in financial markets by using a program that sets rules for all trades. It gives a trader a strategic position over trades they place. 

The algorithms are effective as they follow the ongoing trends and trade according to the market's conditions. Readers get insight on skills to venture into the algorithmic automated trading system.

How does an automated trading system work?

The system uses a computer program to generate buy and sell orders and automatically submits them to a market centre. A trader can increase the efficiency of their trades by executing faster trading strategies.

A trader will choose a platform of their choice and set parameters of their trading strategy. Depending on the trader's trading experience, you can set up rules and regulations to generate a custom algorithm. The algorithm, henceforth, will place trades on your behalf based on the following:-

  • Timing of trades
  • Quantity of trade
  • The price should be opened and closed at.
The automated trading strategy set will constantly keep track of financial market prices as trades will be placed if predetermined presets are met. It guarantees that the trades are executed faster while taking advantage of specific technical market events.

Benefits of an automated trading system

The automated trading system also has several benefits such as:
  • Enabling multiple real-time trades at the same time
  • It fits your strategy around your schedule be it day or night
  • Helps in identifying new opportunities and analyzing trends with a wide range of indicators
  • Reduces the impact of emotional reactions with well-planned strategies
  • Conducts trades faster compared to humans

What is automated stock trading and how does it work?

Automated stock trading is where various algorithms are applied to buy and sell assets on the market. Traders use programs such as trading bots to automate the trading process. For automated stock trading, one must carry out an ideal technical analysis as you will have to adjust most parameters manually.

Automated stock trading works by searching for signals and other data to highlight a significant price growth or fall. This way, they can automate trade options such as buy, sell, stop order if the trader has put in the preset conditions. 

Some software informs the owner on trading signals to trade. Other platforms usually have integrated signals and measures that do the trading by themselves.

Benefits of trading bots in automated stock trading

The trading bots used in automated stock trading come in quite handy to the user as they have several benefits such as:

No use of emotions

Emotions can be quite a distraction in the marketplace. Traders can panic once a trade goes wrong. To avoid this, the use of automated trading software is necessary. The platform will perform all actions as it works based on data provided by your analysis.

Provision of historical data

The automated stock trading is equipped with historical data. The backtesting method trains a trading bot while checking different strategies it would perform as it analyses the market

Historical data helps you predict any prospective future outcomes and a well-sounding strategy.

It generates a sense of discipline

It does so by analyzing every move you make so as not to make losses. It makes you approach all trading manners with an analytical mind, checking information and ensuring the action would give a profitable outcome.

It has a higher-order speed

Robots are more capable of reacting to all actions in a market. Since the software and algorithms ensure no losses, you will be able to reap benefits whether the asset's value rises or falls.

It gives you a diverse trading portfolio

Diversity in your portfolio is critical to success. Since no asset has a guaranteed profit, it's advisable to have a variety of assets to increase the chances of gaining profit.

A trading bot will incorporate various algorithms that target a wide variety of stocks from different companies at low prices.

The best-automated trading platform

To choose the best-automated trading platform, you need to assess the following:-
  • The legitimacy of the platform
  • Fees
  • Assets from which you get exposure.
Below are some of the tops ranked trading platforms to keep a lookout for:

1. E_toro

  • Allows you to make trades and get market data from a variety of assets, including cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, ETFs
  • It's a commission-free platform with no extra fee
  • Offers a wide array of automated trading tools
  • It has several experienced and verified traders
  • It allows one to view trades made by investors in real-time

2. Avatrade

  • It supports meta trader 4 and 5. These are widely used in the trading market
  • It offers no deposit or withdrawal fees
  • It has a low deposit requirement of £100
  • It is a great trading platform for automated trading
  • It's well regulated in several jurisdictions

3. Learn to trade

  • It has a telegram group with more than 11,500 members that increase its credibility
  • It's a top-rated automated trading signal provider from a variety of markets
  • It provides you with 3 to 5 premium signals per day
  • It provides great educational tools
  • Provides stop loss and takes profit orders

4. Forex.com

  • It specializes in the forex trading sector
  • It's efficiently strong when it comes to exotic currencies
  • It has access to dozens of currency pairs
  • It offers no minimum deposit fee when opting for bank wires
  • It offers CFDs

5. Ninja trader

  • It's quite compatible with many online and live platforms
  • It's an advanced platform for generating automation strategies
  • It has over 1000 trading software and add-ons
  • It has futures and options brokerage services
  • One can choose from over 100+ trading software add-ons

The Best automated trading software

Some of the best automated trading software can provide you with the best results.

1. Best overall: Metatrader4

  • Most preferred forex platform for experienced traders
  • It can be amalgamated into any brokerage account
  • It has its own programming language, MLQ4
  • It has expert advisors with the use of robots designed to implement automated strategies.

2. Best for variety: Pionex

  • It's a huge crypto trading platform
  • It has free registration
  • It offers 18 unique bots with each taking a different approach to your investment
  • It has the lowest trading fee in comparison to other major exchanges
  • Its smart trade terminal allows to set up a stop loss, take profit, and trailing in one trade

3. Best for stock trading: interactive brokers API/FIX, CTCI

  • A global platform that offers services in 31 different countries
  • Users can gain access to 20 different markets
  • Allows traders to build their own automated trading systems
  • It enables super-fast trading
  • Trades are executed at the best possible prices
  • A minimum commission requirement of $1500 per month

4. Best for premium access: Zen trading strategies

  • Offers access to premium TradingView strategies and indicators
  • Free use of any strategy for a week upon registration
  • Allows you to backtest different ideas on TradingView
  • Customization of settings for trend detection
  • Results are displayed visually on the TradingView chart

5. Best for preset strategies: coin rule

  • Offers a wide range of preset trading strategies
  • Allows users to customize investing with over 50 trading templates that are automatically executed when market conditions are met
  • Offers a free package with 7 different complimentary template strategies


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