Ethereum overtake bitcoin

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?

Wed Dec 23 2020 17:20
Ethereum is performing well in the cryptocurrency market. But the question is that will it outperform Bitcoin, will Ethereum overtake bitcoin? As a beginner crypto trader, it may be hard to answer this question. Because cryptocurrency trading for beginners is not that easy.  

Digital currency trading is a little bit more computerized. More algorithms and computations are there while trading digital currencies. However, it is easy to trade with an advanced cryptocurrency-market. But predicting the future of virtual cash is not easy for traders at the beginner level.  

It’s always a trending question 

That is why this question is always asked about Ethereum— will Ethereum overtake bitcoin? Not only beginners but expert traders also want to know. Because cryptocurrency market traders are always ready to switch to a profitable currency. 

Many options are there for virtual coin traders like bitcoin. They can buy bitcoins, altcoin, dogecoin, Litecoin, and much more. That is why they always try to search for profitable virtual currencies. 

If you also want to increase the profitability of your cryptocurrency trading then you must switch to new currencies. Here we are with the detailed information on Ethereum vs. bitcoin topic. Reading this post till the end will answer your question: will Ethereum overtake bitcoin?  

Check Forecast  

Before we say anything about bitcoin exchange or bitcoin mining. We have to see the price forecast related to decentralized currencies. From Ethereum to Bitcoin, you will find forecasts of any crypto-currency. 

Price forecasts help a lot in blockchain-based virtual currency trading. No, we are not saying that every bitcoin miner will become Satoshi Nakamoto with it.  

But one can increase profits. Forecasts will tell you about the circumstances when currencies like Ethereum overtake bitcoin. So you will get your answer a little bit with the help of forecasts. Let's see the price forecast of bitcoins and Ethereum both equivalent to USD.  

Ethereum Price Forecast 

Nobody can claim these predictions as accurate ones. But we will try to get an idea about Ethereum price with this forecast. 

2020 To 2025 

Cryptography based currencies are hard to predict. But if we use some factors related to traded currency. These factors can be the volume of trading, mined coins, and market-cap.

For Ethereum it is predicted that the price will be around $25000. It doesn't mean that altcoins such as Ethereum overtake bitcoin with this price. Because we have to compare it with the bitcoin wallet.  

2025 To 2030 

In 2030 all the cryptocurrencies will be grown. No matter if one trades Ripple or any other, Ethereum will be around $100,000 in 2030.  

Bitcoin Forecast 

If you want to withdraw your bitcoin ATM cryptographic coins to invest in Ethereum. Then you must see the Bitcoin price forecast also. Because bitcoin is also supposed to rise a lot more in the future. 

From the bitcoin foundation to the current time, this currency is growing every year. In cryptocurrency mining bitcoin miners are most important. So let's have a look at the bitcoin price forecast. 

2020 To 2025 

Experts have predicted that bitcoin currency will become a stable investment choice like any other centralized currency. Bitcoin exchange rate will increase a lot by 2025. 

So we can’t say that currencies like Ethereum overtake bitcoin easily. Bitcoin is expected to reach $400,000 by 2025 and many experts are sure about this.  

2025 To 2030 

Bitcoin's core fundamentals indicate that it will go up to six figures. But this amazing currency with anonymity and encryption has crazy predictions too. According to the Genesis, Mining poll survey bitcoin won't be able to reach six figures by 2030.  

Factors That Make Ethereum Better Than Bitcoin 

Let us keep the predictions aside and some factors make Ethereum better than bitcoin. If Ethereum is better than bitcoin, then can we say it will overtake bitcoin? Let's see what these factors are.  


All the digital coins in circulation in the coin market have some fundamental properties. These properties are not anonymous. We can understand much about a currency with these fundamentals. 

Even forex and stock market use fundamental analysis to predict any currency. When we talk about Ethereum, then it is the exact opposite of the value of bitcoin. 


Bitcoin is the first virtual money discovered on this platform. It is not backed by any government or central banks. Also, it is not a kind of fiat currency. Anyone with computer algorithms and resources can start mining bitcoins and then sell them on any exchange platform. 

Different Goals Of Both Cryptocurrencies 

Some people think currencies like bitcoins, Ethereum is all founded to be used in the black market. Money laundering, a Ponzi scheme, or a scam is not the purpose. 

They are not founded to steal money from someone’s bank account, Paypal account, or any online wallet. Following are some goals of these currencies. We hope it will answer your question: will Ethereum overtake bitcoin or not? 

More Development In Ethereum 

Virtual coins like these are developed for development in technology. Ethereum is not only used to store in cryptocurrency wallet or to be traded on any trading platform. 

It also empowers many other Fintech startups. Many customized APIs and codes are available for Ethereum on an open-source platform like Github. 

Correlation Of Both 

As we have said that Ethereum is opposite to the bitcoin economy. Establishing a permanent correlation is hard because there is no central bank or centralized exchanges controlling these currencies.  

Is There Any Similarity? 

Similarities are limited features between both these cryptocurrencies. Both of them are stored in a blockchain wallet and they are untraceable. We can trade these both currencies in the cryptocurrency market.  

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin? See What Experts Say 

Predictions and forecasts are based on the thoughts shown by experts. Some market makers are there who know more about decentralization, bitcoin protocol, and cryptocurrency mining and trading. Let's see what experts say about this question: will Ethereum overtake bitcoin?  

Thoughts Of Experts On Ethereum: 

Some of these thoughts by experts are based on the market-cap of exchanged or traded currencies. While some are about the price of currencies in the upcoming years.  


Cryptocompare has recently shared data online about Ethereum in the next few years. According to this data, Ethereum’s demand will rise sharply. And on the other side bitcoin will face a decline. Considering it, we can find an answer to the question: will Ethereum overtake bitcoin or not? 

Jamie Dimon 

JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon has said that the government or central-bank will restrict cryptocurrencies if they are increasing too much. And bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency in the world. And chances are there it can be restricted. 

Mike Cagney 

Sofi’s CEO Mike Cagney has said that Ethereum has more scope than bitcoin. It's infrastructure applications make it stronger. Now you may ask that with these applications will Ethereum overtake bitcoin? These applications will grow Ethereum more, so we can say that Ethereum will overtake bitcoin.  

Final Thought - Will Ethereum overtake bitcoin 

Both these currencies are growing every year. If we see the growth rate of their price and market capitalization, then they are growing. Predicting the price based on the market cap will give positive results. But if we take a look at the will Ethereum overtake bitcoin, then Ethereum has more scope than bitcoin.  

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