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12 Best Emerging Markets Stocks to Invest in 2021

Thu Feb 25 2021 15:15
As a beginner, you are always advised to keep an eye on emerging market stocks. There are thousands of stocks and hundreds of them are pointed to as emerging market stocks. 

The current financial year is just about to end in a few weeks. After that, there will be a new financial year in the whole world. All of the traders will sum up their previous profit and loss and they will start a new trading journey. The same thing happens with the stock market traders. 

Now the question is how you can trade the best-emerging stocks. All of the expert traders keep recommending that beginners should find emerging market stocks. But there is no one to properly guide newcomers or beginner-level stock traders.  

12 Best Emerging Market Stocks 

Now in this post, we will talk about the top 12 best emerging market stocks. Other than just a list, we will discuss the top emerging market stocks. How these stocks are performing, why they should be on your watchlist, and how much benefit you will get through these stocks. 

Along with this, we will discuss more emerging market stocks in this post. We will discuss why these stocks are important for all stock traders. Also, we will discuss various emerging markets and countries to watch for investors and the impact of these markets on retail investors. 

Top Emerging Market Stocks 

First of all, the most important thing to know is the list of emerging market stocks. There are different research reports and different analyses by different experts on the internet. You can search the internet for top emerging market stocks and there will be a long-lasting list of such stocks. 

But here we are going to tell you about the top 12 emerging market stocks. All the information that we are going to tell you here is coming from different authentic sources. So without any doubt, you can check this list. Also, if you have any doubt in your mind about the information then you can cross-check it on your own.  

#1 Gazprom (OGZPY) 

Gazprom is one of the largest gas industry companies in the world. It has around 16% of natural gas reserves in the globe. Investors out there see this stock as one of the best-emerging stocks. 

If we talk about Russia only then this company is holding more than 70% of natural gas reserves. If you are an investor who is looking for different commodities to invest in 2021. Then this natural gas commodity can really help you.  

#2. China Mobile (CHL) 

If we talk about the technology sector then China Mobile and Verizon Communications are both good for retail investors. But more expert traders are recommending China Mobile over Verizon Communications. It is giving a nice return on investment to its traders and investors. Along with this, it has a good price-to-earnings ratio.  

#3 Guangshen Railway (GSHHY) 

The railway sector was impacted very badly during the pandemic. But now this sector is emerging and growing again. That is why early investors or fast movers are looking forward to investing their money in Guangshen Railway. You can also opt for this investment if you are really interested in emerging markets. 

#4. HDFC 

Housing Development Finance Corp. is one of the top-ranking emerging stocks from India. This all India-based company is ranked to the world’s top stocks just because of low-risk involvement. It is good for you if you want to invest money with low risk in the stock market.  

#5. Eletrobras (EBR) 

Eletrobras is a top electric company in Latin America. As we know that sustainable and greenhouse gas-free power is in demand. Then companies producing the same kind of energy are also going to move up. Eletrobras is one of these companies which produces such power.  

#6. Kazatomprom (KAP) 

Kazakhstan-based National Atomic Company Kazatomprom Joint Stock Company is one of the top nuclear power production companies. This sector was under pressure for years, but this year it is supposed that companies like Kazatomprom are growing rapidly.  

#7. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSM) 

Even during a pandemic, Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing company was performing well. That is why this company is among the favorite emerging stocks for all of the traders out there in the world.  

#8. Alibaba 

World’s top eCommerce and cloud computing company. It is not only growing in China but also has grown to a large number of countries out there in the world. Alibaba is also considered the top safe-haven stocks in the world. So you can invest in this tech giant in 2021.  

#9. Baozun (BZUN) 

The eCommerce sector is always booming and after the pandemic, it is growing rapidly all over the world. Here we are talking about Baozun, which is another Chinese e-commerce company most popular after Alibaba.  

#10. XP 

The financial technology provider Brazil-based company XP is also performing well. No doubt this company is not that big like other mentioned companies in this list. But XP is performing very well after the pandemic. It is also considered one of the top emerging stocks in 2021.  

#11. Paypal 

With new innovations and investments in cryptocurrency, Paypal is also at the top priority for investors looking for fintech investments. Paypal is one of the safest haven financial technology-based companies in the world. 

#12. IEC Electronics 

IEC Electronics with more than $121 million market value is always among the list of top emerging stocks. In the past few weeks, it has gained confidence among its investors. It is a good option to invest your money in 2021. 

Sectors To Watch Closely 

Along with these 12 best emerging market stocks, you must have to consider a few markets and sectors. There are some sectors that are supposed to be good performers this year. If you haven’t yet listened to them, then must see the list mentioned below.  


The technology sector is always growing. There is no meaning to mention that the technology sector is important for investors. 

Sustainable Energy 

Sustainable energy is the demand for the current time frame. With companies like Tesla, there is a huge demand for sustainable energy. So you must keep an eye on solar energy companies, electric power, hydel power, and nuclear power energy companies.  


The financial technology sector is completely changed after digital assets like digital gold, cryptocurrencies, etc. traditional companies are transforming themselves into fintech. So it is also an important sector to look at.  


Machine learning, virtual experience, robotics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, these sectors are also growing very fast. You must keep an eye on tech companies' stocks for more growth in the trading market. 

Summary - Emerging market stocks

Emerging market stocks are always changing their values. It seems hard for the investors to keep an eye on all of the stocks at a time. It is better to keep an eye on the whole sector along with the stocks. 

Whenever it feels like stock or commodity is going to see a boom, you can make a decision to invest money in that particular stock or sector. There are different sectors going to become emerging sectors. But some sectors like sustainable energy, financial technology, etc. are always at the top.  

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