Ten most expensive stocks in 2021

2021 Highest Priced Stocks

Wed Sep 22 2021 08:45
Buying a high-priced stock is an investment you should consider undertaking as a prudent investor. There are plenty of highest priced stocks that are experiencing substantial growth and wealth to the investor.

Nowadays, investing in pricey shares has generated considerable wealth for many investors in the stock market. Although the term pricey or expensive is relative when one is discussing the stock market.

Expensive shares are experiencing explosive growth as the number of investors out there who have a risk appetite for the highest priced stock rise.

Besides, buying and holding priced shares is a risky affair most investors don't like engaging in due to the stock market's current volatility. However, in recent years, many investors attracted to buying expensive shares believe that stocks of the most valuable companies increase their prices over time. 

However true the state is pricey shares have delivered a considerable wealth to many investors worldwide.

In this article, we will take you through a compilation of ten 2021 highest priced stocks in the world.

Top 10 Highest priced stocks in 2021

Here are the ten most pricey stocks in 2021 worldwide.

#1. Berkshire Hathaway Inc

Berkshire Hathaway Inc has a market capitalization of over $632 billion. The company has class A shares that have been trading for over $400000 since April 2021. In 2020 the company net income was 42.521 billion. 

As a result, these shares are the most expensive globally, and the company holds the title of the most highly-valued company in the world.

Initially, Hathaway started its operation as a textile company but was bought by Warren Buffett, who transformed it into a holding company. The company now owns GEIGO, Dairy Queen, Lubrizol, BNSF, NetJets, and FlightSafety international. 

Also, the company has a minority stake in established companies like well Fargo, Apple, Coca-Cola, and American Express.

To discourage short-term traders and protect the stock from speculation. Hathaway shares have never undergone splitting, and buffet discourages the idea by introducing class B shares which trade at a reasonable price of 279.04. Hathaway is among the top 5 stocks based on its gained price.

#2. NVR Inc. (NVR)

The company is an American homebuilding and mortgage company. To date, it has built more than 365,000 customers houses in more than 15 states since its inception. 

The company share is currently trading at $5042 and has a market capitalization of $11.50 billion.

Furthermore, the company owns the following subsidiaries, Ryan Homes, NVR Mortgage, Fox Ridge homes, Rymarc homes, and NVHomes. In 2020 the NVR Inc. had a net income of 901.25 million.

#3. Seaboard corporation

This corporation is based in Merriam, Kansas, a multi-dollar transport and agriculture company that runs many businesses. For instance, in the US, the corporation majors in ocean transport and pork production and processing.

Also, the corporation deals with grain processing, commodity retailing, and generation of electricity. In 2020 the company had a net income of $283 million. Besides, with a market capitalization of $4.83 billion, its shares are trading above $ 4073 in the market.


Amazon is an American multinational giant that has an interest in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, e-commerce, and digital streaming. This company sells a range of products such as electronics, jewellery, food, toys, furniture, software, apparel, and more.

Currently, it is among the five big companies in the US in information technology. Jeff Bezos founded the company in 1994 and has subsidiaries like Zappos, Audible, Wholefood Market. However, the share is selling at above the $ 3300 mark in the market. In the 2nd-quarter of 2021, they had an income of $113.1 billion. In addition, the company has a market capitalization of $1.709T.

#5. Alphabet Inc. (A and C Shares)

Formerly, Google Inc. (GOOG) happened after creating two classes (A and C) of shares in 2014. Alphabet Inc is an American multinational that has its head office in mountain view, California.

This company was formed after google and its subsidiaries, such as X development, DeepMind, firebase, and others, were restructured in 2015. Alphabet Inc is known to have stocks with the best performance in 2021, even after the split. Besides, the main reason given for the split was to preserve the control of the founder.

In most scenarios, many founders lose control of the company when too many shares are issued. GOOG gives a stakeholder the ownership right that does not confer voting right. In 2020 the company revenue was 182 billion dollars. The trading price for GOOG (Class C) share is $ 2760, and for GOOGL (class A) share is $2750.

#6. Booking Holding

Previously known as The Priceline Group Inc., this company is the largest travel service, provider. The genesis of the company is traceable. This company offers services in car rental, tickets sales, hotel rooms reservation and much more.

Booking Holding was founded by jaywalker in 1997. Two years later, the company entered the IPO with 12.9billion in assets for the first day in trading. In 2018 the company was rebranded from Priceline Group Inc. to its current name Booking Holdings. 

Booking holding owns the following companies as its subsidiary; OpenTable.com, Rentalcars.com, Kayak.com, Priceline.com, and Booking.com. Booking shares are selling at $ 2325.91 per share. Besides, the company has a market cap of $95.48 bln.

#7. Chipotle Mexican grill

This company is a chain of restaurants in the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany. The restaurants major in Mexican food, mainly tacos and burritos. It is also known for the promotion of its natural products, more so animal meat. 

There are more than two thousand five hundred chipotle restaurants in the US alone, and the company is still planning to open more joints. Currently, the company's trading per share is $ 1875.76 and has a market cap of 52.70 billion.

#8. Cable One

Cable One is a renowned cable service provider in the US with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. This firm supplies high-speed internet, cable tv, and telephone services to its clients. 

The company lender its services in 20 states and has a consumer base of more than 800,000 residential business customers. The company rebranded from spark light to Cable One 2019. In addition, the company share trades at $1934 per share.

#9 Tatra Banka

This company has the most expensive share in Europe. The company has a market cap of $1.6 billion, and its stocks are currently trading at $23246 per share. It is one of the first and best performing private banks in Slovakia. Tatra opened its doors in 1990 and borrowed the name after a former bank that existed before.

Although it's difficult to explain why one stock should be expensive and worth more than a house. It is good to note that the stock price does not represent the value of a company as many critics may assume. The above are the nine most expensive shares we have in the market.

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