fed meetings and how they affects the USD price

Flat Dollar; Fed Meeting Coming Soon

Fri Sep 03 2021 06:53
The American dollar is flat in the foreign exchange market these days. The first day of the week has shown stability in the foreign exchange rate. And the most important thing is that this happened just before the meeting of the Federal Reserve. This meeting will be important for the forex market. The foreign exchange market is directly or indirectly influenced by many factors, including the Federal Reserve and Central Bank meetings. 

All money exchange platforms or trading platforms will be affected. Currencies as financial instruments are traded on these platforms. Therefore, every financial instrument has an impact on this financial market.

Let's take a look at the dollar and its positioning

Before you invest money in a currency pair or any other financial market. You analyse the trading instruments using fundamental analysis or technical analysis. This post isn't about technical trading, fundamental trading, automated trading or algorithmic trading, more. 

But this post is about the fiat currency rate that the US dollar has shown this week in the money trading markets. We'll analyse the current currency rates and rate forecasts for popular currency pairs including the US dollar. All major currencies and minor currencies will be analysed.

USD Price Stability on the foreign exchange market 

Let's start with the USD exchange rate fluctuation. Regardless of which trading platform you use, all forex traders who trade foreign exchange need to analyse the current exchange rate. 

Market volatility and liquidity always affect the price of currency pairs. When trading forex, it's important to follow the exchange rates on the forex market. 

USD Current Exchange exchange rate 

Before you create a trading strategy or trading plan for your forex account, you need to learn how to trade with the current forex rate. The current forex rate explains a lot of things in forex trading. Online forex trading is easy today thanks to the many online trading software.

A forex account can easily make profits with the help of forex trading strategies. The dollar index was at 90.483 last Monday, up only 0.5% from last week.

USD Price Analysis

The current price is neither in an upward nor a downward movement. There's a kind of stability in the price movement of the currency. Trading currencies or currency pairs that contain USD can be stable. There haven't been so many fluctuations in the currency rate.

The market rate for this currency hasn't changed much in the money trading market. 

USD price comparison with other major currencies 

Now let's get to the most important part, comparing currencies. A major currency like the US dollar can be traded with any other major or minor currency. So here's a comparison to help you know more. 

So if you want to learn how to trade profitably, this post is the best trading tip for you. 


The Japanese yen isn't a big currency when we compare it with other currencies like the Canadian dollar (CAD) or the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). But it's one of the emerging currencies in the world market. 

The current exchange rate for USD/JPY is 109.76 and this currency pair has gained 0.1% in the last week. 


With a gain of 0.1%, the GBP/USD currency pair has reached the rate of 1.4112. This currency rate isn't stable and moves up and down on the forex charts. As an important currency, the British pound sterling is influenced by many factors. 


The EUR/USD currency pair hasn't gained as much as the other currency pairs. The euro hasn't gained against the USD. The exchange rate for this currency pair is 1.2104. 


The exchange rate of 0.7711 for the Australian dollar and the US dollar has led to significant changes in the money market. AUD/USD has changed its exchange rate positively.

General analysis 

If we try to look at the general analysis of the various currencies, you'll find that there's stability that you can see in the exchange rate of the American dollar. The flat dollar says a lot about the market sentiment. All experienced traders have a close look at stability. 

What'll happen at the FED meeting? 

The Federal Reserve in the US will hold a meeting and before the meeting, the currency rate for USD has stopped moving upwards. 

What does this situation tell us? Is it an indicator of future growth or just a downward signal? What does it mean for the currency market? Here we try to take a look at how the Federal Reserve meeting might affect the USD. 

Federal Reserve meeting 

country. Therefore, foreign and domestic investors, all investors, will be watching closely. The Federal Reserve meeting may take place this week or next week. 

But there will be so many things to discuss and implement. As usual, the country's inflation rate will be seriously considered in the decision-making.

What'll be the impact of the Federal Reserve meeting? 

Below are some of the major factors that could affect the foreign exchange market. Not only the foreign exchange market but almost all trading markets can be affected by the Federal Reserve meeting and its decisions. 

Consumer Price Index 

The first factor that's influenced is CPI. The consumer price index is always influenced by the Federal Reserve session. However, the session isn't necessary to show the impact on CPI. On CPI there's already an annual growth of 5 %. 

Monetary policy measures 

Monetary policy can be reformed or changed by the meeting in many ways. It's happened several times that monetary policy has been changed after Federal Reserve meetings. 

Employment rate 

More than 600,000 jobs have been created in recent months and the employment rate is rising. There's no increase in the unemployment rate. The employment rate will always affect the market in many ways. The Federal Reserve meeting will have a big impact on the employment rate. 

Bond Purchases Worth billion 

Experts believe that the Federal Reserve will buy more than $150 billion worth of bonds. This could be one of the most important steps taken at the Federal Reserve meeting. 

Inflation rate 

The inflation rate affects currencies directly and indirectly. The Federal Reserve always takes the inflation rate into account and takes important steps to keep the inflation rate under control. 

USD/ TRY & China-Turkish Swap Agreement 

There was a swap agreement between China and Turkey. The USD/TRY currency pair rose a little due to this signed economic agreement. 


The flat level of the dollar exchange rate before the Fed meeting means a lot for the trading market. Whether you're a beginner in forex trading or an expert. You can analyse the stability you see in this currency. 

Also, comparing this currency with other currencies gives forex traders a lot of analysis. As a trader, you'll find it very helpful to compare and analyse currency pairs in the forex market.



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