Technology to Stock Market

Significance of Technology to Stock Market

Wed Nov 03 2021 15:48
Technology has had a significant impact on the stock market. The internet has been one of the most revolutionary inventions in the past years, and it affected the stock exchange significantly. 

More recently, innovations in artificial intelligence have streamlined the trading process further. In this piece, we will look at the significance of technology to the stock market.

Impact of Information Technology on Stock Market

One of the key impacts of technology on the stock market is the improved transmission of information. In the past, investors had to visit local libraries to learn about the top companies, as well as other investment options. 

Some would even have to contact the companies for their latest financial reports, and this can be time-consuming. 

You would also have to pay for postage, and this could be an issue for investors who needed to check many financial reports.

With the internet, investors can now download company reports from their websites or platforms such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. 

These reports are usually made available in good time, so you can quickly make decisions based on the information. Also, you can use search functions to find essential keywords in the report, and this can make it easier to go through the data. 

This access to information has lowered the influence brokers used to have as anyone can now run thorough research before investing in stocks.

Online Platforms for Stock Market Discussions

Beginners have also been able to invest in the stock exchange because they can participate in discussions on various investment forums. Although these discussions may not be properly moderated, they still help beginners familiarize themselves with the market.

Here are some of the best forums for stock exchange discussions:
  • Reddit.com/r/stockmarket- Reddit is a major discussions platform, and members of the site communicate anonymously with each other. On this forum, you can get all sorts of discussions on the capital markets.
  • Stockaholics.net- Stockaholics offers message boards, educational tools, and securities markets resources. Members of the forum hold discussions on stocks from different countries.
  • Aussiestocksforums.com- This forum was created in 2004 and it focuses on ASX stocks.
  • Tradingqna.com- This is a community-powered site that offers questions and answers regarding the Nasdaq and global security exchanges.
  • Vfmdirect.com- You can use this forum if you are interested in Indian stocks. Members of the platform hold fundamental and technical discussions on these stocks.

Using Fractionalization to Buy Large-Cap Stocks

Many people like trading with mobile apps, and this option is especially appealing to younger and less experienced investors. 

Such individuals are usually unable to invest in entire stocks since these can be extremely expensive. For this reason, the apps allow them to buy fractions of stock. This way, investors can purchase large-cap stocks and experience lower risk while spending less money.

For example, a stock of Microsoft Corporation costs about $330, and smaller investors may not want to spend all this money on a single stock.

With fractionalization, they can afford big capitals stocks and still diversify their investments sufficiently.

Technology Has Lowered Trading Costs

Fintech trading technologies have also led to a significant reduction in brokerage fees. This is because more investors are now able to make trading decisions on their own as they have access to all the information they need. 

Also, lots of brokers have been able to operate on the internet, and this has increased competition in the industry. For this reason, they have been lowering their prices to try and appeal to the market. 

Lower trading fees have made online stock trading appealing to high-frequency traders. Since they don’t have to spend a lot of money on the transaction fees, they can afford to buy and sell stocks at higher frequencies.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Trading Industry

Artificial intelligence or AI is currently one of the most revolutionary developments in the stock trading industry

With programs like Trading Technologies, investors are able to establish complex patterns on a massive scale, and the machines are able to work with lots of data. 

The program also deals with multiple markets and can compute stock market index data in real-time.

AI can also help traders go through financial reports, notes, quotes and charts, stock values, and conversations. They are designed with speech recognition software and natural language processing technology

With these tools, you will save a lot of precious time running research on different companies.

Another AI tool used in stock trading is K Score, which was created by Kavout. This program is able to process a lot of trading information and can run a variety of predictive charts for stocks. With this information, the program is able to recommend the top stocks of the day. That makes it a useful tool for high-frequency traders.

Another revolutionary AI tool is Epoque, and which was developed by a company that is based in Switzerland. It offers a fully automated trading system and uses three different engines to complete the trades.

The first engine is used to evaluate data and identify potential trades. The second one will create trading orders and perform operational activities.

Once this is done, the third engine will be used to manage the active orders. Epoque is developed with algorithms that improve its performance continually.

Other AI Software for Investing in Trading Instruments

Technological advances have led to a significant increase in the number of AI software for investing, but you should remember that these tools work differently. 

Therefore, you should study user reviews thoroughly before paying for the tools. Here are some of the top-rated AI software for investing:
  • Sigmoidal
  • EquBot
  • AITrading
  • Trade Ideas
  • Imperative Execution

Online Payments Processors

Online payment processors have made it quite easy to make financial transfers online, and these transactions are completed in a split second.

This is especially important for day traders since their profits can be determined by the speed of the transactions. Some of the best payment processors for online stock trading are PayPal, Skrill, and Apple Pay.

The Increased Popularity of Technology Stocks

Tech stocks started gaining popularity in the 1990s, just when the internet was becoming more available to the public. 

Companies like Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have experienced massive market gains in a very short time, and this trend has been noted in lots of tech companies. 

Social media and streaming services typically make money by offering advertising and digital marketing opportunities, and others simply sell products like phones and laptops. 

Since these companies are able to reach a good percentage of potential customers, they are able to make large sums of money, and this leads to the quick growth of their stock prices.

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