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What Are Crypto Trading Signals?

Tue Dec 15 2020 04:19
Getting crypto trading signals is a common thing for cryptocurrency traders. But still, there are some beginner digital currency traders. They don't know anything about trading signals for the crypto market. 

If you are also among crypto traders who trade cryptocurrencies and want to make more profits. Then you are here at the right place. Here we will tell you how you can turn your normal trades into profitable ones with crypto trading signals.  

But what are these cryptocurrency trading signals and are they a kind of software for automated trading? No, trading signals are nothing like algorithmic trading and technical trading. 

They are simple instructions to the cryptocurrency traders to buy or sell digital currencies. We know that trading for beginners is always a difficult subject, but don't worry, we have made it simple for you.  

In this post, we will tell you what crypto trading signals and how they are used in the cryptocurrency market. From intermediate crypto exchange traders to market makers, everyone uses it for more profits. So let's start with this post. 

Crypto Trading Signals - Know More 

No matter if you know about the decentralized bitcoin exchange market or not, you will get to know everything here. But we are assuming that you know how bitcoin mining is being done and how bitcoin price fluctuates in the market. 

Also, we are not going to talk about how virtual coins are traded and who Satoshi Nakamoto is. But this post is all about crypto trading signals used to trade virtual money.  


First of all, try to know more about virtual currency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin, and Ethereum, all are virtual currencies. They are based on blockchain technology and are not regulated by any central bank or any other authority. 

Decentralization of this digital money makes it out of control of the central banks. These currencies can only be stored in online wallets and private companies manage wallets of their customers.  

Why does it have an illegal status? 

It has illegal status due to its anonymous founders as its anonymity is the real power of this currency. Particular encryption is used in this and makes it untraceable. Transfer money from Paypal to cryptocurrency, but you won't know where your money has gone. 

It is used for money laundering, Ponzi scheme startups or scams, and also when a site is hacked by hackers. That is why cryptocurrency mining is illegal in some parts of the world. 

Signals Suggest You 

Trading signals are not only used in the crypto-currency world, they are used in various trading markets. They are a kind of suggestion for the trader which cryptocurrency he should buy or sell. 

Yes, bitcoin news comes to your mind which guides a trader on what to do with his/her bitcoin wallet. Yes, it is a kind of trading signal. There are many types of signals used in the market.  

Are They Free To Use? 

The first question that comes to mind about crypto trading signals is that they are free or paid. Then the answer is you can get them for free also and they are available as paid resources too. It is all up to you which type of signals you want. 

In this post, we will tell you which option is better among free and paid trading signals. You must have to choose the best signals for your trading platform in the currency-market.  

Why Are Trading Signals Used? 

Profitability is the answer to this question as in the high market, capitalization profits are very important for cryptocurrency traders. No matter if they are in the Bitcoin or any other crypto-currencies, signals also make your trading quick and easy. 

If you don't like conducting fundamental analysis on your own, then you can choose trading signals to do it for you.  

Where You Can Get These Signals? 

There are many open-source signal providers available. But before you choose any crypto trading signals for your cryptocurrency wallet, you have to know some important things. We have listed them as follows and the third and last ones are usually more in circulation on the web.  

Trading Signals Providers 

There are some authentic and genuine trading signal providers. They tell you buy-and-sell actions based on technical analysis. The best way to get trading signals is from authentic providers only.  

Expert Traders 

Many expert crypto-currency traders are also guiding new traders about where to invest every US-dollar in the crypto market. They help new traders to build digital assets easily. 

But most of the expert traders are selling these trading signals or their subscriptions at a high cost. So if you are looking for cheap alternatives then the first option is always the best for you.  

Copy Trading Sources 

There are some copy trading sources and most of them are free of cost. You can just go there and see the online crypto trading signals. Some of them are free while some are charging nominal charges. 

But beware of these trading signal sources, because they held many scams. Anyone can go on such platforms and provide a copy trading service to make a profit. That is why you won't get authentic signals here also.  

How do they work? 

Now the question comes to mind how crypto trading signals work. Before you buy bitcoins and start growing your bitcoin economy you may want to know how these signals work.

How a blockchain wallet and other payment systems are using these trading signals. So the following factors are considered when trading signal developers develop crypto signals. 

Factors That Affect Crypto Signals 

So following are some factors that a crypto trading signals provider uses to develop signals for you. 

Technical Analysis - They analyze various things technically and they use trading algorithms, calculations, and market data to do this. 

Market  Sentiment - The market sentiment is always helpful when generating trading signals and sentiments also affect trading signals. 

Rumors - There are so many rumors in the market and these rumors can affect crypto trading signals. 

Market News - Every market sees the movement according to the news as updates are considered seriously while generating trading signals. 

Socio-Economic Changes - Changes in the economy of the global market or any other social changes in the world will also bring change to the crypto coin exchange. 

So these factors are also taken seriously while generating cryptocurrency trading signals.  

Summary - Crypto Trading Signals 

A lot of doubts are there in the minds of cryptocurrency traders about crypto trading signals. They all want to use it but they don't know actually what trading signals are. So you can see that these signals are also similar to the other market’s trading signals. These signals are provided to the traders as guidance.  

Traders will buy or sell the currencies according to these signals. These signals are developed by some professional signal providers, expert traders, and some copy trading services. 

One can choose any of these trading signals to increase the profits in the crypto market. If you are looking for genuine crypto trading signals, then you must check out the XoSignals dashboard. Get quality market insights from our signals made by experts 

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