Profits Trading In Commodities

How To Make Profits Trading In Commodities?

Tue Jan 05 2021 04:10
New traders are always trying to get all the trading secrets. General tips are always there for new commodity traders. A lot of trading courses, tutorials, and trading coaches are there. But no trading course will tell you the trading secrets.  

We are not talking about technical trading only. We are talking about all the important aspects of trading. Profit is the only goal of any trader. Below mentioned tricks can trick the commodity market. 

You can see this post as a trading guide or take it as trading tips. But in the end, you will make more profits trading in commodities. 

Make Profits Trading in Commodities 

It is not a Ponzi scheme, and you don't have to buy any trading strategy. No need to buy any trading software as the only thing that this post asks from you is concentration. Read till the end and try to implement these things.  

If you implement them in the real world, you will make profits trading in commodities in real. So let's step into more profitable trading. Increase profitability for all of your colleagues, share this post now.  

#1. Step beyond basics 

What if we say learn the basics of commodity trading? It may sound boring for you as a new trader. Because every expert trader will say the same thing. Learn the basics to increase profits trading in commodities. But what do you think? Learning basics can help you a lot?  

We are not against anything. We always push new traders to learn how to trade. But there is something bigger than the basics.  

Bonus Tip: Always follow an expert commodity trader. Get a role model for yourself. 

#2. Cut down the losses 

There is a big mistake made by the new traders. A trader trades with various trading strategies. But he/she looks at the profits only. But cutting down the losses is also important. 

Reduce losses to make more profits trading in commodities. You can apply it in the forex market, stock market, or any other trading system. Consider it seriously if you are in day-trading.  

#3. Be sure before investing 

If you are not sure about the trading plan or the traded commodity, then stop. Must be sure before you are going to invest your money. Never rely on a broker or his trading plan only. Use third-party technical analysis and trading tools too.  

It can help you get profits trading in commodities. So without any fundamental analysis, never trade a commodity. Always be sure about the investment instrument and trading plans.  

#4. See the trend 

Experts say that trend is your friend so always keep an eye on the market trends. Trends bring profits trading in commodities. Other than checking volatility and liquidity, prefer trend trading also. 

Day traders make huge profits in intraday trading or stock trading with it. They always follow the trend. 

Bonus Tip: Never try to trade opposite to the trend if you are not that experienced trader. 

#5. Understand the influencing factors 

Many factors influence a trading account and its performance. Trading systems will be affected by various factors. From price action to moving-average, there are many factors. 

In the commodity market, they are extremely different from forex trading. You can make huge profits trading in commodities if you know the influencing factors.  

#6. Rally can give profits 

As the forex market, there are huge fluctuations during a rally in commodities too. The rally is not preferred to get profits in trading in commodities. 

But if you are a professional trader you can try doing it. In online trading, you can try buying or selling during rallies too. Also, you can practice it in free trading.

Bonus Tip: No matter if you are trading in a rally or not, you must pay attention to it.

#7. Breaks are important too

Other than a rally, breaks are also important in commodity trading. Always have a close look at chart patterns. Charting and technical indicators will guide you during a break. 

A break is when there is a sharp movement in an asset. Breaks can add profits in trading in commodities during a day-trade. Swing trading and reversal trades can also be tried during breaks. 

#8. Make use of bottom and top if you are a pro 

The commodities at the bottom and the top are not good for beginners. But if you are a pro trader then you can try it in live trading. There are more profits in trading in commodities as compared to a forex trader profits. These profits can increase if you know how to buy or sell the bottom and top.  

#9. Get out before a margin call 

Consider a margin call as a stop loss in the commodity market. Never wait for upward movement if you are going downward. Most traders are getting more losses than profits in such situations. 

Most of the trading platforms will try to guide you through the margin call. It is all up to you how you avoid losses. Avoiding loss is better than increasing profits in trading in commodities.  

Bonus Tip: Never trade if a market is not liquidy. Liquidity is important because it can ease the buy or sell actions. But a thin market can be trouble. 

#10. Test your strategy at paper trading 

Your trading strategy plays a vital role in your trading journey. If you don't have any trading strategy then must have one. Try to learn to trade with a trading strategy. But wait before you use any trading strategy to hike profits in trading in commodities. 

Go through backtesting always. Other than the past performance must conduct a backtest for your strategy.  

Get Huge Profits Trading In Commodities! 

The above-mentioned trading ideas and trading techniques will help you a lot. But a trading technique is not only enough. You must do something different to get profits in trading commodities. 

We are not talking about the usage of trading signals to make money trading. First of all, cut down brokerage and trading commissions.  

Stock-market or any other exchange market has a lot of broker fees. Always try to use advanced trading techniques. 

You must have to be a quick mover in the market. Quickly move to the new trading technologies and platforms.  

Conclusion - Profits in trading in commodities 

Can you easily get profits in trading in commodities? Many answers will be there about commodity trading. Yes, of course, it is different from money trading. 

Also, it is different from stock market trading. So you must develop a different trading behavior for yourself. Try to use all the above-mentioned techniques. These are not Ponzi schemes.  

You are not going to be rich overnight. But you will see gradually increasing profits in trading in commodities. It will take time and effort to implement all these tricks. These methods are always recommended by the trading experts. 

Reading these tips is not enough to become an advanced trader. You may want to upgrade yourself from a beginner-level trader. This up-gradation will never come with a sudden incident. You have to make little changes to your trading to see a huge difference.  

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