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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Price Charts & Breaking News

Mon Jan 11 2021 16:05
Many cryptocurrency websites are there providing details and updates about the blockchain technology and cryptography. We all consume a lot of content related to bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies daily. But how many sources are serving the non-manipulated content? 

We all know that market leaders, fintech companies and some other role players use these news blogs to manipulate the audience. So it becomes crucial for all of us to consume trustworthy news only.

It is not only related to the news and updates, but it is also related to the price charts. If you are a cryptocurrency trader and you buy and sell virtual currencies in your daily life. Then the price charts are playing a very important role in your life.   

Many sources available for crypto price charts 

You may have seen that there are many sources out there providing bitcoin price charts or other cryptocurrency price charts. But all of them are not authentic and trustworthy. 

Also, some of them are not providing some value-adding features. But still, there are some trustworthy and authentic sources. So you must have to use trustworthy sources only. 

Without these sources, you cannot get accurate data and news about cryptocurrency. So if you want yourself to be updated with the cryptocurrency, they must use the below mentioned top 5 sources. 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Price Charts 

First of all, let's tell you about the top five cryptocurrency price charts. Below we have mentioned the top five sources to get the best cryptocurrency price charts. No matter if you trade bitcoins or Ethereum. You can use these price charts. 

The best thing is that some of these charts have excellent features, such as comparison, history data, data sets, analytical reports, etc. So let's have a look at all of these cryptocurrency price charts. 

#1. Coindesk 

The best source for cryptocurrency traders. Not only traders, but the cryptocurrency miners also use this trustworthy source. It is trustworthy because it has internal links with many top fintech companies. 

On Coindesk platform you will get all the cryptocurrency-related news along with the price charts. From altcoins to bitcoins and from dogecoins to bitcoin cash, you can get any price chart with just a few clicks.  


The best thing about this platform is that they conduct many webinars and invite experts to these webinars. And also they share podcasts with their audience to update all of you with the latest news related to digital currencies. Learning resources provided by Coindesk makes it amazing. 


The bad thing about Coindesk is that it is partnered with many other fintech companies and blogs. So there is always a doubt that it is trying to manipulate the audience with paid or sponsored content. However, there was no such case in the past with Coindesk.  

#2. Coinmarketcap 

Another renowned name that provides price charts for the cryptocurrency traders. If you believe in deep analytics of your cryptocurrencies, then this platform is the best option for you. 

You will find that all of the cryptocurrency charts are available with deep analytics. All these analytics can be used to enhance your crypto trading.  


At one single place, you can get cryptocurrency prices, derivative products and much more details about different digital assets. This platform has a dedicated section for the newcomers which will guide them where to buy and how to buy any cryptocurrency. 

You can also subscribe to their newsletter based on cryptocurrency. Also, they provide mobile applications if you want to get everything through a smartphone. 


As usual, the doubt of biased news and blog posts is also there while using Coinmarketcap. However, in its about section this site says that it is its goal to provide unbiased information about crypto. 

#3. Trading View 

TradingView is a platform which not only provides information to the cryptocurrency traders. But it provides all the necessary information to the whole global economic market. 

It also provides charts directly from the forex and stock market. That is why it seems more authentic to the traders. Many traders use it as their primary source. 


The best feature that TradingView has on its website is the screener. You can easily screen any global market in just a few clicks. Along with it, you have the option to view the charts separately and also you can use the markets tab to view the whole market in the overview. Price charts can be customized according to your requirement. 


TradingView has some features for the paid customers only. For example, if you need indicators along with charts then you have to get a paid subscription. Along with it, you can get two charts in the same window only if you are a paid subscriber of TradingView. 

#4. CoinTelegraph 

CoinTelegraph is a well-known name in the cryptocurrency industry. You may have seen that many experts quoting the CoinTelegraph as a source of cryptocurrency news. 

Many other news websites are there but the best website to get the latest cryptocurrency news is CoinTelegraph. Not only news but also you will get the latest price details about the cryptocurrency on CoinTelegraph. 


At Cointelegraph you will get different types of cryptocurrency news. From interviews to hot stories you will get everything here. The best thing is that they provide the Cryptopedia for newcomers. 

You can use the Cryptopedia to gain knowledge about cryptocurrency. The best thing about their service is that they also provide a crypto magazine for its customers. It is a digital magazine that you can subscribe to get into your email. 


Some services like technology providing and investment consultation are available after paid subscriptions only. So if you are not paying anything then you will be getting limited services from the CoinTelegraph. They provide services in a limited number of languages.  

#5. Investing.Com 

Investing.com is also a good source for cryptocurrency investors. You can rely on this for both of the purposes. You can get cryptocurrency charts here and also you can get cryptocurrency news here easily in one place. 


It is one of the trustworthy news and price charts providers for cryptocurrency traders. You can subscribe to their newsletter easily. You will find all the historical data to the current price chart in one place. 


The bad thing about this platform is the blog full of ads. Sometimes it seems hard for the viewers to figure out the actual data because they show too many ads.  

Summary - Cryptocurrency Price Charts 

We are not claiming that these are the only five sources that you can use on the web. Maybe there are many more cryptocurrency data, price charts and news providing sources. And you are always free to use any of them. 

You are never limited to only one information source. But we have listed these five best sources that are being used by the top market traders for many years. So these sources are trustworthy according to the world.  

From expert traders to intermediate traders, almost everyone uses these sources. It depends upon you which courses fulfil your requirement. You can choose any of them with your will. 

Also, if you want to use multiple sources to get information and data from multiple sources, then you can also do it. Getting information from multiple sources is a good thing. 

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