Best site to check the Economic Calendars

Top 10 Websites To Check Economic Calendars

Mon Nov 01 2021 18:01
A forex economic calendar acts as an important trading tool for fiscal traders. Every trader wants to trade financial instruments that will earn them a profit in the stock exchange. 

Traders, therefore, need to create a helpful trading strategy or plan to guarantee profitability. 

An economic calendar contains detailed economic events related to the financial markets that impact the trader’s decisions. Examples of this include interest rate decisions and new GDP development rate figures.

Overall, such information releases occur once a week and get recorded in an economic calendar. Below is a look at the top 10 websites traders can visit to learn valuable economic data, including their planned release times and dates.

1. Bloomberg

Bloomberg serves as a fully-fledged information resource targeting investors and forex traders. Headquartered in New York, it provides real-time data intended to help brokerage companies and large international banks make crucial decisions related to the business sector.  

On accessing the main page, the first thing traders come across is the news reviews. The review contains indicators for segments such as:  
  • Expert Opinions 
  • Politics
  • Markets (cryptos, currencies, and stocks) 
  • Economics
The parent website comes in varying versions. Its primary emphasis lies in the main economic zones, including Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Asia, and Japan. The regional zones directly impact the information shared in that segment.  

Traders conducting research can combine news views for their country with the global news.  

2. iForex.in

iForex.in is a money trading platform introduced by Formula Investment House Ltd. in 2004. It received its license from the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC) in 2010. 

Traders interested in undertaking calendar investing activities will find trading money and forex highly beneficial, especially if they know what to trade. 

The platform provides a forex economic calendar that can highly benefit traders. Although its operations began a while back, its popularity is yet to peak. Nevertheless, most traders believe that it provides reliable data on the best industries. 

Please note that the accuracy of the information provided may vary depending on the bazaar.

3. DailyFx

Introduced in 2002, DailyFX has become a leading source of global news and analysis on the index trading community, commodity trading, currencies, and their market impact. It operates as a free news and research site operated by IG. 

Upcoming and professional traders can benefit from the daily reports prepared by the FX analysts targeting the investment sector. The reports provide a timely technical, economic, and fundamental analysis of prevailing chart formations. 

What stands out the most is the close examination of live currency quotes and promising moves in the business sector. Traders can learn about the technical, political, and economic factors likely to impact their trading decisions in the coming days.

4. Forex.com

Investors interested in forex trading can earn a handsome profit if they use a good strategy. Forex trading is among the most volatile segments in the commercial sector. 

Luckily, Forex.com is here to help simplify things for the traders. It operates as part of the StoneX Group Inc. Apart from being a publicly-traded company; the group has a proven history of unmatched fiscal strength and stability. 

It has enough resources that allow it to continue operating as an industry leader. As of June this year, StoneX Group Inc. had total equity capital of over $900 million and assets totalling over $5 billion. 

Traders using the Forex.com portal have access to over 4,500 different segments, including cryptos, FX, Equities, and Indices.

6. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a leading destination for investors who would like to track the economy’s performance, among other indicators. It offers tons of information on different industry segments and can track the stocks that matter the most to an investor.

Whether it’s forex trading or stock trading, traders can do all this from the web portal or the mobile application. Both platforms provide detailed information on the commercial sector, including a detailed economic calendar denoting all the important dates. 

Its calendar is among the most reliable as it’s prepared by renowned finance experts.

7. Tradingeconomics.com

Trading Economics provides investors with accurate information on the investment opportunities available in more than 196 countries. Its reports include previous forecast and historical data on more than twenty million:  
  • Commodity yields 
  • Economic indicators 
  • Government bond yields 
  • Exchange rates 
  • Financial indexes 
The data provided on this platform is obtained from official sources, helping to guarantee its authenticity. Additionally, all its facts have to undergo thorough checking to determine their consistency and accuracy.

Individuals interested in investing in different segments should use this website to capture trader sentiment. It makes it possible to track ongoing economic events and make forecasts on what’s likely to happen in the coming days or weeks.

8. Fxempire

FX Empire was created in 2011 and has grown to become a global investment news portal that delivers real-time business news and analysis. 

Its forex economic calendar includes financial tools, technical data, streaming charts, and tailored quotes for forex traders. The initial goal was to create a Forex and CFD trading portal, but this vision has grown to include indices, stocks, and commodities. 

It recently expanded its offerings to include crypto assets and personal finance. FX Empire has become a source of authority that helps traders safeguard their money by providing authoritative commentary, reviews, and monetary news. 

Its columnists are widely respected, with many having worked as traders in the past.

9. Marketwatch.com

MarketWatch provides investors with the latest business, financial, and stock exchange news. Traders not only get access to the latest economic data, but they also benefit from company news, personal finance advice, and stock exchange quotes. 

Although the platform has recently introduced subscription fees, much of it remains free. Areas that investors and traders can access without paying any fee include the Virtual Stock Exchange and Wall Street data pages. 

When it comes to MarketWatch, it doesn’t matter which industry or segment a trader favours. It offers all the data needed to develop a winning strategy for investing in the global financial stock exchanges.


The best forex traders know that the best way to make a profit when trading is to use a profitable currency pair. 

However, the volatility of the financial sector means that this pairing will ultimately get affected by various events. To prevent this from eroding the gains made, traders can use the features provided by TradingView to ensure they will not leap before taking a moment to look first.

TradingView encourages its traders to begin by preparing a well-thought-out strategy. It offers a wide range of products, including charts, crypto heatmaps, earnings calendar, pine script, economic calendar, stock screener, and a stock heatmap. 

According to its creators, this is a platform created for risk-takers.

Best websites for checking the economic calendars Summary

An economic calendar will serve a trader well, especially if the trader relies on a news trading strategy or fundamental analysis when making trades. The ten websites mentioned above will serve as an indispensable tool for spotting the best trades, indices, and currency pairings.

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