Silver (XAGUSD) Price: When Will the Breakout Happen?

Thu Jul 22 2021 16:44
Traders of commodity market always try to include commodities with more profit in their trading portfolio. If we talk about the profit from commodities, then precious metals are the first option. And when it comes to choosing a single precious metal, silver is always the winner. Many of you may object that silver is the winner. 

Gold traders may be offended, but gold requires more capital investment. However, with silver, you can get a good return without investing much. But what moves silver in the commodity markets? Well, all the different trading markets are affected differently by the world. Also, there are some fundamentals associated with the financial instruments that are traded. 

Let’s dive into analysis 

The fundamental influence is the same for all financial instruments. Whether it is a stock, a commodity, and even a currency pair. Currencies and the foreign exchange (forex) market sees the most market volatility and liquidity. 

However, commodity trading is not that easy for beginners either. But here we are to discuss the success of silver. How the trading charts of silver are doing and what they really tell us about the growth of these financial instruments. 

Silver Current Price Analysis 

Before you look for when the silver market will see the breakout. You need to look for and analyse the current price of the commodity. Silver price fluctuates just like any other financial asset like stocks, gold price, etc. 

Silver price is sometimes linked to other commodities like gold prices and currencies like USD or Euro. Crude oil has nothing to do with silver price. Gold and silver are strongly linked to each other. Below you will find the current rates for silver. 

Current price 

Currently, the price of silver is 26.354 at the time of writing this post. The price has fallen over the course of the trading day. The overall decline was only about 0.13%. The drop does not mean that the price of silver is going down and you should buy gold rather than silver. 

You can still buy or sell silver to make a profit. But before you invest in this asset, you need to know a lot of other information about it. 

Silver Spot Price & its condition in the market 

The condition of silver in the market is stable and in a growing position. However, investors are not just satisfied with the live charts of the commodity. They may want to know the upcoming price fluctuations in the market. 

The supply and demand of this metal also affect it on the trading platform. At the same time, the silver futures are also affected along with the silver price. There are some factors that affect all the metal prices. Let's see what is the current market sentiment for this trading instrument and whether it is a safe haven like the gold market. 

Market Sentiment 

The market sentiment of silver and gold is somewhere connected. The silver metal price is in a good position. On the other hand, the current gold price is also rising. The gold trade and the silver trade, both are considered in the bullish market sentiment. However, both the sentiments are in different percentages. 


There is bullish market sentiment as compared to bearish sentiment. You can see the price chart and it clearly shows that the silver price is rising and still has more potential in it. No matter on which trading platforms you trade this metal, the silver market will give you a great profit. However, the pullbacks will affect the trading portfolio of every commodity trader. 


The bearish market sentiment is also there. But the market is influenced by the bullish market sentiment. However, it is the bearish sentiment that delays the market breakout. To find out whether there is a bearish or bullish sentiment, it is not enough to open a trading account. You need to know what impact both sentiments have on the market. 

Overall Summary 

Whether you are trading silver futures contracts or digital metals through a vault, the same trading strategy will be applied. Some changes may occur based on fundamental analysis. But market sentiment and the upside and downside will keep the other things the same. The more bullish market sentiment drives all traders to buy silver. 

Technical analysis 

Technical analysis based on various technical indicators or trading indicators claims that there are some pullbacks to enter the market before a breakout. There are no clear technical signs that the market will breakout soon. 

Sell and buy signals 

There are basically three types of buy or sell signals. These three signals can let you know whether you need to buy or sell something to make a profit. If you find it difficult to understand such signals, then you can learn how to trade using market sentiments and indicators. 


The neutral position has a very weak signal for this commodity. There are very few technical and fundamental indicators that show a neutral position for this commodity. 


The sell recommendation is there, but it is below the buy signal. However, many silver traders are exiting the market by selling all the units they procured. They may make a profit, but they are not sure about the long-term benefits. Therefore, they are only betting on short-term trading benefits. 


There is a strong buy signal for these trading instruments. The price is going up and all trading indicators are giving positive trading signals. It is claimed that this commodity will grow more in the future and more market prices will benefit all silver investors

Silver Price Forecast 

Price prediction is important in online trading as past performance is important for a trader to know. The trading plan can be better if we consider the price forecast more accurately. Let's take a look at silver price prediction. 

Forecast for the next month 

Until next month, this instrument will not rise above the support and resistance level. However, some growth will be seen in the next month. But still, the breakout will be expected next month. 

Next 3 months forecast 

In the next 3 months, the forecast about this metal is a mix of positive and negative news. In the next three months, it will continue to grow and get close to the support and resistance levels. 

Next 6 months forecast 

In the next six months, the price will be at the peak and the breakout will be imminent in the market. The whole market will take the profit from this market. 

Next Year Silver Prediction 

Next year is supposed to be the time when the breakout of silver can happen in the global commodity market. 


There are different forecasts after research and analysis. However, there are also different price forecasts about silver like metals without any analysis. If you leave aside predictions and assumptions about the market and think of accurate forecasts, the price will go up. The market price will determine how much time is needed for the breakout. However, there is still time for the silver breakout. 

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