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The Toughest Thing For A Stock Market Trader

Wed Jan 06 2021 13:51
There are many problems that people face in their career journey. Similarly, there are problems in the life of a stock market trader. All these problems are hard to solve for any trader. 

But what is the toughest thing & which problem is the hardest to solve? Many answers will be there for this single question. All the expert traders will elaborate according to their perspective.  

But how to conclude all these answers? Don't worry, we will help you find out the most problematic thing that you will face. As a stock market trader you will also face problems. 

But there will be one annoying thing for you. This most annoying thing will disturb you the most. Just go through this post to help you find the toughest thing for the stock market traders. 

Things A Stock Market Trader Must Know 

We will tell you the hardest thing about stock market trading. But first of all, you must know something more important. Below are some more important things related to trading psychology. If you know these few things, then you will find the other sections of this post familiar.  

Not only a stock market trader, but all the other traders should know these things. They tell you that stock trading or any trading is a hard profession. 

No matter if you are a forex trader or commodity trader, you should know these things. Without wasting any time, let's start with the below-mentioned things. 

Trading Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea 

Trading strategies and technical analysis are not enough for a stock market trader. It is not easy to learn how to trade for everyone. A stock trader who trades stocks will face problems. 

You can buy profitable trading strategies from brokers. Also, you can adopt an automated trading system.  

But it will be affected by volatility and liquidity. Online trading is not just about buying or selling. It is a hard thing to adopt, keep in mind always. 

Trading Is Not That Overnight Rich Profession 

Some youngsters see that trading stocks are a cool profession. No matter if you are a stock market trader in the intraday market. Making a trading plan for your trading accounts seems cool. But when it comes to the technical side, it becomes tough.  

Most people come to a trading platform with the wrong perception. They think that stocks and forex trading is cool. They have a strong urge to invest money. But always keep in mind it is not a cool profession. 

Get Yourself Out From Promotional Videos 

Promotional campaigns by different trading platforms are also misguiding. They offer free trading and zero brokerage to trade stocks. They try to say that trading is so easy. 

You just have to take price action and the money will be yours. They show you a demo of a day-trade, futures trading, or swing trading. Get these promotional videos out of your brain to become a stock market trader.  

Problems That Stock Market Trader Face 

A stock market trader faces many problems in trading systems. So face issues using stop loss in live trading. While others are not good at fundamental analysis. 

But they all want to make money trading stocks. Here are some common problems of beginners and even advanced traders. Most of the trading courses talk about these problems. You can take a paid trading course too.  


Whether you trade currencies or stocks, discipline is important. Learn to trade with discipline before you learn charting and chart patterns. 

All the trading tips for a stock market trader will have this tip always. A disciplined trader can easily learn any trading software in the trading room. 


Controlling your emotions is also necessary. If you get too excited with the market sentiment then it is not fair. As a stock market trader, stay calm in a bear-market and bull-market. 

Control yourself when you are going to lose money. Bearish or bullish market sentiment and technical indicators trigger emotions. So you must practise these skills also. Being an emotional trader won't be good for you.  


A stock market trader learns trading software, candlestick, and day trading strategies. So high levels of skills are required. Automated trading or algorithmic trading skills are required also. 

New traders face problems with developing skills. Not only with stocks but trading forex also creates the same issue.  


Online stock trading has adapted many trading technologies. As a stock market trader, you should use the best trading technology. It is the topmost investment advice given to traders. A trading technique can increase your profitability.  

Stock traders try various trading techniques these days. Even market makers use technologies in money trading. From trend trading to mobile trading, many techniques are there. You can learn them from a trading academy or school. 

What's Most Tough For You As A Stock Market Trader? 

What is most tough for you as a stock market trader? Choosing financial instruments is tougher or anything else? Well, it is only you who can find the toughest thing for you. 

It is something like trading secrets. You should go with a three-step process. This three-step process will help you know the toughest thing. So let's start with the first step. 

Know Your Weaknesses 

As a stock market trader, you must use a screener to find out your weakness. Market timing, market volatility, or technical trading, what's your weakness? 

Never ask your online broker about your weaknesses. Because brokers don't know about it. They will just try to make assumptions. Assumptions are not required. You should know your core weaknesses.  

Know Your Strengths 

You must know your trading strengths if you want to make money. Are you good at using trading signals or paper trading? Trading for beginners is never an easy job. 

A stock market trader trading online stock must know his strengths. Demo trading is a good way to figure out your strengths. 

Compare, Evaluate, And Work 

Now the last step is thereafter you know the strengths and weaknesses. You should compare all the weaknesses and strengths. Make a combination evaluating all such things. Now work hard to overcome weaknesses.  

Work hard to improve your strengths too. You can adapt a trading method suitable to your strengths. You must be working on your weaknesses with daily market analysis. Active trading is important for you as a stock market trader.  

Summary - Stock market trader 

There is no common toughest thing for all the stock market traders. Because every trader has different strengths and weaknesses. So the toughest thing is completely a result of these strengths and weaknesses. You must evaluate yourself on such a basis.  

You want to know your toughest thing only. What to do with the other’s toughest things? So with the above-mentioned steps, you can do it. You just have to find your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you know the toughest thing for you as a stock market trader.  

After you know it, you can easily work upon it to resolve it. There are always solutions to every problem in the trading market. So you should choose the best solution for your problem.  



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