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Top 10 Crypto Wallets For 2021

Cryptography or blockchain is completely based upon technology. And as we all know that technologies are being updated these days. So every day there is a new technology innovated in the world. And when we talk about cryptocurrency then the list of new technologies is endless.  

But here we will limit our list to the top ten technologies in cryptocurrency wallets. We all know that there are many cryptocurrency wallets available in the world. But what are the best cryptocurrency wallets to be used in 2021? 

People are calling this year lucky for tech like cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, more. And we will see much more up-gradation in technologies this year. The same thing happens with cryptocurrency wallets. But don't worry, we are here with the best quality cryptocurrency wallets that you can use in 2021. 

The list is very long if we write down the names of crypto wallets available out there. But we have tried our best to list the top 10 cryptocurrency wallets for 2021. So without wasting any time, let's get started with this useful information.  

A Little Info About Crypto Wallets 

Before you go ahead and start comparing all the cryptocurrency wallets. You must be aware of the basics of the crypto wallets and how they are used by cryptocurrency buyers, sellers, traders, miners, and investors. 

What Is A Crypto Wallet? 

In this digital world, we all use digital wallets to store our money. Like Paypal and other services or mobile apps are there to serve us as digital wallets. 

Like that, cryptocurrencies are required to be stored in separate wallets. There are separate wallets for cryptocurrencies. You can store cryptocurrencies and also you can send or receive them.  

Types Of Crypto Wallets 

Based on the majority, cryptocurrency wallets are divided into two major sections. These two sections or types are hardware cryptocurrency wallets and software cryptocurrency wallets. 

We will talk about them later. Let's first talk about the other type of crypto wallets when it comes to the properties of the wallets. Following are some of the major types of cryptocurrency wallets you will see in the market.  
  • Hot Wallets 
  • Decentralized Wallets 
  • Hosted Wallets 
  • Cold Wallets 

Hardware Vs. Software Wallets 

We don't think that these two major categories of cryptocurrency wallets need any definition. Their names state what kind of wallets they are. 

Hardware wallets are based on hardware devices and stored in big data files. In the same way, software wallets are cloud-based wallets where you don't keep any cryptocurrency in hard form.  

Top Crypto Wallets In 2021 

We hope that you have an idea of cryptocurrency wallets. Now it's time to start with the main section of our post. Let's have a look at the list of top cryptocurrency wallets in 2021. 

We have listed only the top 10 cryptocurrency wallets. But it doesn't mean that this list is limited to these wallets only. There can be a lot more interesting wallets too.  

#1. Exodus 

It is one of the best hot cryptocurrency wallets. Exodus is the first choice of all of the traders who want to avail the wallet service free of cost. 

While using Exodus you will be able to manage your cryptocurrency on both the platforms such as desktop and mobile. The best thing about Exodus is that it supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies. 

#2. Trezor Model T 

Trezor has many cryptocurrency wallets for you. Its Model T is one of the best cold cryptocurrency wallets which is available as a hardware wallet. The most useful feature of Trezor Model T is that it is compatible with third-party exchanges or platforms. 

You can use it for third-party applications. But, Trezor doesn't provide this service free of cost. You will have to pay charges for this service. 

#3. Coinbase Wallet 

Coinbase is a trustworthy name in the cryptocurrency industry. From traders to miners and from retail buyers to big investors, everyone uses Coinbase for various purposes. 

Some people use it for the useful news content that they upload on their website. But do you know that Coinbase also offers cryptocurrency wallet services? Yes, it is one of the best and authentic cryptocurrency wallets.  

#4. Mycelium 

Another hot cryptocurrency wallet is available for free of cost. It is a very popular cryptocurrency wallet. But the major issue with this cryptocurrency wallet is that it supports only Bitcoin. 

There is no such indication that Mycelium will start supporting other cryptocurrencies also. But, it makes it more convenient for the bitcoin traders to buy or sell on their platform. 

#5. BitGo 

Maybe it is not good for the retail cryptocurrency buyers. But it is the best choice for institutional investors. It has been a long time BitGo is providing services to cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. This hot wallet is one of the largest platforms with most bitcoin transactions.  

#6. Jaxx 

If you want to manage many cryptos in one place and you want to trade, buy or sell anything, then the Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is the best option. You can manage Bitcoins, altcoins, bitcoin cash, or any other cryptocurrency with the Jaxx crypto wallet. 

#7. Electrum 

If you are ready to switch yourself from beginner or intermediate cryptocurrency investor to advanced. Then Electrum is the best cryptocurrency wallet for you. 

You can also use it along with some other hardware cryptocurrency wallets such as Trezor or Ledger. If we talk about the oldest and most trustworthy cryptocurrency wallet, then Electrum comes to our mind first of all. 

#8. Ledger Nano X 

Ledger Nano X is a hardware and cold cryptocurrency wallet serving crypto traders for a long period. French company Leger manages this cryptocurrency wallet. 

For your information Ledger’s previous hardware crypto wallet known as Ledger Nano S, was the first hardware crypto wallet. 

#9. CoinPayments 

For more advanced management of your digital assets, you need CoinPayments. Its built-in integration, plugins, and some other features make it different and better from other crypto wallets. Hundreds of currencies are managed on this platform by millions of users. 

#10. StakedWallet.io 

If you love to earn through proof of stake then you are here at the right place. Because StakedWallet.io is the best platform for you. This digital asset wallet is the best to use for all cryptocurrency traders. 

They provide referral programs and bounty programs. So you can earn money while buying or selling or referring anyone on this platform.  


Some cryptocurrency investors use a single crypto wallet, while some others are there who use many crypto wallets for them. So it all depends upon your need. 

If you feel that a single crypto wallet can meet you and fulfill all your requirements. Then you can go with only one cryptocurrency wallet. But, if you want to use many wallets then you can use many wallets. 

All the software and hardware-based cryptocurrency wallets have different benefits along with some cons. That is why we recommend you to read about these crypto wallets before you start using any of them.  



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